Beneful to the Rescue!

My dog Sparks was a picky dog since we got him as a pup. We tried many different dog foods, some dry, some wet, and even a mix of the two. Nothing would satisfy the dog. At one point we were buying bags of dog food from specialty retailers that costed more than a hundred dollars each medium sized bag. Sparks still wasn’t eating like he should. We were fed up and looking for something to try. Then we decided to try Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful. We saw a facebook ad for it, and it seemed like this dog food was different from the rest. We first tried their wet food, the Chopped Blends containers they sell at the store. Sparks loved them. We decided to give more of the Beneful varieties a try, and gave the dry food a shot. The Beneful Originals ( chicken flavor is what we got, and we received the same enthusiasm from Sparks. After that our mind was made up that our dog would be a Beneful dog. Both the wet food and dry food comes in so many different flavors like chicken, beef, carrots and peas. Each one is loved by our dog. Sparks loves the dental ridges that Beneful makes, and will sit in front of the TV and enjoy the whole thing in one sitting. We plan on getting a second dog soon to keep our first one company during the day, and we will surely be purchasing Beneful’s puppy food. We are so glad to have found a nice wholesome dog food that is made with real ingredients. It has made our life as pet owners so much easier.




Brian Bonar: Redefining What it Means to be a Financial Wiz

The financial sector is a very competitive world where it is necessary to truly stand out above the rest to make it big. Brian Bonar understood just how competitive it was to enter the financial sector and, thankfully, was successful. Bonar’s success was strong enough to catch Cambridge Publishing’s eyes.

About Brian Bonar

There are not many people who can be called gurus of the financial world, but there are a few exceptions like Brian Bonar. Bonar has led corporations like Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation. What he was able to do for these companies–and others–has impressed many. He was crucial in many mergers and acquisitions that have been profitable to all the companies that he has been involved in.

One could say that Brian Bonar has been a bit of a boosting supplement that some companies have used to boost profits. And to think that all his accomplishments sprouted from some of his earlier accomplishments, like receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College or getting his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Getting Honored by Many of His Peers

It was Brian Bonar’s vision and success that got him named Cambridge Publishing’s Who’s-Who Executive of the Year Representing Finance. This was back in 2010 and 2011. Keep in mind that only four people were given such an honor that year. The honorees had to fit a certain standard that is relatively high in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Professional accomplishments
  • Leadership expertise

Of course, Bonar Brian excelled in all the categories above. For one, his career had already expanded for around 30 years, and that was back in 2010 and 2011. One thing that the committee was particularly interested in was Bonar’s work with Dalarada Financial Corporation.

Keep in mind that this company facilitated employee productivity for different companies. It was there when Bonar showed his exceptional care for clients and their businesses. Bonar created different packages for clients that increased employee satisfaction by creating more benefits. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and also

Bonar made sure that every employee was engaged in their labor by the time he was done with a particular business. This model was able to increase productivity among employees, as well as profits for the companies. Needless to say, Bonar’s suggestions are taken very seriously. He was also in charge of helping companies balance their financial costs as well as cutting unnecessary expenses through careful evaluation. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Sure, Bonar was honored by his peers, but this award did not go to his head. He will continue to feel like that young man he once was, a young man full of dreams of succeeding. To Bonar, success is still within reach.

Venezuela President Maduro Calls State of Emergency

As more unrest to the rule of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro increases, the country is preparing for a military exercise, as street protests have caused unrest within the at Open Corporates, President Maduro may declare a state of internal commotion amidst a threat of a recall. That would allow the government to work around normal legislative procedures to impose tougher security measures.
Recently, Maduro called for a state of emergency to go into effect for the next two months. This is an add on to the state of economic emergency that had been previously announced. Maduro feels that this move is necessary to defend against foreign aggression. The Venezuelan Supreme Court has backed this state of emergency. Maduro has stated that the state of emergency could last the entire year.

U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged that Washington does not have much say in how the situation in Venezuela turns out. Due to falling oil prices, expert Jose Figueroa says “Venezuela finds itself in the midst of an economic crisis”. Due to high inflation, the currency has been devalued. All of these things make it harder for businesses and the government to import goods.

Those who oppose Maduro believe that the state of emergency announcement is a tactic to keep power and limit the rights of citizens. Maduro believes that trying to recall him is a waste of time.


Beneful is a Magnificent Dog Food Brand

Over the years I have seen quite a few dogs because I work in a dog shelter. I have been able to see the results of good dog food like Beneful. I have also been able to see what happens when bad dog food is being used.
I think that a lot of people will benefit from something like PurinaStore‘s dog food. This is what so many people have been able to get for their pets and see some very positive change. I have used food like the Healthy Harvest, and my dog seems to just love this. There has also been great success with the Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends ( Dogs really seem to appreciate dog food in general, but I can tell that there is something special that happens when I give them the Beneful dog food.

This brand has some great food for dogs as well. I know that the Beneful Healthy Puppy works well because my dogs have tried it. That is what I would recommend for anyone with small dogs. This is the foundation for better growth. I know that many people just pick up some dog food without any idea of what is going to work. I have been able to say that I know exactly what is good for my dogs because I have done the research. I know when I am getting a good brand. I know when I have purchased something that is not quite right. My dogs have this way of letting me know what they would like to eat again. Beneful has always been the clear winner.

There are a whole lot of people that are impressed with what the dry and wet dog foods from Beneful have to offer. I have always known that the Beneful Originals were good for my pets. I used to buy these many years ago. I have since expanded with the Beef Stew Prepared Meals. I know that my dogs will love the wet meals so I alternate. I think that the Beneful Healthy Weight is best for obese dogs so I also buy this from Amazon.


Talk Fusion and Direct Selling, A Winning Combination

In a “grab it and go” society, small business owners do not take the time to read long boring emails. Even if you believe your emails are loaded with exciting information, chances are the recipient will not take the time to read it.


Talk Fusion has the perfect solution to that problem for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Video introductions right in your emails and newsletters. Learn more at about Talk Fusion


Video introductions are the optimal venue to introduce your brand without the recipient having to read long, boring emails. When a potential client clicks and plays your video, they can get the information they need to make a decision on your brand, product, or service in a minute and a half or two minutes.


This is the kind of in your face advertisement your brand needs to get recognized, stay relevant, and build a global clientele.


Why Video?


Videos can be used on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others. Once the video is produced and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Talk Fusion, or a personal server, you can link it or embed it to any internet sharing medium. However, unless you have a massive personal server, you should not upload the video directly to your website. When you upload a video directly to your website you become the host for that video and as it is shared and re-shared the growth will become very extensive. This will slow your website’s response time to a snail’s pace.


What else can I do with Talk Fusion?


Although Talk Fusion can give you great introductory videos and video newsletters, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Small business owners all over the world have discovered the ease of video meetings and live video chat sessions one-on-one and with groups (up to 500 participants) to develop strategies and publish policy.


Who is Bob Reina?


Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Actually, Bob was an active police officer on the Tampa, Florida, USA police force when he was invited to become an Amway distributor. Although he didn’t pursue that opportunity, it started the wheels turning in his mind about how to make Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) work for him and his family.


Reina was an officer in many MLM companies while still a police officer. In fact, he is still an active member and advisor in Travel Reaction. The need to send a video email and being told it couldn’t be done was the catalyst to him forming Talk Fusion and making it one of the leading video communications companies in the world. Talk Fusion has the “World’s First Instant Compensation Plan”. That means there is no more waiting for weeks or months to get paid for your service.


For more information regarding the Talk Fusion Advantage or how to become an Associate, visit their website or

Kate Hudson Shares her Love for Athletic Clothing with Fabletics

Kate Hudson is seen on the movie screens less and less these days, but her face is still present in the fashion industry. The actress turned athletic mogul is doing more with her clothing line, Fabletics, and women are embracing the clothes Kate is presenting to the workout crowd.

In a Marie Claire interview Kate Hudson opened up about the clothing line and how she got involved with Fabletics. For Kate, the transition just seemed natural. She is an actress in Hollywood on She likes to work out, but even if she didn’t there is a certain standard that has to be met in Hollywood. Women that star in major motion pictures are expected to be a great shape. As an aging actress and mother, Hudson knows all too well how it can be difficult to stay in shape. It can be even harder if you don’t have comfortable clothes to work out in. That is part of what has inspired Kate Hudson to go forth and help build the Fabletics empire.

Much of the buzz over the brand is linked to the athleisure that seems to get a lot of attention with people that want workout gear that is diverse. There was a time when people would have some gym clothes that didn’t fit any other occasion but the gym. This was something that Kate Hudson wanted to change. She has used Fabletics to show that there is more to life than the drab gym wear that is only made for working out. Hudson has become innovative in bringing designs to the forefront that support working out and running errands.

Hudson has stated in Marie Claire that there are also athleisure outfits that she would wear out on a date. She is even considering a corporate line of athleisure clothing. This is the new concept that is getting praise, and Fabletics is set to be at the top of the list of clothing companies on that provide these garments. It is evident that this is gaining a lot of momentum because Hudson has become able to secure funding to open 100 stores in the next 5 years. That is a big jump in Fabletics brick and mortar locations because there are less than 10 stores open right now.

Kate Hudson is heavily involved in building this company. All of this shows that the Fabletics brand has expanded beyond the original online store roots. More people are interested in trying on this clothing. Women are curious about the brand because some dresses come with bras. Others have material that is form fitting without the need for Spanx. It is all very intriguing for women and more customers are lining up for Fabletics subscriptions. 

Positive Senior Living at Manse on Marsh

Getting older can be a challenge for all people. It can be difficult when you simply realize that you can’t perform the tasks you could when you were younger. It is great that Manse on Marsh offers a unique system for senior living in San Luis Obispo, California. The program is innovative because it can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a resident. A resident can take advantage of full assisted living programs or simply use the ones they need or that their budget allows. This is a location for senior living like no other in California today.

The Manse on Marsh is a community that offers many activities to the residents. It is located directly in the middle of San Luis Obispo which allows residents the freedom to easily access all of the local businesses and become a part of the community. There is easy access to coffee houses, bookstores, local shopping, art dealers and churches. Whatever interests a resident has can be explored in the friendly streets of this wonderful California town.

Living at the Manse on Marsh is a unique and powerful experience because they offer a lot of services to the residents. Fine dining is offered right at the complex along with a more casual bistro that caters to the tastes of older senior. Detailed housekeeping services are available that even include bath and bed linen services. There is a laundry service available for residents who choose not to or are unable to do their own. Getting a ride can be difficult for seniors who are no longer able to drive themselves. Fortunately they provide a chauffeur service which can get residents to their doctor’s appointments on time. Or just to the local coffee shop on a rainy day. Manse on Marsh is a location that provides a well maintained and modern fitness and wellness center to help keep people as physically active and mentally sharp. They even provide a Lifeline® alert system in case of an emergency.

It should be no wonder that the Manse on Marsh has won the SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Award as the #1 assisted living and independent living community on the California central coast. That is in large part due to the caring and compassionate team of individuals that work at the facility. They are dedicated to create a positive, active and dignified life for the residents of the Manse on Marsh complex. They go above and beyond to provide first rate treatment to all the residents. They are all treated like family and it shows in the quality of life that each resident experiences.

Clearly the Manse on Marsh is committed to creating the best quality of life for their residents. There is a sense of value, community and caring that permeates the complex. This is a one of a kind senior living community that invites people in and provides its residents with the confidence and peace of mind that they will be taken care of, along with the ability to make choices about their lives and their care that allow for some independence.  Their blog really makes those values evident, and you can follow them at

Michael Zomber Brings Ancient Japan To Life

Japan consists of a series of Islands off the coast of Japan. For thousands of years, this land has been inhabited by a very unique culture. Japanese leaders decided to keep their nation off limits to outsiders for a few hundred years. This helped the nation develop a culture that is quite unique and much admired by those who do not live there. One person who has found this part of the world a continual source of amazement and utter fascination is Michael Zomber. Zomber has been involved in efforts to help people understand this culture better for many years.

His Writing

In an effort to share what he knows about the world of Japan, Zomber has taken to writing novels. His novels delve into the very heart of this part of the world and aim to explore what it was like to live in Japan before the opening of the nation to western influence in the mid-1800’s. He uses his uncanny understanding of the world of Japanese art and Japanese metalwork to help show how such arts directly contributed to life in this region during that time frame. His aim is to help the reader fully understand all aspects of life in Japan from the viewpoint of someone who was living there.

His Many Fans

As a result of his work in this field, Zomber has gained many Facebook fans who appreciate how devoted he is to exploring life in Japan under the rule of the Samurai. They know they can turn to him for help when thinking about what life was like back then. They also know that anything he writes about this time frame is utterly authentic and comes from his many years of passionate love for the art and culture of Japan. He has helped illuminate their understanding of this period even further with insights that come from many years of studying this particular area of the world extremely closely.

Worlds of Wonder

Zomber hopes to continue writing about Japanese history, as well as producing many films. He continues to find the Samurai era one that has much to teach us today about many important concepts such as honor and respect for traditions. He hopes that his fans will continue to work with him to learn as much as possible about a world that continues to influence our American contemporary culture today as well as the unique and fascinating culture of contemporary Japan.  His passion for history cannot be deterred, and Michael Zomber continues to press on.

Makeup Brand Lime Crime is a Smash Hit on Instagram

Lime Crime, a Los Angeles based makeup brand company recently reached over 2 million followers on social media platform Instagram.

Lime Crime is best known for their vibrant selection of shades and colors of their makeup.

Lime Crime CEO & Founder, Doe Deere, says that social media is one key to their success because it allows fans to interact with them directly.

“A lot of companies use their Instagram accounts as simply another way to push product, but our goal is to cultivate a fun and engaging community,” Deere said on her blog.

And perhaps that is the reason for Lime Crime’s recent success on Twitter, doubling their followers to 2 million in under a year.

Their account often features trendy looks combined with snappy hashtags which allows their fans to enjoy the pictures but to also help spread the word as well.

Lime Crime believes that cruelty fee cosmetic is important to building a community that does not have to worry about how their lipstick was developed.

And in the spirit of community building, Lime Crime’s Instagram account shares fan photos as well, so others can see how their peers are putting these unique products and colors to best use.  But more fan photos can also be seen on Facebook, as well as Tumblr, which has a huge Lime Crime community.

Deere believes that sharing fan-created photos directly on their eCommerce site that shoppers will get a better feel for how a certain look might work for them personally.

“It’s important to us that our customers have the best possible idea of what the product will look like on them, and Instagram allows us to do that,” Deere shared.

Madison Street Capital Implementing New Hedge Fund Strategies

The world of finances is a powerful one not just because of how much wealth can be created, but because how much wealth can be created in a quick period of time. There truly are many different individuals out there whether they are startups, small firms, and even large institutional investment operations that will try to generate wealth, but the key to it all is understanding new strategies as they come out. With respect to one of the most dominant operations in the investments game currently, Madison Street Capital has started to adopt some new financial strategies with the hope that the payoff will be worth it.

Madison Street Capital is an investment bank and by that standard alone they have already risen to be one of the top resources in the field for customer service. People have questions with respect to finances and they need to be able to work with others that they trust. When you consider the fact that most people have no idea what half of their options are when it comes to investments, you can easily see why an organization such as Madison Street Capital would be so appealing to work with.

When you look into what Hedge Funds are, they help to showcase exactly how financial investments can be so profitable. A hedge fund may not be the most exciting thing, but historically they have worked. They continue to create wealth while spreading out a significant amount of risk. And, when you account for the diminished volatility that comes with hedge funds, it only makes sense why they became a popular investment years ago. That being said, they have started to become less effective as a result of rising costs, new liabilities, and even potentially unfriendly government regulation, taxes and fees. As a result, organizations such as Madison Street Capital are looking for new strategies to make the already efficient hedge funds even more profitable.

Consider if you will the simple idea that investments truly play in your overall strategy. Thinking about the general role in how risk comes into play, there are really only two ways to guarantee that you will increase your earnings on average. You can either continue to spread your risk and diversify across multiple platforms so that you won’t be effected by the changing of the market, or you can minimize overhead transactions and fees to eliminate the fixed costs that are on your investments. The key is simply to know the strategy that has the highest yield, and with Madison Street Capital they are always looking to minimize the overhead costs while still finding new and emerging markets to delve into. Regardless of your specific financial goals, Madison Street Capital is one investment bank to consider.


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