The Early Days of EOS

EOS lip balm is a brand that rose to fame rather quickly. Although a lot of information was not released about the product at first, it somehow increased the mystique behind the brand. Intrigued shoppers were first able to pick up the colorful orbs at Walgreens (the first company choosing to carry the products) to see what was inside of them.

Consumers liked the way the pods felt in their hands, the easy application of the mouth shaped spherical balm, and the way it clicked closed when finished applying. This ergonomic design was created based on the requests of women, who the founders were sure to ask about what they wanted in a lip balm design (see, before the go ahead with package design.

The organic and all natural formulation inside the balms was a direct response to the lack of such a product on the market. The founders felt this niche was being uncreative and decided to take advantage of it. The new flavors and colors that are continuously being released keeps interest in the brand and keeps consumers excited about what new product to try next. The company has also released body lotions and shaving creams responding to interest in the brand. Broadening the company’s selections is on the horizon as demand for EOS products continues to grow.

The way the brand chose to market their balms was slow at first and then gained traction as time moved on. Early efforts were focused more on product development rather than hype. Instead the founders invested their money in their own machines to make EOS balms. Later on, as the company gained real live popularity celebrities and music stars started endorsing the product in music videos taking advantage of high tech and real time marketing rather than in print and online. The products are now being sold by online retailers Racked and Ulta.

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The Credible Technology Solutions that are offered by IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that has gained an excellent reputation due to the wide variety of technical solutions that it offers. Its primary services are supply chain control, logistics, emergency responses, network and communication, aviation management, and expeditionary solutions. The products and services of the firm have been designed to help customers in addressing unpredictable and unavoidable situations such as natural calamities. It has grown globally into more than 25 countries, and it has currently employed about 2000 highly skilled individuals. IAP Worldwide has conducted various successful projects. IAP Worldwide recently won a contract to help in the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System, and the value of the deal was $53 million. The enterprise was also hired to provide its emergency power services to Hurricane Mathew. The United States Navy selected it to be part of its contracted that was worth $900 million.

The specialists that the firm employs are skilled and experienced hence they can organize, control, and execute technical undertakings that are highly complicated. IAP Worldwide owns substantial resources, and they include backup power generators, expeditionary amenities, IT and communication infrastructure, aviation engineering facilities, and military projects. The enterprise is regarded by its clients as a dependable supplier of human resources and highly reliable technology.

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The company has a mission of utilizing its exceptional technology, ingenuity, and skills to provide high-quality solutions to its clients. It devotes itself to solving all the problems that the clients face by working towards their visions. IAP Worldwide operates by four core competencies, and they are determination, agility, capability, and commitment. It has always acknowledged the strength of partnerships and has been dedicated to forming affiliations with any organization that can increase its value.

IAP Worldwide understands the importance of giving back to the community, and therefore, it has a robust social responsibility program. The community development ventures that it has participated in include supporting veterans by providing job opportunities to people who have retired from the military. Approximately a third of the organization’s staff are ex-military people. The company is devoted to environmental conservation, and it has been advocating for economic consumption of energy by constructing LEED certified buildings. IAP has shown its support to the community, and it recently joined efforts with the United Way of Brevard to offer 4,500 canned commodities and also raised $45,000 during an annual campaign.

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An Investment You Can Fit Into The Palm Of Your Hands


When most of us think of investments we tend to think of shares in Fortune 500 companies or buying a home and raising its value. As lucrative as these investments are, they rely on volatile financial markets to give investors a return on their investments. This creates a situation where investors are left highly vulnerable to dangers such as stock market bubbles and the erratic daily flow of indexes. To protect themselves from these risks, investors need something to invest in outside of the real of paper or electronics. Precious metal distributors understand how to invest in gold to give you a return you can trust in. The U.S Money Reserves, a private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and platinum, gives its customers the comfort to sleep easy at night amidst the financial crises the world has recently experienced.


The benefits of investing in physical gold in today’s current economic conditions are overwhelming. Over the past few decades the value of gold has risen to unprecedented levels and shows no sign of stopping. Unlike more abstract investments, gold actually increases in value when hard times come around. The trust investors place in gold naturally increases its value in uncertain times, which means you are virtually guaranteed to see great returns.


As a stable and sound investment gold is perfect for those looking to protect their retirement funds from a potentially disastrous market crash or government default. Buying gold and keeping in your own personal safe provides financial security for your future you simply won’t get out of real estate or stock. You won’t find yourself dealing with a nasty surprise at just the moment when you decide it’s your time to rest.


U.S Money Reserve separates itself from other precious metal distributors by giving its clients the expertise of Philip Diehl, former head of the U.S Mint. Diehl experience has given him a strong understanding of the gold market and the direction it’s heading at any particular moment. His trusted name gives U.S Money Reserve an analytic approach its more sensationalist competitors can’t keep up with.


With recent events like the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, the European debt crisis, and Brexit investment in gold is almost certain to increase. There simply isn’t anything out there that has stood the test of time quite like precious metals. If you want to keep your financial future secure the U.S Money Reserve’s investment options are made for you.

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Online Reputation Management Strategies to Boost Performance of Your Business

Marketing your business online has its share of challenges but once the market responds, this is the best platform for creating awareness. There are many openings online that one can tap into and if the strategy applied is perfect, there will be little interruptions in the running of a business. However, not every person who runs an online-based business understands the strategies that can work to protect and built their reputation.

Getting the right information is the first step to managing the reputation of a business online. You should apply tips that will guarantee returns and keep your business moving. Managing reputation is a process that takes effort and sacrifice, so you need to invest both your time and energy toward the process. Below are some of the things that can help to strengthen the reputation of your business.

Search engine optimization

Appearing on the first page of search engines means many people are interested in the products you offer and that the content you update is optimized well to rank for certain keywords. If you are not good at SEO, there are many reputable companies that can help your business to rank well by optimizing your website and content for SEO.

Create presence on social media

Many businesses that have tried social media understand the power the platform holds. There is a lot that one can get from social media if a good strategy is applied. First, social media offers a wide pool of customers and potential customers and the good part is that people regularly log on to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, with over 1 billion users, you can take advantage of these numbers to clean the reputation of your business. Social sites offer you a way to connect with many people and share vital information about your business.

Regularly update your site

You don’t want users to complain about speed or security when they come to your website. Update to match the most recent properties of websites so you can offer users the best experience and value for their money while browsing for products.