Flavio Maluf Helps Eucatex Tackle Challanges Of Globalization

Flavio Maluf has been an instrumental figure in guiding his family business Eucatex in to the 21st century, which is an era of great globalization and worldwide economic competition. Mr. Maluf has served in various posts at Eucatex, which has helped him to learn the workings of the company from the inside out. He has been educated as a mechanical engineer in his native Brazil, but underwent additional training in finances, accounting, commerce and banking abroad in the United States. The training would prove invaluable to Flavio Maluf and Eucatex, who needed a strong and knowledgeable leader who could take the company into a new highly competitive global era, and his techniques for training the next class of entrepreneurs show he’s on the right track.

Eucatex, the company which Flavio Maluf currently resides as president and chief executive officer is a classic example of a small startup company growing and expanding to become a powerful multinational corporation. The roots of Eucatex go back to a small sawmill in Salto township in the province of Sao Paulo. There in the relatively remote region of Salto, a few businessman created a sawmill that supplied local construction firms with planks of lumber for use in building projects. Eucatex was reorganized and quickly grew into a major logging and timber producing company that began to supply not only planks of timber, but tiles, doors, panels and many other wood pieces.

Throughout its development from the early 1900’s to the present Eucatex has invested heavily in the research of Eucalyptus trees. Most of Eucatex’s harvesting of wood comes from planted eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus tree is one of the worlds fastest growing trees and produces high quality timber that is especially desired by the construction and furniture industry. Eucatex has now become a pioneer in the development of new eucalyptus tree strains and harvesting techniques.

As a family business Eucatex has also expanded beyond timber harvesting, saw milling, eucalyptus tree research and now also produces its own line of chemicals and paints. Flavio Maluf has also invested heavily in the infrastructure of Eucatex’s many manufacturing plants. Flavio Maluf, has overseen the installation of several new conveyor belt systems in Eucatex plants. The new conveyor belt systems are designed to improve safety and productivity at the same time. Flavio Maluf has also seen several green initiatives put in place at the company. Initiatives include reducing fuel consumption and putting waste products to use in other manufacturing processes.

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