Eat Like Your Owner: Premium Pet Food Sales Soar

Man’s best friend is getting a serious upgrade in how they enjoy their daily meals. Premium pet food is taking the market by storm with farm fresh ingredients that would have any loving pet owner salivating just as much as their furry best buddy. With labels boasting on twitter whole fresh foods like wild caught salmon, grass fed beef, free range chicken and other tempting components, it’s easy to see why top shelf pet foods are quickly becoming a go-to purchase for health conscious eaters and their four-legged friends. As humans, we care about what our pets eat as much as they care how delicious it tastes. That’s why more animal lovers are turning to premium brands like Beneful to make sure that their pets are getting the most out of their diet. With whole grains, nutritious vegetables and real meats and proteins, Beneful provides the kind of balanced nutrition that a health conscious pet owner would look for in their own diet. With a wide variety of ingredients tailored for each pet’s unique health needs, premium brands like Purina Beneful make it easy to customize your furry friend’s nutritional intake without additional supplements. As animals, all our pets care about is how good it tastes! Just like humans, animals can get bored of the same meal day after day. That’s why Beneful switches up their menu with healthful and tasty ingredients in a large selection of pet foods and treats. With a rainbow of meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and veggies, premium brands like Beneful give your pet a more engaging eating experience as well as providing them with more complete nutrition. With more people every day taking a stand for their own health and nutrition, it’s no surprise that caring pet owners want to pass these benefits to their fuzzy charges. The premium pet food industry is growing rapidly as many humans make the switch from processed pet food to natural, healthful ingredients for their animals. These delicious products are on the rise; even if our faithful companions can’t thank us in words, the pets have spoken.

Stephen Murray Greatly Contributed To The Success Of CCMP Capital

On March 13, 2015, a recent article reported that the former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital died at the age of 52. The late businessman allegedly resigned from his executive position due to health-related issues just a month before his death. The sudden news shocked many of his colleagues including Greg Brenneman who is the current chairman of the company. Brenneman described Murray as a discipline investor who excelled in the private equity sector.

According to an article published by the Institutional Investor magazine, Murray was raised outside of New York City in a suburb in Westchester County. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University, Murray accepted a position as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. in 1984. He eventually was promoted to vice president of middle-market lending before joining a private equity and leverage-financed unit within the company. In 2000, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. merged with JPMorgan after which Murray was named on LinkedIn the head of the bank’s buyout business five years later. Following his success as a profound leader of JPMorgan, he co-founded CCMP Capital, which is a renowned private equity investment firm that focuses on growth capital and leveraged buyout transactions.

As one of the best international private equity firms, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital maintains a team of extremely talented advisors who expertly invests in four sectors: chemicals/energy, industrial, consumer/retail, and healthcare. These seasoned professionals leverage the company’s proprietary operating resources and profound business expertise to promote company growth and operational efficiency for each client. Most importantly, this renowned global private equity firm understands the opportunities of the specified industries in both North America and Europe, thus establishing the business as a partner of choice for managers of select companies.

Alongside his executive pursuits at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, served on the boards of many prominent corporations including Legacy Hospital Partners, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, and Pinnacle Foods. Additionally, he was an avid supporter of many prominent organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He also regularly donated to the Columbia Business School. Notably, Murray was a member of the chairman’s council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and an executive member of the board of trustees at Boston College.

Brenneman and the entire team on NY Post at CCMP Capital expressed their condolences, prayers, and thoughts to Murray’s family shortly after his death. Murray will be deeply missed as his business contributions have played an integral role in the success of the company. Stephen Murray is survived by his wife Tami Murray and their four sons. The family resides in Stamford, Connecticut.

George Soros Gives Us a Look Into the Future

When George Soros speaks, people lean in, get quiet, and listen. They do that because this man, one of the world’s wealthiest, is a survivor. Being able to survive has created an enviable place for him in history as one of the world’s most successful investors and as such he is a man who has something to say, and a man whose views are valued and widely followed.

At the start of a new year, pundits of every kind make predictions about what the new year will bring. George Soros is no different. He, in fact, has been called a “prophet of gloom and doom” since his views are so dismal. Soros believes that “the world is running into something it doesn’t know how to handle.” He feels that we are making the same mistakes that were made in 2008, and therefore, we are creating the same crisis. In 2008 the crisis was the subprime housing crisis in America. This time the problem is in China and the problems there are being passed to the rest of the world.

In a recent interview Your text to link… Soros listed six issues that if left unaddressed will lead to major changes and upheavals for civilization as we know it.

ISIS and the migration are at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we ponder the challenges that this new year will bring. Soros feels that ISIS and terrorist attacks are a serious danger because they undermine the “values and principles” of life as we know it in the west. He believes the migrant crisis has the potential to destroy the European Union. The break down of the Schengen system of open borders could ultimately undermine and destroy the common market.

Russia’s entrance into the Syrian conflict is another cause for concern. While speaking of peace Russia is expanding its presence in war-torn Syria. It was thought that Russia’s presence would improve the nation’s standing in the world, but that has not happened.

Problems in the Ukraine are also on Soros list. By putting Ukraine on a short financial leash, the world community is making a mistake similar to what was done in Greece. There is a new Ukraine trying to emerge from old customs and alliances. A new Ukraine should be supported according to Soros so that radical reforms which would have the country not only survive but thrive possible turning it into an “attractive investment destination.”

Greece is still a concern and is included on Soros infamous list. The Greek crisis; its collapsing economy is an ongoing struggle that could lead to a collapse of the EU.

It is the nation of China, however, that has the attention and concern of the world market watchers. Soros feels that “China is “responsible for a larger share of the world’s economy than ever before.” Fear in the marketplace because of the uncertainty in China has investors looking for ways to protect themselves. Soros feels that “no market solution will occur without political change.

Flavio Maluf Helps Eucatex Tackle Challanges Of Globalization

Flavio Maluf has been an instrumental figure in guiding his family business Eucatex in to the 21st century, which is an era of great globalization and worldwide economic competition. Mr. Maluf has served in various posts at Eucatex, which has helped him to learn the workings of the company from the inside out. He has been educated as a mechanical engineer in his native Brazil, but underwent additional training in finances, accounting, commerce and banking abroad in the United States. The training would prove invaluable to Flavio Maluf and Eucatex, who needed a strong and knowledgeable leader who could take the company into a new highly competitive global era, and his techniques for training the next class of entrepreneurs show he’s on the right track.

Eucatex, the company which Flavio Maluf currently resides as president and chief executive officer is a classic example of a small startup company growing and expanding to become a powerful multinational corporation. The roots of Eucatex go back to a small sawmill in Salto township in the province of Sao Paulo. There in the relatively remote region of Salto, a few businessman created a sawmill that supplied local construction firms with planks of lumber for use in building projects. Eucatex was reorganized and quickly grew into a major logging and timber producing company that began to supply not only planks of timber, but tiles, doors, panels and many other wood pieces.

Throughout its development from the early 1900’s to the present Eucatex has invested heavily in the research of Eucalyptus trees. Most of Eucatex’s harvesting of wood comes from planted eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus tree is one of the worlds fastest growing trees and produces high quality timber that is especially desired by the construction and furniture industry. Eucatex has now become a pioneer in the development of new eucalyptus tree strains and harvesting techniques.

As a family business Eucatex has also expanded beyond timber harvesting, saw milling, eucalyptus tree research and now also produces its own line of chemicals and paints. Flavio Maluf has also invested heavily in the infrastructure of Eucatex’s many manufacturing plants. Flavio Maluf, has overseen the installation of several new conveyor belt systems in Eucatex plants. The new conveyor belt systems are designed to improve safety and productivity at the same time. Flavio Maluf has also seen several green initiatives put in place at the company. Initiatives include reducing fuel consumption and putting waste products to use in other manufacturing processes.

How Does Igor Cornelsen View The Brazilian Economy?

Igor Cornelsen on thestreet is a popular investor in Brazil who writes Internet and print columns for budding investors. Igor has seen it all, and he wants his fans to learn how to invest in Brazil without feeling afraid. The fear that investors feel is something that Igor Cornelsen allays when he offers his advice. This article explains some basic tips Igor has for all investors, and his advice will lead to brand new profits for his fan base.

#1: Prepare For The Bureaucracy To Kick In

The bureaucracy in Brazil is no different than any other country. Investors who are coming to Brazil to spend their money will be met with many different government regulations that require more and more paperwork. The paperwork is worth it for a great investment, but investors must not get frustrated. Everyone who is investing in Brazil is following the same rules, and there is no reason to leave the market over a few more signatures.

#2: Learn About Restrictions On Foreign Currencies

Igor Cornelsen is an expert investor who sends his money out of Brazil often to invest. Igor Cornelsen is quite familiar with restrictions on foreign currency, and he has done his research before sending his money overseas. Brazil has its own restrictions on currencies from other countries, and those restrictions change the way an investment will look. Investors who are not prepared for these rules will lose money, lose their investors or find themselves in quite a lot of trouble with the Brazilian government.

#3: Get To Know Some Native Brazilians

There are many lovely native Brazilians who are plugged into the investment world. Getting to know bankers, investors and property owners in Brazil is much easier than idling reading research. Igor Cornelsen has many friends across the country who help him with his own investments, and he believes that relationships are far more important than anything else he could do. A quick phone call may answer many questions, and natives often point investors in the right direction.

Igor Cornelsen is a brilliant investor who has found great success in Brazil, and he believes that his simple three-step plan will take investor quite a long way. Each step in the process is easy to manage, but investors must be prepared to exercise patience while dealing with bureaucracy, restrictions on foreign currencies and meeting the locals. Some quality time spent learning about Brazil will make each investment that much more profitable.

Yeonmi Park: A Defector of Inspiration

Some countries provide people with harsh living conditions to the point that they have to escape. Yeonmi Park’s faced that with North Korea. Among the sources of information that are available on Yeonmi Park is this article from Yeonmi Park is one of the North Korean citizens who had no concept of freedom. She has never even heard the word. In the place that she has lived in, she considered herself extremely lucky if she had food. This has been her life experience until 2007 when she and her mother have made an attempt to escape by being smuggled out of the country. However, this has proven to be the beginning of her nightmare. In order to escape, Yeonmi and her mother fled across the frozen Yalu River when she was 13. They weren’t entirely sure what their next step was after reaching China. What could have been a journey that only lasted days has turned into a years long tale of horror, brutality and heartbreak. At the end of those struggles, she has found inspiration and is sharing it with everyone around the globe. In her journey through the desert, China, Mongolian border, she was tested and tried in many ways that very few people could handle. These experiences have not only tested her character, but has grown her in ways that could only be helpful to people who are suffering in similar circumstances. She was always on the verge of starvation. Also, during her escape from North Korea, her father went to join her and her mother. Unfortunately, he died from cancer. One sad thing was that her father never knew about the freedom that existed outside of North Korea. It was so bad in North Korea that Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi believed that if she had even a bit of what America threw away, she would have stayed. Given that her story on The Reason has reached many viewers around the world, this is shedding light on the problem in North Korea. There are attempts being made to silence the defectors of the country which include efforts at discrediting people like Yeonmi Park and other defectors that have told their stories. Either way, people around the world have a better glimpse at life in North Korea.

Men’s Fashion Trends Through the Decades

Men in America are, unfortunately, victims of fashion. In order for businessmen to fit in with every other businessman, they are required to be uniformed in any one of an almost infinite variety of similarly colored and fashioned charcoal grey suits, and festooned with a completely superfluous necktie as they conduct their journeys through the business world.

There are a few exceptions to the above rules for business attire, which are, willingly, violated by actors, artists and musicians; completely disregarding the established uniform of business. But, even, their efforts to change men’s fashion are minimal, at best. Clothes designers and fashion houses around the world only slightly modify lapels or buttons on men’s suit coats while going back and forth between pleated pants and straight legged pants. Ralph Lauren, who has produced one of the most successful logos in the world, has, only, increased the size of the polo player on his immensely successful line of polo shirts.

This is not to say that Lauren and other designers don’t produce enchanting designs and products for the consumer. Walk through any of the luxury brand, designer clothing stores and you will drool at the selections of colors and combinations on standard items, which have stood the test of time, and are, today, the same as they were when designed decades ago. Paul Evans makes intricate design modifications on their line of men’s shoes and creates sculpture for the feet. Paul Evans leather shoes bring a near fetish admiration to those of us who pray for something new in men’s fashion. Yes, Paul Evans is different but not revolutionary.

But there is a revolutionary effort to discontinue the use of the necktie. The revolutionaries are lecturers, professors, and writers who appear in, otherwise, formal attire but tie-less, when lecturing or debating others, who are, usually, attired in coat and tie. Viva la revolucion!
When a businessman retires he is hard pressed to wear neckties again in his life. They are held in such disregard by those who no longer have to wear them.

Examine the futurists ideas about clothes design, and realize that we have not really come very far since their ideas were expressed. In 2001, A Space Odyssey produced in 1968, Arthur Clarke was looking into the future, and seeing cell phones, personal computers, but the revolutionary dress styles of Dr. Heywood Floyd, sadly, never made it to the fashion world.

Steelers Break Out New Fashion Line for Fans

Its not a new concept for fans all across the United States to show their team love by wearing jerseys or team logos on game days whether their tail gating in the stadium parking lot or couch surfing with their friends before kick off. The Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to refresh their fan shop and fill it with brand new items for fans of all ages. Big name brands like Pandora Jewelry, Victoria’s Secret and Nike Golf have been contracted in to create a new line of fan wear including jewelry for girls who want to sport the logo on a bracelet or necklace. They’ve now got t-shirts, jackets and beanies doused in pink as well as vibrant colors so now young girls can support their team in style. These new items are available on the team’s new website, making it easily accessible for all fans in any part of the United States. This fresh outlook on clothing for a wider range of fans comes from their new director of strategic planning Susan McGalla who has worked in retail for over a decade.  Her original job was as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing however she was bounced around various managerial positions until she worked her way to the top. McGalla became CEO and CMO of the company’s flag ship and then went on to become CMO of the entire company. In 2009 she parted ways with American Eagle and took over the CEO position at Wet Steal in 2011. McGalla left Wet Seal a year later and started her own consulting company P3 Executive Consulting. Her agency offers retail companies help in various areas of operation like branding, hiring, and financial advisement. McGalla’s success in merchandise, marketing, and leadership landed her the job with the Steelers and as the new line of fan centered merchandise rolls out its clear they made the right decision.

How Assisted Living Facilities Help Older Folks

When it comes to getting older, a lot of people go into assisted living facilities so that they can receive the care they need. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for you to choose a facility that is best suited for your loved one’s needs. There are a lot of assisted living facilities out there to choose, so it makes sense to do thorough research before anything else. This is one of the best ways for you to start getting the care you need or the care that one of your loved ones is going to need.

The Manse on Marsh is one of the best assisted living facilities in the country. Thousands of people are proud to call this particular facility their own new home. The great thing about the Manse on Marsh is that they have a range of features and activities that stand out from all of the rest. This allows elderly folks to get the quality of care that they need without all of the problems that come with it. Also, most people are easily able to afford their care because of the fact that it is affordable and most insurance plans are accepted.

There are a lot of benefits to checking into the Manse on Marsh, and this might just be the facility that is right for you. The first step if you are interested in this particular center is to take a tour of it to make sure that it is the right option for you. From there, you will be able to quickly and easily begin living there with help from the staff. There are so many reasons and benefits to choosing this particular facility, so make sure to consider it for yourself if you would like to be living somewhere where you truly feel cared for while there.  The Twitter tells a lot of cool stories from members, and what they’ve experienced during their time there.

When choosing assisted living facilities, it is vital that you do research and to take a tour of each and every facility that you choose, which usually means contacting them online first. One of the major problems that people have is that they do not do enough research and so they experience a lot of issues when finally choosing the place to stay. There are tons of assisted living facilities out there, making it quick and easy to get the care you need. You will find that there are many different types of facilities to choose, making it easy to get what you need. Be sure to consider one that is close to home so that you can still be near to your family and friends. You also need to make sure that the facility you are choosing is going to take the insurance that you have available.

Stephen Murray: Why You Need To Choose CCMP Capital For Private Equity Investment

Are you planning to find a profitable investment opportunity? Wondering why so many people and businesses are raving about CCMP Capital? Investment firms have great expertise in this area and can help relieve the stress and frustration involved in trying to pick a profitable opportunity.

When it comes to selecting an investment service provider, you need to choose properly. Don’t just choose any investment company out there and hope that they will help you reach your goals. It is advisable to go with a company that has a track record of achieving excellent results. That is why many people contact CCMP Capital before making any investment decision, especially in the private equity investment field.

Some people turn to family or friends when seeking investment firm advice or referrals, but it is definitely not the best way to approach this issue. If your portfolio crashes and burns, so can your relationship with these people. Instead, research investment firms, based on reputation and experience, eliminating as you go, so the most reliable one emerges as a result of your thorough and methodical search.

With CCMP Capital, it is now easier than ever to find information or to get proper guidance on private equity investing. CCMP Capital is a well established company in the investment and financial services sector. CCMP Capital specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions. This NY post popular company has provided outstanding services to clients from various industries and is rated among the best performing private equity investment firms in the nation.

There are many ways to invest and diversify your assets, or to start a profitable venture, but you still have to do your homework or research. Investing with just any company out there is not a good idea for most investors, but with the expertise of reputable professionals at CCMP Capital you can rest assured that you will reap good results.

Private equity investment offers a fantastic opportunity for ambitious people and serious businesspeople to achieve great outcome in their investment endeavors. Once you have the right guidance, you can realize significant returns on your investment. It is imperative that you contact the professionals at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for assistance.

Stephen Murray was a renowned President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Mr Murray was a private equity investor as well as a philanthropist. He catered to clients from all walks of life, and earned a great reputation due to his dedication to excellent service. Murray earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, and a master’s degree in company administration. Mr Murray was a founding partner of CCMP. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.