Investment Expert Jim Hunt and VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a leading finance and business expert who has experienced a very successful career. After attaining a lot of success in investing, Jim has decided that he want to share his knowledge of investing through teaching. When looking to teach others how to invest their money, Hunt has put together a system that makes investing simple. Since investing is a complex activity that also has a number of risks, Jim believes that there is a way to make this activity easier and that results in consistent profits for investors. Therefore Jim has been looking to provide investors with an educational course that provides them with easy steps to follow that leads to investment success.

Part of Jim Hunt’s plan to educate investors is by working with VTA Publications. Together they are looking to give investors a number of courses and educational materials to use which will help them get the most out of their investing activities. The educational materials and courses will not only teach people how to invest in things such as stocks but also give them mentorship so that they can get advice on a regular basis as well. By working with VTA Publications, Jim Hunt will therefore be able to help investors succeed through the use of highly effective courses and systems.

The company known as VTA Publications is an investment education company that provides people with a number of sources to use in order to more easily learn how to invest. This company offers a number of courses as well as seminars that are available to help people get the most out of their investing activities. VTA Publications offers courses such as investing in stocks using charts which help people make the best investment decisions based on analyzing stock charts. This course will help simplify the process and allow investors to more easily determine if a stock is profitable and then purchase it. With the seminars offered by VTA Publications, investors can get valuable feedback which can help them build on their success as well. Therefore VTA Publications is one of the most valuable sources people can use when looking to make their investing experience a successful one. Make sure to check out Jim’s YouTube page as well.

SEC Whistleblower New Windfall Opportunities Hatching Many Canaries

The land of opportunity just got more audaciously sinister as a new brand of snitch, one of professionally and legally sanctioned caliber has emerged. The cronies have hatched the hired guns to blow golden whistles on any and every kind of banking and investment firm that graces Wall Street. Securities Firms are the new feeding grounds that must operate now under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. So many singing birds with yellow feathers are taking flight in and around the walls of these institutions now that one might next expect some online courses with degrees and credentials to award them for the honors.

The chief innovator of the Whistleblower program is Jordan A. Thomas who while serving at the SEC crafted the rules to develop, along with his ideas, proposed legislation, even though he was not an elected official. Thomas also now heads up the Labaton Sucharow legal firm which is exclusively focused on representation and advocacy of SEC whistleblowers. Since the rules were implemented by Jordan Thomas, he would know how to best work to bend them and manipulate them with the help of his legal experts and hired hands retained by the Whistleblower Representation Practice where the staff includes investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts.

It would certainly appear that their best efforts will result in ensnaring the Wall Street Madoff types or the Wolves of Wall Street types or just to run rip sod over the entire establishment to give eternal life to Occupy Wall Street. They would make George Soros proud.

The rules of engagement within the golden SEC snitches program have allotted a healthy commission to the protected subjects. Those who will be singing about what they know of their Wall Street employers will earn rewards of up to 10 to 30 percent of the monetary penalties and sanctions lodged against violators. This is a great way to make a living especially if they can successfully set up and railroad their employers who are now targets of this new regulatory hit squad that has Wall Street investment firms and banks in their cross hairs.

Anyone who has the courage to speak up will be assisted after an evaluation of the potential circumstances surrounding their case. A case evaluation appointment can be requested by contacting the SEC Whistleblower lawyers. This is a new form of slip and fall legal work which will only require those who have a great deal of nerve and interest in personal gain.

How Does The Picture Sharing On Skout Work?

Everyone who opens an account with Skout will open the app and start putting their pictures on their profile. The pictures are what bring people together, and they are the things that make the app really unique. They change the way that people approach each other, and they alter the ways that people can find friends. Someone who is looking for new friends can look around for people that look interesting, and then they can start talking to these people as soon as they find them. It helps when people want to try something completely new.

The Skout app also has set up a platform that is very safe for people. They have banned things like the bathroom selfie, and they make sure that everything looks and feels very innocent. People are free to flirt or date on the app, but they will not have to get too into the dating scene because the app is based more on friends than it is on dating. The final part of the app all has to do with the way that people advertise their business.

The businesses that come on the app will be able to post pictures of what they do on the app, and that will attract people who are looking for these kinds of services. They will be able to use the app to get in touch with these businesses, and it really helps travelers who are trying to find a certain kind of service that they need when they land in a certain country. The simplicity of the app completely changes the way that people approach their shopping or traveling needs. Skout is a really easy app to use that people need to give a try so that they can see the benefits. There is no reason to try any other app.

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Kyle Bass Warns About China

It’s impossible to predict the future, but trends can be identified and crux points supposed. Bass believes that since China has spent the last ten years building a credit bubble, the current time is one where that bubble has come to the end of its elasticity. It’s about to “Atrophy”, in Bass’ own words. He thinks this atrophy can’t take place in longer than about three years, and that there’s a forty to fifty percent likelihood it will happen sometime this year, in 2016. He may be right, he may not be right; but what can’t be argued is that Bass has some experience with credit-bubble collapses.

While he says he bears Bear-Stearns no hard feelings, Bass was instrumental in their dissolution and the eventual downfall of the entire United States economy. It wasn’t his fault, but his actions definitely played a part. He had a working relationship with Bear-Stearns prior the 2008 financial meltdown now-known as the Great Recession. Bass’ working relationship ceased, and soon after he gave a journalist inside trading information pertaining to the top-five investment banks on Wall Street. This prompted the journalist to ask a probing question during a live interview soon after. Though the question’s answer was at the time of the interview being ironed out between the banks in question, when news of the interview hit the air, Bear-Stearns’ stock dropped like an anvil. By the end of the week, J.P. Morgan-Chase had to buy them out, and the beginning of 2008’s Recessive drop had come.

But Kyle Bass became well-known as one of the men who predicted the collapse. Of course he did! He was part of the reason it happened when it did! Would it have happened anyway? Most certainly. But Bass can be compared to someone knocking over that first domino. Is he doing that regarding his predictions about China’s economy now? The effectiveness of the media is exceptional. Bass has used it through his group CAD to undercut big-ticket pharmaceuticals so he can short-sell his holdings with them when the stock drops. He’s that underhanded, and furthermore promotes the socialist president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. With these things in mind, his words about China must be taken with a grain of salt.

Securus Technologies Addresses Ethical Issues

I recent news, I came across disturbing news about a monopolistic tendency for a communications company. This monopoly was brought to the public’s attention by Securus Technologies, a company that is currently one of the leading companies in communication in North America. The concern of Securus Technologies regards their investigation of one company in particular called Global Tel Link which has been known to over charge services. Securus Technologies is one of the most innovative companies in North America that provides solutions for civil as well as for criminal justice. This innovative technology offers excellent solutions for public safety, investigation and monitoring, as well as for correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is responsible for giving inmates around North America the opportunity to communicate to loved ones outside of the facility. It has been estimated that Securus Technologies helps over 1.2 million inmates across North America. With this disturbing news addressed, Securus Technologies has even presented the public with examples.

When digging in for more research to back up this statement of over charging, Securus Technologies found that Global Tel Link has rigged each call center to add 15 to 30 seconds extra to each and every call that is made within the correctional facility. Family members of the inmates have even commented on the high prices that have been set for just a 15 minute phone call. One wife of an inmate commented that she must pay $60 per week for a phone call that lasts one hour. Securus Technologies has addressed this issue and has stated that this is against any ethical code. As a Dallas-based company, Securus Technologies continues to be sought after for the innovative technology as well as for the trustworthy solutions and services that are provided by this innovative and committed company located in areas in North America.

IAP Worldwide Draws Upon a Legacy of Innovation

Today, most people know of IAP Worldwide as a dynamic company involved in several emerging fields: energy solutions, engineering and aviation technologies, telecommunications, disaster relief and support for government and nongovernmental agencies. The international firm appears poised on the cutting-edge of some of the most important economic sectors. Yet IAP Worldwide also possesses a fascinating history.

From Procurement to Logistics

Although many of the companies which have contributed to IAP Worldwide’s ongoing development originated several decades earlier, IAP itself began conducting operations in 1990. Its founders launched the firm in tiny Irmo, South Carolina, a lovely enclave located on the outskirts of Columbia.

From this site, IAP Worldwide secured a contract to provide materials necessary for the operation of generators used by American troops in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. The South Carolina company soon began playing an important logistical support role for troops during Operation Desert Storm.

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Expansion Internationally

IAP during the next two decades became deeply involved in supporting both governmental agencies and non-governmental agencies. Its role expanded from procurement and logistics functions to transportation, power generation and the provision of emergency support during disasters.

IAP became IAP Worldwide after purchasing JCWS, the company that owned Readiness Management Support, a gigantic logistics support enterprise. In 2006, IAP diversified still further by acquiring a large British engineering firm with global operations called “G3 Systems Ltd.” IAP Worldwide now represents a genuinely far-flung international concern. It furnishes essential services in many regions of the world.

A Legacy of Innovation

Today, IAP Worldwide defines its mission as embracing the mission of its customers. The firm’s website notes that it strives to offer commitment, focus, agility and values along with capabilities that include unique expertise and a dynamic approach rooted in an understanding of systems.

IAP Worldwide reorganized following a change of ownership in 2014. The company underwent changes that included the appointment of a completely new Board of Directors, recapitalization and re-structuring. With active operations in more than 20 nations, the firm has become genuinely international in outlook. Yet it still draws upon a distinctly innovative legacy, one rooted heavily in the U.S. space program and the resulting technologies that massive undertaking fostered.

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