Newark Community Economic Development Corporation And It’s Lifetime Mission

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is the main economic development group in Newark. It’s main purpose is to attract new businesses and see them grow in this area. It also helps older established businesses grow and develop. With the influx of new businesses comes an increase of real estate with also helps the economy grow. This makes for a well rounded growing economy. Growth is all areas of a community keeps the economy strong. Kevin Seawright knows this is an important factor in helping community and business growth, and it’s the reason they’ve hired him.

Kevin Seawright has held many high ranking positions in other financial organizations and companies. He is an experienced management professional in both government and private companies. He has mastered a number of management tools, including payroll, employee attendance, employee data, and scheduling just to name a few. With a good command of these tools it is no wonder he has the requirements and qualifications to make an organization thrive.

Being an expert financial and administrative leader has enabled Seawright to open many doors and new opportunities, something he talks about often on social media. With a Master’s Degree in Accounting, he has worked thirteen years to positively improve communities along the eastern coastal region. With the ability to reformulate business strategies and procedures, he has empowered struggling businesses and economies to turn a profit and grow. He is in much demand with a reputation of having great leadership qualities. People enjoy working for and with him. With his reputation for success, economies and businesses are eager to work with him to establish better strategies for gains and economic development.

With an accomplished career in full swing, Kevin Seawright is expanding his sights on nonprofit organizations and businesses that work for the greater good of society. It is about giving back and helping others. This in itself helps preserve our society and keep it functioning as it should.

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  1. Dahlia Derrick

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