Karl Heideck’s Qualified Overview Of Pennsylvania’s Car Seat Law

Pennsylvania has enacted additional laws that drivers will have to adhere by. Karl Heideck, a law expert, explains the implications of the new children car-seat requirements that have been put in place. The basic provisions include:

• Rear-facing car seats for children under the age of two
• Forward-facing car seats for children between 2 and 5 years
• Booster seats for those over the age of five

Karl Heideck cites a lot of research that had extensive evidence proving how children car seats save lives and prevent injuries. The numbers include a 28% risk of death reduction, as well as an 82% reduction in bodily injuries that a child will undergo during a collision. What Heideck further suggests is that those failing to purchase an approved car seat will be subject to fines in best case scenarios. In the worst case situations, parents might be risking their kids’ lives with this negligence.

The specific requirements of this new law order one to be over 12 years old, more than 80lbs, or taller than 4 feet 9 inches before riding without a seat. If none of these are met, the person should be using a car seat during all their rides. Starting in August of 2017, drivers in Pennsylvania have actually been charged with fines and have paid court expenses when they broke the law. Giving out warnings for this matter is a thing of the past.

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