Sussex Healthcare: Brief Recap Article On Services And Members

This will give information about healthcare company “Sussex Healthcare”. The article being recapped is called “Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of care” by Joel Wood. The company’s facility had first came to be in 1985. Currently, over twenty facilities are in operation under the umbrella of the company. For example, there are full-care residential “houses” there is also a state-of-the-art facility made up of a gym and a daycare.

This company has served for more than two decades in giving care to elderly and other adults who require care that is specialized. Facilities of this company are operated in England’s southern coast. This company has two chairmen Shiraz Boghani with Shafik Sachedina. Both these men have brought to this company their different backgrounds and skills. Boghani has brought the experience he had in overseeing hotels. He actually began in the career of being of an accountant. He spent thirty years being active in the industry of hospitality. Also, in the last twenty he was at Sussex Healthcare. He also is active in the Ismail community. Sachedina has experience in being a dental surgeon. He graduated from “Guy’s Hospital Dental School” in 1975 at the University of London. Both of these men’s skills have been mixed together in the decades forming an adult care network. This is one that would win awards and at the same time is energetic.


Now some information on the many care types you can find at Sussex Healthcare. One deals with “specialist adult care”. This includes adults of every age with issues of development that are both physical and learning. Care is given to them in a lot of Sussex Healthcare facilities. Many features that can be found are spa pools and specialist care, track hoisting, multisensory rooms. “Care for Older People” is something else that is provided. Meals, accommodation, and individualized and social healthcare are given to residents in quarters that are relaxed and open. There’s providers of Onsite care which meet medical needs and other example of therapeutic programs. There’s a regular part of the operations of every home. Here’s an example of a care this company provides. One is palliative Care, which is for those who are ill terminally or chronically. To close it is important to note that there are seven residential facilities for older people. There are also thirteen care facilities for adults who have special needs.

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