Sergio Cortes: Brazil Ministry of Health Zika Virus Recommendations

Dr. Sergio Cortes advises on his sergiocortesoficial website that, as per the Ministry of Health of Brazil, it is crucial that pregnant ladies, also, those wanting to end up pregnant, to take some exceptional measures, considering the high number of instances of microcephaly related to zika virus infection in the country of Brazil. The primary one is to protect oneself against general bug bites. In this manner, it is best stay indoors during specific hours of the day when mosquitoes are most likely to be active outdoors, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. Additionally, attempt to wear garments that cover the vast majority of the body and use anti-bite agents and mosquito nets in the home.
Zika Virus Infection in Brazil
Right now, it is conceivable to say that Brazil is encountering a pandemic of zika infection, something that has been happening increasingly since mid 2015. With an affirmation by the Brazilian government that a relationship exist between zika virus infection and microcephaly, a kind of defect that can bring about abnormal development of the cerebrum of babies, worries about the malady have expanded and caused the World Health Organization to attempt to discover more about the illness, says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

In Brazil, the Northeast remains the most influenced with instances of microcephaly emerging from zika infection, reports Dr. Sergio Cortes. There are as of now more than 1,200 reported cases in 14 states covering more than 300 urban communities. A child has passed on as a result of microcephaly, while two grown-ups with zika infection likewise kicked the bucket because of the ailment.

According to the the Ministry of Health, there are still numerous extraordinary facts to be found about the zika virus. The primary one, as per Dr. Sergio Cortes, is to discover zika’s activities in the human body and how it causes the contamination of the embryo. From such data, it will be conceivable to work towards creating an immunization which can prevent infection, or if nothing else keep developing babies from being infected.

Instructions to Prevent
The primary and most essential of these is to prevent standing water, even in small containers, because these can provide the perfect conditions for the mosquito to breed and lay eggs.

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The professional qualification of the Current CEO at Coriant, Shaygan

Coriant has recently developed to become a very recognized company dealing with networking solutions. The transport and connection solutions offered have highly contributed to the growing and changing market. The company has been ranked as one of the leading companies that deal with network operations in over 100 countries.

The company was formed through the linking of Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. Having established great trust among customers, the company has many as to the far. These include, cloud providers, government agencies, utility companies, financial institutions, cable MSOs, large enterprises, cloud and data center operators and cloud and data center operators. These have been assisted to create great end-user revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir who was working part time with the senior management at Coriant was appointed the new CEO of the company. His great experience having worked in telecom, technology and financial services industry for 28 years led to Mr. DiPietro stepping down for him.

Shaygan was born in London and grew up in iran after which he traveled to the United States for his education. He acquired a Ph.D., masters and bachelors in electrical engineering. This was from Cornell University. He later on started his career at GTE Corporation where he was taking care of the network routing, management and control. He served as the Chief information Officer after which Verizon e-business was formed. This led to Shaygan being appointed as the president of the Verizon e-business division.

After leaving Verizon, Kheradpir joined Barclays bank where he was the chief operating officer. With his team, he greatly worked for the transformation of the bank. Still in his line of service, he became the CEO at Juniper Networks. It is after this that he joined Coriant fully as the Chief Executive Officer being trusted to lead the company to greatness.

Igor Cornelsen Gives The Investor a New Perspective

What I love the most about Igor Cornelsen is his great perspective on investing. He doesn’t have to follow the rules that all that other investment gurus follows. He has working knowledge and years of experience as a banker. This has made him one of my favorite investors to follow. He knows the value of things like spreading out your investments and making contacts with companies outside out the United States.

I have a much more diversified portfolio thanks to Cornelsen. He has become the person that has showed me the value of investing in a plethora of different companies. Cornelsen has always expressed how much it pays to have multiple stocks in sight. He warns that there are some companies that have what he considers damaged stocks. This is why the diversity pays off. You want to have some other companies that can still provide a good return if some of your stocks become damaged.

Cornelsen has taught me that it is good to consider investments that are possible in other countries. He recommends Brazil because he has lived there, but this is not the only place that I have had success. I have taken my investments around the globe, and I have found some pretty interesting things. It would have been impossible, however, if I didn’t know about Cornelsen and his bizjournals’ advice.

Igor really has his heart in Brazilian investing though so it makes sense for him to make these newsvine recommendations. He has stated that it is beneficial to watch the banking industry, and I have paid attention to this. He also says that you have to watch out for the government and the regulations that are being made in this country. I have been mindful of this as well when it comes to my international investing.

Most investors are trying to read books and build up some type of portfolio on what they have read. I have made the decision to make some investments based on the knowledge that I have gained through blogs and other tidbits of information. Cornelsen is my favorite investor because the knowledge that he imparts comes in small segments. I didn’t have to spend a month reading to learn what he has to offer. I can glance back at his investments tips from time to time. It doesn’t require me to study chapters upon chapters of investment jargon.

I would recommend these tips from Cornelsen to new investors, but I would also recommend this to some of the more experienced investors as well. Even experience investors could learn something. They may assume that they don’t have anything to learn, but Cornelsen has helped me in ways that I never would have imagined.

Soros Sees German Chancellor As New Leader Of Free World Over Immigration Crisis

George Soros is not a fan of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. He does not like her austerity policies and, for the most part, has seen her as a politician and nothing more. But the 85-year-old billionaire has changed his tune about the Chancellor all because she stood up to Vladimir Putin when Russia showed aggression to the Ukraine. By default, he says, she has become the leader of the free world. And he believes that the European Union needs a strong leader right now in the face of the terror attacks in Paris and the immigrant crisis coming from Syria.
George Soros sees the surge of immigrants as a threat to the Shengen agreement, the conjoined economies of Europe and the European Union as a whole. The effects of the Paris attacks, he says, have been catastrophic on public opinion. Less and less Europeans want to take in Syrian refugees for fear of another terrorist attack, and these European citizens may have caused to be alarmed due to the Shengen agreement.

The Shengen agreement essentially turns the entire European continent into one giant country without borders. Once inside the European Union, anyone is free to travel with very little oversight or security. The fear is that terrorist threats will get inside the European Union and security forces will have very few counterterrorism measures at their disposal, leaving citizens vulnerable. This fear could lead to the dissolution of the agreement and the breakdown of the European Union.

But Soros agrees with the Finnish financial minister who does not believe that the immigrants pose a terrorist threat and laments the fact that European citizens are afraid. Soros has a soft spot for this crisis because he himself was an immigrant who successfully escaped Nazi rule shortly after World War II.

Although Soros says on NY Books that being an immigrant after World War II was different than today. There was no fear of terrorism, just a lingering anti-Semitism. Despite his hardships he managed to graduate from the London school of economics and he turned his education into success in the business world. He believes there are more success stories out there and that they need a chance. But he also knows that a massive influx of jobless immigrants could have devastating effects on Europe’s economy. So the powerful billionaires calling on the new leader of the free world Angela Merkel.

He likes what she’s done so far — allowing almost 1 million immigrants into German and trying to change the tide of public perception — but he thinks she needs to do more in order to save the union. There is a lot of work ahead of her and that’s why Soros beers for the integrity of the European Union and the Shengen agreement.

Investing Tips From Brad Reifler

In a recent Reuters article, Brad Reifler gave financial advice for the 99 percent looking to make more money via investing. Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, created these tips for individuals looking for safe investments with a good return.

For example, he suggest people recognize why there’s a need to invest. It’s important to have an objective and be careful with the amount of money invested. If there’s an investment yielding a good return, add to it.

Also important is knowing and trusting who is investing the money. People must develop a trusting relationship with their investment managers.

Another problem people tend to have is investing all their money in the stock market. Reifler says on Twitter that this is totally wrong. Diversifying is extremely important to making money. Think about it. If one stock fails, then all money is lost. However, if a person diversifies, a dip in the stock market won’t cause a huge problem with a portfolio. People should always be worried about the safety of their money.

What’s the number one tip Reifler gives anyone wanting to make money by investing? Well besides Brad stressing the importance of diversification? Be careful about where the money is invested. It’s vital that an individual takes inventory of assets and creates investment goals. Prior to investing any money, it’s important to consider the REC:

• Risks
• Expenses
• Charges

The world of investing is often dominated by the 1 percent of individuals with a huge income. They strategize and invest in things like commodity funds, hedge funds and public funds. A lot of this investment opportunity is out-of-reach for many people who have less capital. That’s why diversification is the key to financial success.

This is part of the reason by he decided to change the direction of his firm. Reifler invested in a 529 college savings plan years ago. The plan was available to anyone, regardless of income.

Unfortunately, by the time his children started college, the plan was worth less than the money he’d put into it. Yes, he actually lost money.

Reifler decided to found the Forefront Management Group in 2009. The group is a boutique investment making and wealth management firm. It works with everyone from corporations to individuals to satisfy short-term and long-term financial needs.

He began his independent career in 1982. That’s when he started Reifler Trading Corporation. He’s been focused on helping people increase their wealth with smart investing. He understands that the investment world can be a tricky and scary place for anyone—especially the 99 percent wanting to grow their money.

According to Reifler, the 99 percenters had a better option to invest, they could have a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account.

Brian Torchin: The Experienced Health Care Professional Behind HCRC

These days there are large numbers of people who are struggling to find work. This is also true for those who are employed in the healthcare industry. However, there is an industry that is actively helping these individuals to find jobs. Healthcare staffing agencies help numerous healthcare professionals find work every year. One example of an excellent healthcare staffing agency is HCRC. At the helm of HCRC is a man by the name of Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin is an extremely successful and experienced individual in the world of healthcare staffing agencies. Prior to working at HCRC, he had an extensive amount of experience in the field of healthcare.

HCRC truly sets themselves apart in terms of their availability to professionals and organizations. They have a website available to the public, and people can contact the company using this website. In addition, a phone number is shown for people to contact the organization. However, you will not be just get in touch with a bureaucrat from HCRC. You will be able to contact Brian Torchin directly on Twitter! Yes, it is possible to speak directly with the company’s president yourself. This is true whether you are an employee looking for a job or the president of a large healthcare company.

Brian Torchin’s advice and expertise is extremely valuable. He really knows what he’s doing when it comes to the healthcare industry. He has managed healthcare businesses in various locations in the United States. He’s managed quite a number of different healthcare facilities. He also is in the medical field himself. His training is in exercise science and physical therapy. He currently is a chiropractor.

In addition, any type of healthcare professional or healthcare business can use the services of HCRC. They do not exclude certain fields from their services. You can also utilize their services in a great variety of different physical locations. In fact, anyone in the United States healthcare field can use their services. Not only that, but the services of HCRC are available internationally. Actually, it is even possible to utilize their services in some European and Asian countries.

Brian Torchin has had a great deal of experience and success in the healthcare field. His company HCRC has also helped a lot of people. His company is extremely useful for those who are looking for employment in the healthcare field. However, his company is also extremely useful for healthcare businesses that are looking for employees.  Brian Torchin writes on Topix about what he’s accomplished, and where the healthcare industry is going in the future.

Dick DeVos And Windquest Take Control Of Coppercraft Distillery

The liquor license of the Holland Township, Michigan based Coppercraft Distillery has recently been transferred from the founder Walter Catton III to the Dick and Betsy DeVos owned Windquest Holdings. The initial application to transfer the license for Coppercraft Distillery was approved, but must now be passed by state level lawmakers before Windquest can take full control of the company, according to MLive.

Walter Catton III established Coppercraft in 2013 in a 9,000 square feet location, which he hopes can now benefit from the Windquest deal in a number of different areas. Catyton III revealed his hopes for the future of the craft liquor producer to include the addition of a kitchen in the tasting room that should add visitors to the distillery location. Other areas the founder of the distillery hopes will be upgraded include the product line made available to customers, which Catton III hopes will soon include a range of craft beers and wines to add to the liquor already in production.

So far Dick DeVos  and his wife Betsy have not commented on the addition of Coppercraft Distillery to their successful Windquest Holdings Group. Dick founded Windquest after heading the AmWay group for a number of years and amassing a personal fortune of more than $5 billion in the process.

DeVos has not only been interested in business in his life, but also enjoys spending his time sailing during the spare time he has in his retirement from AmWay. The success Dick DeVos has developed as a sailor has seen him win two national titles and a number of individual races. Alongside his love of sailing Dick has also developed a successful interest in aviation, which inspired he and wife Betsy to fund a charter school specializing in teaching children to fly.

The success Dick DeVos has achieved in his personal life is reflected in the business career he has developed with Windquest Holdings. The arrival of DeVos at Coppercraft Distillery has been accompanied by a move to extend the range of customers beyond the borders of Michigan, and the more than 100 retailers and bars already buying liquor from the distillery.

To learn more about Dick, like his page on Facebook to get the latest news about him or click on the following link to learn more about his bio:

Premium Dog Food sales Innovations

The machine that bakes and mixes the meals exits the meals at a mixture of the fresh meat as well as other meat products to make a very natural; delicious and tasty meal that dogs enjoy in their meal times in many homes in the United States. This type of production is only is from the big company Beneful and produces in the town of Bethlehem. This company is worth more than twenty three billion dollars in assets and has a very powerful food industry that wins the hearts of many in its production lines and makes the most out of their work. It is the company that has won the hearts of many individuals and gets the money out of their pockets and buy the foods that the dogs eat. Cat owners and dog owners as well have had to love the services of this great company.

Richard Thompson is the founder and managing director of all the operations of his own venture company that at start up has become one main spectacle in this industry. He is the chief operations officer of Beneful and is always obsessed with the quality of the foods that must exit the company’s periphery and become the leader in the industry as well. He only uses the freshest of the fresh baked meals and ingredients to make his products. He only uses the best preservative that is called the eschews to preserve the meals and nevertheless he ensures that the meals do not stay for longer period in the shelves without being sold for money so that they do not go stale or spoil the broth when they overstay in the shelves and spoil the flavour they should be giving to the dogs.

He is the manufacturing chief called Michael Heiger picks up the slices and pops of the Beneful meals that have been prepared and decides to taste them and ascertain that the quality they have is the desired quality that the dogs can enjoy in the long run. He says that the tasting is for thanksgiving to the production line. .


True Equality in the Military

Barriers that once kept women from seeing combat are gone. Women are now able to opt into any military job they choose, this includes infantry, and other higher risk positions. This brings more more equality to the military. However, not quite enough, according to the Army and Marine Corps.

While women are being granted the equality they desire, and deserve, they are still not required to register with selective service. Males who are of age, like Jon Urbana, also running the renowned fundraiser for ARAS (Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive for ARAS), must register for the draft soon after their 18th birthday. Women don’t have to do this. Officers in the Army and Marines recently testified that it’s time women register as well.

While some may disagree with requiring women to register, it’s not possible to be truly equal without this requirement. It’s not possible to pick and choose. Just taking the good, and ignoring the bad won’t work. Especially, in the military. If men have to register and risk the possibility of being called to serve, women should as well. Along with equal rights, comes equal risk.

Sergio Cortes Works to Heal and Limit Disease After Flooding

In the Brazilian city of Xerém, outside Rio de Janeiro overwhelming floods inundated the city and surrounding areas a while back. Sergio Cortes is the Health Secretary in country’s government. When the flooded area became a veritable disaster zone, Dr. Cortes toured the city and other areas to assess the damage to infrastructure services, such as the disruption of roads, safe drinking water, electricity, and sewage treatment facilities.

He immediately identified the first threat he needed to deal with to prevent loss of life from diseases easily spread after such flooding. He anticipated the need to treat large numbers of people who would contract bacterial infections such as leptospirosis, dengue fever, yellow fever, hepatitis A, and the attending problems with diarrhea and severe dehydration.

Dr. Cortes ordered on Linked In government workers to install into the city’s shelters, multiple Hydration Centers. Each one is capable of treating 300 severely dehydrated individuals each day. He visited these Hydration Centers and spoke with many people who had fell victim to disease after the floods. Then he traveled the countryside to identify ways to limit the spread of these diseases.

Along with these efforts, Dr. Cortes also had the water supplies in the city shelters checked for infection. Some shelters tested positive for the presence of leptospirosis. He broadcast emergency messages in the media to alert everyone in the affected area drink and cook only with bottled water, as much as possible. He emphasized the importance of disinfecting any water people ingested. His message was: “We are taking steps, planning for the worst and hoping for the best. This center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of accumulated garbage in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue fever mosquito proliferation.”

Sergio Cortes’ proactive response on twitter to protect public health included ordering truckloads of fresh water bottles delivered to the shelters for everyone to drink safe water. And Sergio Cortes also worked tirelessly in many less pivotal, but nonetheless important ways to create a foundation upon which to fight the spread of diseases in the area. This story was gleaned from Sergio Cortes Oficial Sergio Cortes Oficial.