The Joy Of Working With Seniors At Sussex Healthcare

There is just something special about working with the senior population. These brave individuals have already gone through serious situations over the course of their lifetimes. Just hearing about some of their experiences is encouraging to those of us that are still considered younger.

The joy that employees get when working with the seniors being cared for at any of the 20 Sussex Healthcare living homes has been an important part of why many employees stay with this organization for their entire healthcare careers. Sussex Healthcare is pleased to now announce new job openings that they will soon be filling.

An experienced new CEO has taken over the reigns just recently. She had already started working on some thrilling new avenues prior to the official announcement. Part of what keeps Sussex Healthcare among the top ranked healthcare providers in the region is the superb talents of all of its many various employees. This healthcare organization considers all of their employees like a favorite family member with important contributions to be made for the extended family network. The coordinated care approach that Sussex Healthcare has specialized in is one big reason why the level of care is so high.

While direct patient care is a wonderful job, the many supportive service employees also have enjoyable job duties that benefit the entire team. Sussex Healthcare leaders strive to maintain a great work environment that is challenging yet relaxed and highly positive in nature. Employees are urged to speak up about just anything. Employee suggestions for the improvement of care are taken very seriously by the top administrators of Sussex Healthcare. The company offers a substantial pay rate, many terrific additional benefits, retirement savings options and continuing education assistance. This organization tries to incorporate any necessary job certification continued education requirements right into the job day.

Some employees find the free transportation offer very convenient. There have been many employees that continued their education then were able to move to a new position somewhere still in this healthcare organization. Keeping their best employees serves the company and residents well. Happy employees are better able to provide top level care with a calm and pleasant demeanor. For special celebrations though, visitors might just catch some employees having fun joining in a lively exercise class, dressing up for holiday parties or otherwise just getting involved in the fun that Sussex Healthcare provides their valued residents.

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