SEC Whistleblower New Windfall Opportunities Hatching Many Canaries

The land of opportunity just got more audaciously sinister as a new brand of snitch, one of professionally and legally sanctioned caliber has emerged. The cronies have hatched the hired guns to blow golden whistles on any and every kind of banking and investment firm that graces Wall Street. Securities Firms are the new feeding grounds that must operate now under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. So many singing birds with yellow feathers are taking flight in and around the walls of these institutions now that one might next expect some online courses with degrees and credentials to award them for the honors.

The chief innovator of the Whistleblower program is Jordan A. Thomas who while serving at the SEC crafted the rules to develop, along with his ideas, proposed legislation, even though he was not an elected official. Thomas also now heads up the Labaton Sucharow legal firm which is exclusively focused on representation and advocacy of SEC whistleblowers. Since the rules were implemented by Jordan Thomas, he would know how to best work to bend them and manipulate them with the help of his legal experts and hired hands retained by the Whistleblower Representation Practice where the staff includes investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts.

It would certainly appear that their best efforts will result in ensnaring the Wall Street Madoff types or the Wolves of Wall Street types or just to run rip sod over the entire establishment to give eternal life to Occupy Wall Street. They would make George Soros proud.

The rules of engagement within the golden SEC snitches program have allotted a healthy commission to the protected subjects. Those who will be singing about what they know of their Wall Street employers will earn rewards of up to 10 to 30 percent of the monetary penalties and sanctions lodged against violators. This is a great way to make a living especially if they can successfully set up and railroad their employers who are now targets of this new regulatory hit squad that has Wall Street investment firms and banks in their cross hairs.

Anyone who has the courage to speak up will be assisted after an evaluation of the potential circumstances surrounding their case. A case evaluation appointment can be requested by contacting the SEC Whistleblower lawyers. This is a new form of slip and fall legal work which will only require those who have a great deal of nerve and interest in personal gain.