The Positive Benefits of Using Wen by Chaz

More than likely, we have all seen the Wen by Chaz Dean commercials at one point in time. The women with the gorgeous hair that is shaking around and that conditioner that is purely magic in a pretty bottle. I absolutely had to check out the WEN Cleansing Conditioner due to all the positive rumors that were going around. The WEN cleaning products offer an all-in-one that shampoos, conditions and treats your hair. The styling treatment in the bottle is absolutely incredible. The brand is made for all hair types and there is even a sweet almond version on Amazon that offers some extra bounce, shine and moisture. The product gave me the feeling of having thicker hair. I don’t know how a product can make your hair feel thicker, but this product made my hair appear to be fuller and thicker. After blow drying my hair, it absolutely looked like it had some extra volume and bounce to it. I am so happy with the way this product makes my hair feel and look, it is amazing! The conditioner is great because it offers my hair some extra shine that most conditioners do not offer my hair. I will definitely be using this sephora endorsed product on a regular basis and am happy to have found a product that I am confidently commit to using on my hair.

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Women’s Concern with Their Hair

For women, looks play a large role in how their lives go. Women are also known to take more pride in how they look. They take more time to put together a good image. Among the aspects of their image that they work on include their skin with make up, their clothing, and their hair. One thing that is very frustrating to a woman is having hair trouble. There are a lot of women that wish they could have the hair of a celebrity. Unfortunately, these days come once a blue moon at the most. A lot of it depends on the type of hair care product that is being used.
Many hair care products have a lot of chemicals in it that can cause a lot of damage in a woman’s hair. On top of that, a lot of women put a multitude of products in their hair for cleaning and conditioning. This increases the amount of chemicals that wind up in the hair. Fortunately, there is a type of hair care product that is different from other hair care products. Not only is there no chemical in the product that could destroy the hair, but it also combines different formulas in one product so that it saves a lot of the work. This product is WEN hair by Chaz.

Wen by Chaz has been marketed by Sephora as the one product that can bring a woman’s hair to the quality level experienced by celebrities. There have been infomercials as well as a report on Bustle that goes into detail of seven days of usage. Wen by Chaz is looking to be the hair care product that women are looking for. It makes it easier for women to look their best and as a result, feel their best. Wen by Chaz comes in a lot of varieties available on Guthy-Renker for different women and hair types.

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The Plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley Repelled

Trouble has brewed in recent years in the Squaw Valley area which is part of the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The community has has unfavourable weather conditions and the threat of incorporation has been knocking at the front door. This has been very bad for local business’s as the Squaw Valley Resorts and the many other business’s rely on the fall of adequate snow in order to provide for perfect skiing conditions.

Andy Wirth the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been fighting off the second threat which the community has faced and that is the threat of incorporation. This incorporation possibility would lead to higher taxes on resident and business’s as well as a reduction in various services such as clearing of snow and road maintenance. The overview of this story can be found on the Reno Gazette Journal which provides greater detail on the matter.
Andy Wirth has spent a lot of money fighting the threat of incorporation as he believes it will disrupt both civil and business’s atmospheres within the community. Those backing the incorporation effort said that Any Wirth has personal motives to stop the incorporation but this was repelled by Andy Wirth himself who pointed out that both sides had spent significant sums of money.

The California Local Agency Formation Commission had the final say in the matter and deemed the town not financially viable. Learn more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight
Now that the threat of incorporation has been put behind them the community can get back to working together on various transportation and other issues according to Andy Wirth. The community should look to the future and beyond Olympic Valley if it is to succeed according to Andy Wirth.

He is under the impression that the community can come to an agreement on what they love and what is required. The trouble is now behind them and they should look towards healing.

Andy Wirth himself knows all too well what is required for healing to occur as he has suffered a severe physical injury in the past which almost killed him.

This injury was sustained during a sky diving jump that went wrong when his parachute opened late and he found himself crashing into a field filled with wires. These wires severed his arm which he almost lost if it was not for the skilled medical professionals which managed to save it.

A long road to recovery allowed Andy Wirth to connect with a group of Navy Seals who were stationed at the Olympic Valley. This group of individuals gave him the strength and hope he required to return to complete well being thanks to their great nature.

A Medley of Nutrition and Flavor From Beneful

Beneful offers a medley of flavors and nutrition with their medley wet dog food product offerings [see list at]. From the Tuscan Style Medley all the way to the Simmered Chicken Medley you can find nutrition and your four-legged friend will find flavor that they enjoy with every meal. The Tuscan Style Medley provides the beef flavor that every dog loves combined with wholesome grains in the form of rice, and vegetables such as carrots and spinach. The Simmered Chicken Medley from Beneful is made from farm-raised chicken, vegetables such as green beans and carrots, and wholesome wild rice grains. The Roasted Turkey Medley from Beneful is made from 100% real turkey, wild rice, peas, barley, and corn. This medley offers a medley of nutrition and flavor that is irresistible. The Romana Style Medley wet dog food brand from Beneful is filled with flavor that your dog will savor and nutrition that will give you a piece of mind. This incredible medley is made from 100% real farm-raised chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots. Last but not least the Beef and Chicken Medley option from Beneful is made from 100% real beef and chicken in addition to wild rice, carrots, and green beans. Just when you thought that nutrition and flavor were the full package wait till I tell you the best feature of these medley. The Beef and Chicken Medley, as well as the Roasted Turkey Medley and Simmered Chicken Medley all, come in resealable containers. This means no more wasted wet dog food, and you save some money in the process. As you can see offers many different varieties that have a perfectly balanced medley of nutrition and flavor to keep you and your dog happy. Beneful products are available on local supermarkets like Wal-Mart and online via Amazon.



Securus Technologies Releases THREADS 3.1

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. These solutions focus on investigations, public safety, monitoring and corrections. In the recent past, the company released THREADS 3.1, which is regarded as the most superior and fully integrated analytical tool within the United States’ correction market.

The redesign made on Securus’ cornerstone investigative solutions seeks to enhance user interface to modern web-based technologies. This was done while also preserving similar powerful analysis, which customers have been accustomed. The redesigns have enhanced THREADS capabilities by making it easier to use and augment system performance. The general manager of business management for Securus, Kelly Solid, posited that the company had streamlined user interface, augmented navigation, eradicated unnecessary actions on the system as well as improved the search functions and enhanced record loading. I believe that the new system will increase performance and advance user experience.
The 3.1 shall advance the software platform to HTML 5 from the traditional Silverlight. It is my opinion that the release upgrade shall allow for integration between different Securus products like the Secure Call Platform (SCP). Solid posited that the user-friendly interface should provide investigators with more proactive tools that will support them while conducting investigations. I believe that the new system, which has taken time to develop, will require little training, provide leads to investigators and allow for highly actionable intelligence.
Additional features in the THREADS 3.1 are the ability to listen to SCP calls within the application, real-time analysis, provision of sensitive reports as well as printing and customized mapping. Solid posited that THREADS has been used as the gold standard for detection, identification and reporting of suspicious inmate calling trends, correlations as well as fraternization, association and communication events. The company is upgrading its existing customers free of any charges. Securus ranks as a platinum level courtesy of the THREADS 3.1. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as posted in the following link
About Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies seeks to serve and connect through provision of emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, information management, monitoring of products and services, incident management, investigations, communication and inmate self-service. Securus is focused on ensuring that it makes the world a better place to live. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Securus has been serving over 3,450 correction agencies, law enforcement and public safety officers as well as 1.2 million inmates in North America. Over the past three years, the company has invested $600 million in acquiring and developing different security, efficiency and safety related products. This information was originally published on Virtual Strategy as explained in the following link,1#axzz3x4WE3xdO

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The Natural Purity and Beauty of Shea Butter Creates Soft Smooth Skin

Most of us have heard about shea butter and its amazing emollient qualities and that it often appears as a key ingredient in various skin care products, cosmetics and body lotions.

However, most of us are not sure what shea butter consists of and where it comes from. If one visits West Africa from Senegal to Sudan and parts of Ethiopia, one will find the shea tree growing wildly there. The shea is actually a fruit tree that bears a thin, delicious pulp that grows around a large nut or oil-rich kernel. It is from that nut, that rich fat is extracted and made into shea butter.

The best shea butter is pure, raw and unrefined and contains precious amounts of Vitamins E and A, offering superior moisture from head to toe. That is why shea butter is an important feature in many stretch mark formulas, because it has unique elements that improve the skin’s elasticity.

One of the finest shea butters around comes from Ghana, and the Eu’Genia company has been written up in the New York Times as offering wonderful and healthy skin care gift items for friends and family. The company tells a fascinating story about a family business with roots in Ghana and a mother mid-wife who taught her daughter all about the valuable benefits of pure, natural shea butter.

Eu’genia Shea offers customer three types of their special shea butters, one for everyday use, another for pregnant ladies and the strongest for dermatological purposes. Each exquisite formula comes packed in colorful little tins, convenient for travel, to share and for application 24/7.

Eu’Genia Shea suggests using their unique shea butters for taming psoriasis, softening scars, healing from surgery, diminishing stretch marks and soothing sensitive skin. Whatever the issue is, shea butter adds moisture without clogging pores and even adds minor sun protection or SPF. Whether you have rough hands or callused heels, shea butter makes it better, from head to toe.

The company even offers customers a convenient subscription option where they can replenish Eu’Genia Shea butters automatically as often as they please.

The Premium Food that Beneful Brings to the Market

Premium food is popping up everywhere. I have seen the way that dog food is designed with much more than just chicken. Duck is becoming an ingredient in the dog food industry. There are also developers that are using lamb. The premium ingredients of today are changing the way that people think about the dog food that is purchased.
Beneful is the type of dog food that gives me hope for dogs because I can see about all the variety that this company is pushing to the front line. I like to see how my dogs react to things like the Tuscan style medleys that are produced by Beneful.

I certainly do think that the Beneful brand is among the best because it has food that fits the needs of certain dogs. There is a food called Playful Life, for example, that is designed to boost the energy levels of dogs. I don’t know of another brand that has this type of food description.

The Healthy Radiance is also a dog food that has become quite valuable as well. I think that this is the type of food that has done wonders for people that want to have healthy pets. The ingredients in the Healthy Radiance are special because these are foods that contain vitamins and ingredients like salmon and rice. My dog seems to love the chewy chunks of food that are available with this brand.

I think that there are a lot of dog owners that are doing their best to research the dog food that is out there. I like the fact that Beneful has so much information that you can research on wikipedia. This is a company that lays out the information in such a way that people have no choice but to acknowledge the benefits of this food. It is a company that stands out above the rest because it has some excellent prepared meals that are affordable. The Baked Delight Treats also very affordable, and I think that this is the thing that makes me buy from Amazon everything from Beneful. I am loyal to the Beneful brand by Nestle Purinastore [].