How Securus Technologies is Transforming the World into a Better Place through its Products and Services in the Incarceration Environment

Securus Technologies has always been on a mission to provide innovative solutions that transform the corrections market and foster safety improvements. Based on this mission, the company also accepts feedback from correctional facilities that benefit from its technological solutions. With its focus on law enforcement and correctional facilities, Securus Technologies continually develops new solutions. The firm’s executive officer, Richard Smith, attributes the company’s growth to the strategies that are implemented once customer feedback is received. Thousands of mails in digital and analog form are frequently sent by clients to Securus Technologies as feedback on how the company’s solutions are beneficial to them.


Samples of Clients’ Comments


Clients have written to Securus about the effectiveness of its LBS services. One client specifically mentioned that the LBS technology works well on Securus’ Investigator Pro. Other clients wrote about how the firm’s call monitoring tools help in combating malicious activities that occur in correctional facilities. A law enforcement officer working with the sheriff department wrote about how the LBS technology was instrumental in recovering drugs and illegally-obtained assets.


The good news for Securus’ facility customers is that they are all invited to visit the firm’s Dallas based Technology Center. Customers and investors can now get the opportunity to watch a presentation on the steps taken by Securus to mitigate and put an end to crimes. The presentation will also give them insights on how they can best use the firm’s solutions.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies focuses on how the law enforcement, public safety, and prison systems can make the world a crime-free place. Along these lines, the company develops effective information management, emergency response, biometric analysis and public information solutions. It also serves over 3,000 facilities in the incarceration environment with monitoring, incident management and investigation products and services. As of 2017, Securus’ inmate solutions such as inmate self-service benefit over 1.2 million people locked up in jails and prisons across North America.


End Citizens United Seeks To End Foreign Finance Influence On U.S. Elections

Tech News Spy recently published an article by Heidi Harris called “End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules”. The article discusses the recent expose of the Russian company that has ties to Kremlin spent more than six-figures in digital ads on social media platforms to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The article on reveals that despite not allowing the spending of foreign money in political campaigns, the election laws are not tight enough to prevent them from interfering in the election.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently attempting to discover if Trump’s team has cooperated with the Russians to solidify his campaign. However, because the laws created by right-wing lobbyists and politicians allow unlimited funding from corporations, the electoral system is constantly rigged in their favor.

The recent breach reveals how weak the American elections are and how unprepared the American legal system is to deal with such an issue. Large corporations or even extremely wealthy individuals have the ability to connect with and influence the politicians they feel can influence policy to benefit them.


Through loopholes in the law, the American populace is unlikely to discover just how much the Russians spent on America’s electoral campaigns. The law not only allowed the Russians to have an influence, but other foreign entities also took advantage of the legal loophole. It has been revealed that a company owned by Chinese nationalists donated a sizeable amount of nearly $1.3 million to a super PAC. Similarly, a Mexican entrepreneur also donated a sizeable amount to a different super PAC, hiding the amount donated through a shell organization.

However, this may be just the tip of the iceberg. The Federal Electoral Committee is currently investigating more than 15 cases of foreign entities illegally spending money on American campaigns.

Despite knowing about these violation, Congress seems unwilling to end the loopholes that are causing the issue despite having a variety of acts, proposals and bills that would end it. One such act is the DISCLOSE act which would require transparency of spending from public and private entities. However, the Republicans have filibustered the act for a number of years. The People Reform Package, which contains the Get Money Out of U.S. Elections Act would also close the legal loopholes that are currently allowing foreign governments and individuals to influence the politics.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to ending Big Money influencers on political campaigns. Their mission is to prevent individuals and public entities from donating without accountability.

By helping pro-finance reform politicians, they seek to improve the corrupted political system. End Citizens United also seeks to educate the public on money issues in politics.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Expounds of the Use of Rapamycin

Rapamycin is a medical drug used to prevent organ rejection after a transplant. It is commonly known as Rapamune. It is also used in the treatment of cancer and a rare lung disease. It was first used as an anti-fungal agent. However, further research showed that the drug had immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. Mikhail Blagosklonny is known for his role in Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has conducted a wide range of research into cancer therapies. Recently, he came with a theory that Rapamycin can be used to prolong the lifespan of a human being. Rapamycin has been found to possess a lot of healing properties. It has, therefore, been termed as one of the best medicine in the medical industry.

Rapamycin has immunosuppressive features that enable it to find use in organ transplant. It is a principle reaction of the human body to reject a new organ. As a result, Rapamycin is used as an anti-rejection drug. Most of the medications used as calcineurin inhibitors are toxic to the kidneys. However, Rapamycin has low levels of toxicity making it the best medicine. The drug is used to treat LAM, a disease affecting women of the childbearing age. It is also used as a coronary stent coating. What the drug does is to prevent the occurrence of restenosis after balloon angioplasty. Using Rapamycin eliminates the need to repeat the procedure.

Another crucial role of Rapamycin is its use in the treatment of cancer. It enhances the immune system against cancerous cells. Additionally, it promotes tumor regression. The drug is also used in the treatment of TSC. Discontinuation of the drug showed an additional tumor growth. It has also found use in the treatment of Alzheimer disease and muscular dystrophy. There is also an ongoing research that seeks to identify its role in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Mikhail is also known for his philanthropic activities. In a statement, he says that much of his work goes towards ensuring that people get the best possible treatment despite their economic state. Blagosklonny focuses on the aging process and its relation to cancer. He uses his knowledge to mentor students in oncology. As a professor, he desires to teach and mentor students who will take over in the oncology field.

Most of his research areas and topics have received special attention from experts in the medical field. His core goal is to come up with a drug or a method of curing cancer while eliminating the excruciating pain that patients go through. He hopes to develop mechanisms through which cancerous cells can be removed without harming the healthy cells. Additionally, his research focuses on developing a cure that’ll be accessible to all patients despite their financial power.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has made tremendous progress in the oncology field. Additionally, he hopes that there will be people bold enough to continue with his work. It is also his belief that cancer treatment will no longer be a luxury for the rich. Instead, breakthroughs will have made the procedure cost-effective.

Oncotarget – Maximum Impact Oncology Journal

Open Access Oncology Journal

OncoTarget is an open access Oncology journal which has a very broad scope. In the years 2016-2017, the journal had an impact factor of 5168 according to Reuters JCR. The journal focuses specifically on cancer research and topics related to oncology. Tumor development is a complex topic, meaning that there is plenty of research that comes out of this journal related to the process.

Sections Of The Journal

The journal has a section on aging research called GeroTarget, which is designed to publish research in that field. This comes in addition to a pathology section which offers a higher impact factor than many of the other sections of the journal. The immunology and microbiology section covers the immune responses to cancerous cells. This section of the journal is also known for rapid publication of papers within just a few days of submission. The Autophagy and Cell Death section publishes papers related to cellular signaling and cell-death research. The chromosome section of the paper is for researchers whom are interested in concepts of cell division/heredity as it relates to the development of cancers.

Online Submission System For Submitting Papers

The OncoTarget journal features a submission page which allows authors to submit papers. This system allows individual researchers to set up an online account to begin the process of submitting an article. Once a prospective author creates an account, the author is then able to follow through with the instructions to be able to submit a manuscript.

High Standard Of Publication Ethics ON the Part Of the Journal

Generally speaking, the journal follows the Committee For Publication Ethics’ ethical guidelines. This ensures the appropriate level of cooperation between the journal and the research institutions which the journal has formed a partnership with. The publication asks that authors provide an accurate description of the results that they are able to obtain, along with a description of how they were able to obtain those results. This should be a highly accurate description that ensures the work is able to be replicated in a laboratory setting. Raw data is also helpful in cases where editorial review of the work in question might be required. Work should also be original, and should not be submitted to multiple journals. Conflicts of interest should also be disclosed at the time of submission.

Relatively Open Licensing Format

The journal’s articles and content are licensed out with the Creative Commons license. This means that no permission is required for anyone to re-use the content of the journal. This licensing scheme does still provide authors with the ability to retain the copyright for their works. Attribution is provided via a citation to the original article published in OncoTarget. The names listed in the citation depend on the policies of the institution of the researcher citing an article. The aim of the journal is to make research that is published within it accessible, and this format contributes greatly in that manner.

Beneful Allows Pet Owners to Learn Through Their Commercials

Those who are interested in Beneful products have much to learn through the commercials that the brand puts out. There is a commercial that Beneful has created that features pets in costumes. This is a video that many will enjoy seeing and it is something that is both fun and informative. There is another commercial that Beneful has put out that features a woman and her dog talking about the Grain Free line that Beneful has created. Both the woman and the dog share what it is that they like about the products. Those who are interested in the Beneful brand will find that the commercials created by that brand can help them decide on which products they should try out. Click here to watch video.