The Brown Agency Fulfills Dreams Of Many Models With Aspirin Dreams In Modeling

The commercial talent and modeling agency, The Brown Agency first came to the area of Austin in the spring of 2010. This is just one of the Brown Family agencies there are. They quickly become established in the area and they quickly worked to become a part of the big market, something that the Austin area had never been privy to before.

The models who have worked for the Brown Agency have went on to work for a number of well known brands such as Dell, Louis Vuitton, Loreal and Toyota. The models who have been featured in runways shows during Austin’s fashion week, Dallas fashion week and even the New York Fashion week have come from this agency.

The President of the Brown Agency, Justin Brown can be heard as saying that they are only as good as the talent they have. They work to make sure that they offer the best support which preps their models for the work they are hired to with larger level marketing brands. The models who come from the agency are elegant, professional and even more importantly, dependable.

When the Brown Agency purchased the Heyman Talent-South agency, they combined forces to create the area’s biggest talent agency that was considered to be a full service agency. There are a select few in the whole state of Texas.

With Justin Brown leading the way, Austin welcomed the re-launch in 2010 that would become the largest and most respected talent agencies in Texas. With the combining of the two companies, the clients who rely on Heyman-Talent-South can now have access to a wider selection of models with the experience they need to become something greater.

The main headquarters are in Austin while they offer other services and models through the other offices in Los Angeles and Dallas. Justin Brown, the head CEO as well as president of the Brown Agency will use his previous experience with the Wilhelmina Austin company to help build the Brown Agency up.

The type of model or talent that you will need will vary by the project that you are working on. There is no job too big or too small for the talent agency to be a part of. Although much of the information surrounding the acquisition of Hayman, were kept under wraps, the one thing that they can be sure of is, the people who work here are surely full of talent. You can visit their Instagram page

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