Alexandre Gama, From Copywriter to Advertising CEO

Alexandre Gama, business man and advertiser has a posting on Wikipedia. The first part of his Wikipedia page talks about his biography. Mr.Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 1, 1958. He’s the founder and CEO of Neogama that is one of the top 20 advertising companies in Brazil.

The second section is called Professional Trajectory. This section says that Alexandre Gama graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. It goes on to talk about his career, which begins with agency Standart Ogilvy when Gama started work as an advertising copywriter and gradually ended up becoming founder and CEO of Neogama where he works today.

The third section is all about Alexandre Gama’s work with Neogama since its founding in 1999. It was originally known as Gama before it joined forces with BBH, a London branch of Gama in 2002 and became Neogama.

The fourth section is about the rewards Alexandre Gama has won in the field of advertising. In 2006, Alexandre Gama won the Caboré Award of Entrepreneur / Manager of the Communication Industry of the year. Just a couple of years ago, Neogama received a Golden Lion at the Cannes International Film Festival for the campaign created for the Brazil Mix Culture and Diversity Festival.


Anthony Petrello’s Leadership

The Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has made a major name for himself in the business world. He has worked in this position for more than twenty years. He has served in multiple positions over his career including President and Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman and President and Chief Executive Officer. His work in these positions demonstrate that he has a unique ability to serve in multiple positions and can lead a company to great success.

Anthony Petrello is a graduate Harvard Law School and B.S. where he earned his Bachelors of Science Degree. He also holds a M.S. degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Yale University. Before joining the Nabors team, Petrello was with the law firm Baker & McKenzie. It was at this place that he practice different forms of law and gained valuable experience. Petrello worked in international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. During this placement Petrello served as the Managing Partner of the firm’s New York office from for more than five years. He has also been in a leadership position as a director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and of Hilcorp Energy Company.

Petrello’s current company has had incredible success. Nabors, founded in the late 1960’s, is a a major S&P 500 oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor. They currently do business in the Americas, the Middle East and even Africa. In the early 90’s, under Petrello’s leadership, the company made millions of dollars each year. During his first two years they made sixty million dollars. They would go on to make well more than one hundred million dollars during his time as CEO of Nabors.

Petrello believes firmly in giving back to others. He has become a member and director of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. This incredible group is an advocate for research and clinical programs to address the needs of children with neurological disorders.

Anthony Petrello has had an incredible impact on the business world. He has shown that he can lead and guide a company to great levels of success. He is willing to give back to others and share his ideas and wealth. With such determination, he is sure to be around for years to come.

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Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

One of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland is Mike Baur. He is currently the founder of a unique company known as Swiss Start up Factory. With this company, Baur is able to help a number of start up businesses launch and begin providing valuable products and services to consumers. Prior to starting up his company, Mike was involved in other start up businesses. He routinely invested a considerable amount of his funds in new companies in order to capitalize on this lucrative endeavor. By investing in start up companies, Mike was able to get a first hand evaluation on just how lucrative start up businesses can be. During the early stages of his career, Mike worked in the banking industry. While he was involved in the banking industry, he would often work with businesses that were looking to get the financial resources necessary to start up or expand their businesses.


Baur’s company known as Swiss Start up Factory is one of the more unique businesses around. The company specializes in helping a number of entrepreneurs come up with the funding and guidance necessary to make their companies a success. Swiss Start up Factory holds an event where a number of entrepreneurs pitch their idea to Mike. He then evaluates each business idea and then chooses the ones that he believes have the most potential. Once he chooses a business, Baur will then look to provide the entrepreneurs with the assistance they need in order to start up their business. With both funding and mentoring, a number of entrepreneurs have been able to reach their full potential.


Before Mike started up his own company Swiss Start up Factory, he spent a number of years investing in a number of start up companies. During this time, Mike would invest his own funds in order to get good returns from these new emerging companies. This whole endeavor was a success for Mike as he would make considerable profits over the course of his participation in this venture. Along with making high profits and good returns by investing in start up companies, Mike would also use this experience to help come up with his idea for his own business in the near future.


By investing in start up businesses and starting up his own company, Mike Baur has been able to experience a considerable amount of business success over the years. His new company has been able to provide a number of entrepreneurs the opportunities they need in order to make a positive impact on the Swiss economy. As well as making a positive impact on the economy with his business, Mike Baur has also been able to establish himself as one of the most prominent business figures in Switzerland as well.

Betsy DeVos: Education Reformer, Political Leader.

In November of 2016, President Trump had stated that he would be nominating Elizabeth Betsy DeVos as his education secretary. Betsy has always strived to help the community through educational reforms. Since entering politics in the 1970s, Betsy has been actively involved with the Republican Party. Because of her support, the Republican party has managed to fund numerous organizations and projects for the betterment and development of society.

Betsy and her husband Dick Devos founded the DeVos family foundation. Through this organization, she has helped various members of society by helping develop the education and cultural sectors, especially within Michigan, where she hails from.The DeVos family foundation’s main aim has been to reform the American school system and provides children access to a superior quality of education. The organization regularly hands out scholarships to deserving students who come from underprivileged backgrounds so that they can have access to a higher level of education and enroll in private schools.

In addition to providing scholarships to kids, the foundation also aids students pursuing an MBA from Northwood University, which is also Betsy’s husband’s alma mater. Through her many endeavors, Betsy aims to help the education system in America and show the country that she does care about the future of numerous American children.

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Betsy was at the forefront of the ‘school voucher movement.’ The campaign was started to put pressure on the government to use public funds for the development of private schools so that kids all over America would get access to quality education. Also, Betsy stood up for the establishment of a uniform grading system of schools in America. According to this plan, she wanted schools to be evaluated and awarded a grade based on their performance. She believed that this move would give parents a better understanding of the schools they are putting their children in.

Besides education, Betsy is also a staunch supporter of the arts and does her bit to help the community develop places where kids can learn and develop their artistic sides. Her foundation regularly supports programs for art and culture. In 2004, under the presidency of George Bush, Betsy was appointed to the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

DeVos has been a part of the Republican Party’s committees since an extremely long time and regularly funds the various programs of the party. In 1992, Betsy served as a committee member of the party and later, became the chairwoman in 1996.

DeVos has made it extremely clear that she is a devoted Christian and believes in upholding conservative Christian values. She believes that through her continuous efforts to help society and change the education system, she contributes to advance God’s kingdom and make the community around her a better place. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

How Evolution of Smooth has Taken Over The Game

When it comes to oral care products, lip balms are some of the best in current times. These products are small in size and gets the job done by healing sore, tired, and dry lips. Lip Balms are great for dramatically healing cold sores as well. Have you ever heard of “Evolution of Smooth?” This brand has taken the industry by storm and is having one of the best runs of any brand on the market today. Evolution of Smooth is selling over $1 Million units on a weekly basis making it the best selling lip balm of today. No longer are Burt’s Bees and Chapstick sitting on the thrown, EOS lip balm is basically revolutionizing the game thanks to it’s beneficial ingredients, wide array of flavors, and mass appeal.

Why is EOS outperforming the competition?

Evolution of Smooth has many things going for it more so than it’s competitors. These products stand out because they’re gluten-free, paraben-free, full of antioxidants, loaded with vitamins, and have many different flavors to choose from. No other brand gives you this much in-terms of benefits. Though Chapstick and others are fairly good products, they are full of chemical additives, which dry out the lips over time. Evolution of Smooth can be bought from a wide range of retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ulta and many more.

The brand’s outlook is looking very good also and it’s expected to reach $2 Billion by the year 2020. No other lip balm is making or has made such a huge impact over a 7 year span. All in all, for the very best in organic lip balm products, Evolution of Smooth is the best on the market and it’s list of customers is a testament to it’s success.…/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick


The Lung Institute Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Disease

The Lung Institute, with clinics located in different locations across the United States, was established to enhance and improve the overall quality of life of people suffering from different types of lung disease. The Lung Institute uses a stem cell treatment process to aid people diagnosed with lung conditions that include interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis. When a person suffers from one or another of these conditions, they face significant physical and even psychological and emotional impacts.

These pulmonary conditions impact a person’s ability to undertake the basic tasks associated with daily living, in many cases. For example, a person with one of these diseases may be unable to bath, cook, groom, shop, or even walk.

The stem cell treatment process utilized at the Lung Institute differs from traditional medical treatment methods for different lung diseases. First of all, the stem cell treatment process used at the Lung Institute is minimally invasive.

In addition, the Lung Institute stem cell treatment regimen differs from more traditional approaches because it has minimal negative side effects. The same cannot be said of more traditional pulmonary disease treatment protocols. This particularly is the case when it comes to the use of medications and steroids to address the symptoms of a pulmonary condition.

The treatment program offered by the Lung Institute also garners high marks because it does more than just address symptoms. Traditional treatment programs generally address symptoms of lung disease, and not much else.

According to, the stem cell treatment offered by the Lung Institute has been demonstrated effective in some cases at slowing the progress of these various lung diseases. The treatment accomplishes this by using stem cells to harness and utilized a person’s own natural healing abilities.

A person interested in obtaining treatment from the Lung Institute can access any one of the clinics located across the country. People tend to have greater success when in a treatment program when he or she is able to obtain medical care closer to his or her home. To read more, go to

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Maintain your hair with Wen cleansing conditioner

Maintaining healthy hair may seem rather hard and confusing. However, learning the basics and abiding by them is the first step to ensuring beautiful dazzling hair. First, it is important to understand that healthy eating habits have everything to do with having beautiful hair. Proteins make up the hair and therefore, one should ensure a balanced diet for great hair.

Good grooming is the second most important thing in ensuring protection of hair and scalp. Make sure you wash your hair at most three times a week. Washing your hair every single day rips off the hair of natural oils and moisture leaving your hair weak. Also, you don’t have to thoroughly wash your hair. With the right conditioners and shampoo wash your hair sparingly. Otherwise, the hair and especially the coloured ones, quickly lose their sheen.

More importantly, it is not advisable to shampoo the hair every day. Shampoos contain ingredients that can be harsh to the hair when used every day. Shampoo with silicone or Sodium laurel and laureth sulfate should be completely avoided as the6t result in dryness of the hair.

For years, hair products have been confusing to the users. However, WEN Cleansing Conditioners gives you a great solution. The product has five products in one. With one use, the hair is shampooed, conditioned, detangled and treated using the leave-in conditioner. This not only saves the individual time but also is quite economical. With the increase in prices for hair products, Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean,, guarantees you of value for money.

More importantly, Wen Cleansing Conditioner contains ingredients that are useful to the hair.

Rosemary: is used to sooth the hair

Glycerine: acts as a moisturizer

Chamomile: is used to sooth and give a calming effect to the hair

Panthenol: strengths the hair and helps maintain its hardness

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