Lawyer Bruno Fagali Writes About A Beer Label Ruling

Bruno Fagali also enjoys sharing his knowledge about laws with other people. A recent article Bruno Fagali wrote was about how consumers have a right to know what they are consuming when eating or drinking any product, including beer. In Brazil brewers have always been able to list “unmalted cereal” on their beer labels. They didn’t have to reveal whether this came from soy, oats, corn, rice, or sorghum. However, the public prosecutor’s office in July 2016 decided this wasn’t right that they could hide this information so he filed a public civil action against the four main brewers in Brazil.

Brewers use different unmalted cereals for a number of reasons, Bruno Fagali relates. One might be more inexpensive for a time, or more available among other reasons. If the four brewers had come to an arrangement between them to reveal the exact unmalted cereals on their own the public prosecutor had indicated that was his preferred outcome. However, they all differed in how they wanted to address the issue and so no agreement was ever made between them.

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Because of this fact, Bruno Fagali says that the judge made a decision for the brewers. On October 10, 2016, the judge handed down what Bruno Fagali says was a very good argument. He said that consumers have every right to know what exact unmalted cereal it is they are drinking and so this information now has to be displayed in the ingredients list on beer bottles. He says the ruling was 38 pages long and laid out exactly how and when brewers need to be in compliance with his ruling.

Sao Paulo lawyer Bruno Fagali has a number of areas of expertise. He is skilled at compliance, anti-corruption, parliamentary law, public law, elections law, regulatory law, and more. See graduated in University of Sao Paolo.

He owns his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. He works for Nova/sb, a marketing agency. At this marketing agency he is their corporate integrity manager who makes sure everyone is in compliance with federal anticorruption law. His job also entails reviewing contracts so that he can make sure everything in them is above board.

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