The Natural Purity and Beauty of Shea Butter Creates Soft Smooth Skin

Most of us have heard about shea butter and its amazing emollient qualities and that it often appears as a key ingredient in various skin care products, cosmetics and body lotions.

However, most of us are not sure what shea butter consists of and where it comes from. If one visits West Africa from Senegal to Sudan and parts of Ethiopia, one will find the shea tree growing wildly there. The shea is actually a fruit tree that bears a thin, delicious pulp that grows around a large nut or oil-rich kernel. It is from that nut, that rich fat is extracted and made into shea butter.

The best shea butter is pure, raw and unrefined and contains precious amounts of Vitamins E and A, offering superior moisture from head to toe. That is why shea butter is an important feature in many stretch mark formulas, because it has unique elements that improve the skin’s elasticity.

One of the finest shea butters around comes from Ghana, and the Eu’Genia company has been written up in the New York Times as offering wonderful and healthy skin care gift items for friends and family. The company tells a fascinating story about a family business with roots in Ghana and a mother mid-wife who taught her daughter all about the valuable benefits of pure, natural shea butter.

Eu’genia Shea offers customer three types of their special shea butters, one for everyday use, another for pregnant ladies and the strongest for dermatological purposes. Each exquisite formula comes packed in colorful little tins, convenient for travel, to share and for application 24/7.

Eu’Genia Shea suggests using their unique shea butters for taming psoriasis, softening scars, healing from surgery, diminishing stretch marks and soothing sensitive skin. Whatever the issue is, shea butter adds moisture without clogging pores and even adds minor sun protection or SPF. Whether you have rough hands or callused heels, shea butter makes it better, from head to toe.

The company even offers customers a convenient subscription option where they can replenish Eu’Genia Shea butters automatically as often as they please.