The Life And Career Of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has had a varied career including financial investing, technology, real estate, the world of fashion, and even managing a macadamia nut farm when he was younger. He now invests in New York City and Miami luxury residential real estate as well as startup biotechnology firms. He founded Madison Partners, LLC in 2011 and, as the Managing Director, manages his investments through this company. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

As a real estate investor, Arthur Becker buys townhouses, renovates them, and then either resells them or leases them for a profit. He has also engaged in building new homes from the ground up. He has over $500 million invested in properties in the most sought-out areas of New York including Soho and Tribeca. His biotechnology investments are partly done because he can make substantial amounts of money from these companies but also because he wants to help people as these companies are creating the next generation of drugs. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

In his private life, Arthur Becker was married to Vera Wang for 23 years. Vera Wang is, of course, the fashion designer who has built a global empire. They have two daughters together. Arthur and Vera split in 2012 and even after that event he continued for a few years serving as a senior consultant for her fashion company.

During his time as an executive in the technology industry, Arthur Becker was a leader at two companies, He was the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite as well as on the board of directors. This company, which has since been bought out, provided web hosting services to companies around the world. He was also the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC. Zinio is the international digital magazine website which includes apps for smartphones as well that enables access to magazines.

Arthur Becker has always been interested in creating art. He received a degree in art from Bennington College. He continues to create pieces of art, some of which have been put on exhibit in both New York City and in Florida. He also shares some of his art in his New York City offices.

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