Investment Opportunities Wrought Through Capital Markets

Capital markets are well-known to financial experts as a place where equity backed securities and long-term debt are exchanged hands. This is also where investments are held for more than a year – typical standard for investors. Capital markets are operated and controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. Electronic trading systems that comprise this market are accessed by treasury department and financial sectors. Only a small portion of the market is accessible to public. The entities that host these systems include, but not limited to, stock exchanges and government departments.

One of the main divisions of capital market is the primary market. In a primary market, stocks and bonds are sold to investors through underwriting. This is how funds are raised by corporations and governments. While governments issue bonds, corporations depend on both bonds and equity to raise funds. Purchase of investments is through hedge funds, wealth funds, pension funds and other related finance source. There are entities that trade on their own behalf. The second category, the secondary market is where existing securities get resold on an exchange. Investors buy these securities and they can liquidate their cash and assets easily in this market.

Stocks and bonds take a different meaning in the capital markets. In case of stocks, investors buy equity securities in the form of shares making them partial owners of the company issuing these stocks. Bonds, on the other hand, are issued to investors with the condition that they are paid back the invested money along with interest. As a result, bond buyers do not become a part of the company or hold any ownership interests or rights in the company. Capital market is one of the few ways to get ahead in terms of investment for both individuals and corporations. This is an opportunity to turn weakness into positive results. All that is needed once in a while is the right professional advice from experts like Sam Tabar.

Sam Tabar is a New York City based lawyer as well as a popular capital strategist. He has helped thousands of investors deal with investment choices and capital market laws at both local and international level. Sam Tabar has played a major role in serving his clients from all walks of life, and his personal portfolio reflects his diverse career. All his clients wouldn’t have last long on their investment if it weren’t for Sam Tabar’s useful advice. He is also an expert in hedge funds and has served many companies in the financial sector, such as Skadden, Adanac LLC, Meagher & Flom LLP, SPARX Group Co as well as BVI. He currently serves as a senior associate for Zabel LLP and Schulte Roth and an adviser for many other financial firms. He can also be found on Twitter, where he often comments on the issues of the day.

Shopping Malls Suffer Under Venezuela’s Electricity Shortage

The electricity crisis in Venezuela is reaching critical levels. A massive drought has made it impossible for the hydro-electric turbines that generate power to be effective. Venezuela is a huge country with a large population. Electricity ends up being drained quickly. Drastic measures are being taken. Some of those measures according to expert Jose Manuel may save power for the short term, but cause major issues in the near future.
One severe measure being taken to save power is through “punitive electricity rationing” at shopping malls. In essence, shopping malls have to cut back on how much electricity they use. While this may help cut down on the current drain of power, the bottom line at the shopping malls suffers. Shopping malls are commercial enterprises. Unless they are able to generate revenues, stores at malls end up closing.

There is sure to be some economic fallout from this. Stores that are not able to remain open the full number of hours necessary to earn a profit have to deal with the resultant financial woes. The decision has been taken out of the malls and stores hands. People are prevented from overcharging and using their smartphones for apps like twitter.

And what of the effect this will have on tourism? Surely, the malls are already suffering from a lack of tourism dollars already. The situation is only going to become worse.

Hopefully, the situation will correct itself in due time and the necessary power to fuel the economy of Venezuela will return. Until the drought is over, the situation is going to be unable to change.

Keep your dog healthy with Beneful

Like all dog owners I see on facebook, I want my companion to be both happy and healthy. Which means that when it comes to his food, I’m looking for something he’ll enjoy as well as something that gives him all of the nutrition he needs. After trying a lot of products, I’ve found out from wikipedia that the best choice for my best friend is Purinastore’s line of Beneful dog foods. (
Beneful offers both wet and dry dog foods, but my dog prefers the wet ones. Beneful has a number of choices, each with the same mix of natural ingredients and great taste (if my dog’s reaction is any indication. Beneful Incredibites come in three wet versions – with either beef, chicken or salmon. Each of those also includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Great ingredients and he just eats them up.

There are also a number of selections in the Beneful Chopped Blends line. There’s beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and lamb. Each with a mix of sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. These are the same kind of ingredients I’d eat and it’s what I’m looking for in a dog food.

But my dog’s favorites are some of the Beneful entree selections, especially the Beef Stew. That comes with Beef, carrots, peas, rice and barley and it’s the perfect choice isf you’re looking for a hearty meal after a long session of frisbee catch. He also likes the savory Lamb and Rice stew, which is also a great meal for a very hungry dog.

You can’t forget the treats, and Beneful has some really good ones. A top choice in our household are the Beneful Baked Delights. They have fillings like Apple, Bacon and Beef and Cheese. All in small, bite-sized portions perfect for the quick reward.

It’s great to have a line of tasty, healthy dog foods that I can count on to keep my dog satisfied and energetic. Follow Beneful:

Did Kyle Bass Knock Over The First Domino In the 2008 Financial Crisis?

A line of dominoes the size of a stadium takes the amount of energy in a butterfly’s wind-shear to tumble. That’s kind of the principle behind Chaos theory, really; a butterfly flapping its wings could, through a cause-and-effect chain of events, be the thing which fosters a hurricane on the other side of the planet. In 2008, the sub-prime lending market collapsed like a house of cards or a line of dominoes, and perhaps Kyle Bass wasn’t the one who truly set things in motion, but he was definitely a deciding force.

March 12th, 2008 saw a segment on CSPAN where a leading executive of Bear-Stearns was asked a question which implied Goldman-Sachs had lost confidence in them as one of the top five leading investment banks on Wall Street. This was not the case; it was an e-mail denying a novation, and a fairly routine thing at that. Even as the interview was conducted, the transaction was accepted by Goldman-Sachs. The time-stamp on the e-mail sent back to Bear-Stearns was 9:04, and the CSPAN segment was going on that very hour. But it was too late. Wall-Street is one of the biggest stacks of cards on the planet, and the dominoes were already falling. By the end of the week, Bear-Stearns had been absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase, and the collapse culminating in September’s crisis had begun.

Kyle Bass broke the information to the CSPAN journalist. Bass is a hedge fund manager based out of Texas, and prior the CSPAN interview, Bass had been an executive at Bear-Stearns. Some time between his ceasing to be an executive, and the CSPAN interview, Bass sold out his former company.

It’s not surprising that he would do this, however. Bass became known in the financial community when he successfully predicted the sub-prime lending crisis would collapse by the end of 2008. Was his prediction because of an initiation measure? Maybe, maybe not. Consider his human-rights stock market manipulation organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses legal and political pressure to force lucrative pharmaceuticals into decimating prices such that their stock value drops, and Bass can short-sell his holdings. Consider his hand-in-glove relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot presiding over her and Bass’ home country of Argentina. Consider his current multi-billion dollar bet that China’s currency will fail, and the picture painted is of a global-minded socialist looking to sell out larger interests for the sake of a bureaucratic elite masquerading as philanthropists.

White Shark Media Company

White Shark Media has been acknowledged to be one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North United Nations. It has derived from their reputation of engineering cost effective in campaigns for providing world class customer experience. It is one of the boutique agency that has helped thousands of campaigns in utilizing their online marketing tactics alongside suite for marketing tools. White Shark Media is a leading company with high standards which are known to educate the marketers and business persons via their marketing blogs and media. White Shark Media has specialized in offering AdWords and Bing Ads Management services to small, mid-sizes and above all upcoming businesses. White Shark Review focus is in areas where their clients earn money and become successful. For their ecommerce clients they have offered product listing Ads in all management plans as well as full conversion tracking and Google analytics implementation on all shoplfy platforms. Apart from an extensive variety of services on and a vast experience of shopify platforms. First client of White Shark Media signed up with them in 2010 in an ecommerce website which since then is still with them till today. White Shark Media they offer several services to companies which partner with them. White Shark Media has had outstanding services that has made them achieve terrific experience. White Shark Complaints has also had extreme accommodation in experienced team have helped them to work as a team and revise or update about online marketing campaigns. White Shark Media has done this to increase order of been immediate. This has made them to have the pleasure in working with total professional. White Shark Media offer several services in their networks.

Below are services offered by White Shark Media Company. They include:
¥ Boosting your company bottom-line and reduce churn
¥ They customize PPC strategies to companies clients
¥ Help one to get advice on agency advertising and management
¥ Cost effective SEM solutions without the overhead
¥ To turn your single-service agency in full service powerhouse.
¥ Provide valuable marketing strategies for small business and entrepreneurs
¥ Offer expertise, experience and end to end customer care services

According to the points listed above, White Shark Media has been more recognized to the world due to their ability to provide quality services in business management. Most people have preferred to use them because of their ideas to earn money in the business industry all through the world.

Why Does A Slyce And Shoe Carnival Partnership Make Sense?

A Slyce and Shoe Carnival partnership makes sense for everyone involved because it partners two great companies that make shopping fun. Shoe Carnival has thousands of shoes to choose from, and Slyce has access to all those results when people search with pictures for clothing and shoes. The visual search at Slyce is important because it speeds things up for people, and the results that people get from Shoe Carnival just make everything happen a lot faster.

There is nothing simpler than getting this done with Slyce because any picture can be put into the search engine. The app will give results immediately, and there will be Shoe Carnival will be at the top of the results. That also means that people will be able to end their shopping adventure in just a couple seconds. The visual search will return something from Shoe Carnival that works, and that item can be bought immediately. That also means that people are going to be able to save money because Shoe Carnival is a discount brand. They have already passed their savings on to customers, and now they are going to have more customers because of Slyce.

Shoe Carnival is rebranding itself as a brand that is hip for young people to shop with, and they are trying to find as many ways to reach young people. Using the Slyce visual search app to find young people really helps, and it brings people to the places where they would have never have shopped before. These people are finding out that they can shop at Shoe Carnival, and they are going to keep shopping there because they know that they are going to save money when they do that. This is one of the most basic things that people can do to make sure that they save money, and it gets even easier because are going to always see the Shoe Carnival results first.

Slyce has to have as many partners as they can get, and they need to put these partners at the top of their search results. They are going to help market these brands, and they are going to continue with Show Carnival offering the best shoe results. Everyone who puts their pictures into Slyce is going to get something that is going to help them with shopping, and they will not have to waste time any more on shopping for clothes and shoes.

Investment Bankers Are Vital To The Success of Investment Banks

Investment banks are different than most banking institutions. The investment banking structure is designed to provide specific banking services that fall across three distinct areas. The three areas are sales and training, asset management, and investment banking division. In addition, the structure of investment banking is designed to work well with corporate clients, or clients who need banking services that are similar to the services needed by corporations.


A core component concerning investment banking is the investment banker position. This position has multiple responsibilities. The responsibilities that are given to investment bankers are vitally important to the success of an investment bank. While investment bankers have numerous responsibilities, one of the most important responsibilities is overseeing corporate financial transactions. These transactions are typically very complex in nature and require a significant amount of money to complete the transactions.


The financial transactions can involve a variety of components. However, many corporate financial transactions involve mergers or acquisitions. Moreover, investment bankers tend to handle various aspects of these financial transactions. The investment banker generally provides the recommendations and decisions regarding these transactions.


Also, investment bankers usually handle the funding for these transactions. Sometimes the investment banker will provide the funding for the financial transactions through the investment bank, or sometimes the investment banker will seek outside funding for the transactions.


The banking industry has many investment bankers who are well known. Successful investment bankers are highly paid, receive significant public attention, and are constantly asked to provide financial advice. While many investment bankers work for investment banks, some investment bankers decide to start their own investment banks.


One of the well known investment bankers who decided to start his own investment banking firm is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking firm. Martin Lustgarten manages the daily business activities for his firm, and he acquires new clients.
Martin Lustgarten has built a quality list of corporate clients. He provides a variety of investment banking services for his clients that includes providing recommendations on mergers, acquisitions, and transactions. Martin Lustgarten also assists clients with seeking and finding funds for financial transactions.

Talk Fusion Allowing Individuals and Business’s To Market Their Brand

Talk Fusion came about after it’s creator wanted to send a simple video clip via email to his family and was told that this was not possible. He then set out to make his own software application that allowed the impossible to become possible. The creator of the Talk Fusion application is none other than Bob Reina. Bob made the discovery in 2004 and soon after set out to create an application that would allow him to send video messages via email. With the help of a close friend who also had a background in IT, Bob Reina went about creating the application and the rest is history. The Talk Fusion application suite has now gone far beyond the single application that they launched in 2004. They are now including their first 30 day free trial of the suite which allows users to simply subscribe on a personalized website or on the Talk Fusion website itself in order to try the suite for 30 days. No capital is needed in order to get started. Therefore there is no risk and customers can make sure that the application suite matches their needs.

Bob Reina decided to use the direct selling approach with his platform due to his prior experience with the direct selling industry. He managed to replace his pay-check with the commissions from his part time direct selling and marketing business before he ventured into the Talk Fusion Video Communication business. The previous success that he experienced made him realize that this type of business model can be applied to the software industry as well. He has since undergone a lot of scrutiny and battles but the Talk Fusion platform has never been more successful than now.

Talk Fusion and the large team of professional staff have big plans to expand into more global markets and are currently the number one ranked video communication platform in Indonesia. This shows the amount of momentum that has been gained since the launch of the Talk Fusion Suite back in 2004.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner ideal for all hair types

WEN Hair is a revolutionary product in hair care. It offers its users the benefits of a conditioner, shampoo, detangler and leave-in conditioner all in one. It cleanses hair and leaves it with moisture, strength, manageability and a glowing shine. For anyone looking to simplify their hair care routine, then this is the formula to go for.

In a story by Emily McClure that appeared in’s Fashion and Beauty segment, though the products give desired results to its users, the users have to be ready to work an extra mile to be able to enjoy these amazing results. According to Emily, Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner users need to wash and style their hair on a daily basis. If this is not done, the hair may become oily and to some extent unmanageable.

Every product works best if its instructions are followed to the latter and the same applies to Wen users. Wen cleansing conditioner is made for all types of hair. On the products there are specific instructions on the amounts to be used for each hair length, the minimum quantity being 10-16 pumps. Much amount, especially comparing with normal conditioners, but the results are much better compared to those other conditioners

Users of Sephora’s Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner have reported 100% hair moisturized, 97% said that WEN added more shine to the hair, 97% more manageable hair, and better color. The product is also suitable for all hair types. The man behind this beautiful product is professional stylist Chaz Dean. He developed interests in making his product as he helped a highly successful company in developing a product line.

Chaz, who worked and became the manager of an upscale salon in Bel Air, later, bought the salon. Here his client list was made up of world renowned celebrities. It is while at Bel Air, in the year 1996 that he started working on Wen hair product line. He later relocated to Hollywood and renamed the salon to Chaz Dean Studio.