Mike Baur contributions in startup companies

Mike Baur is a native of Swiss. He is an entrepreneur and a businessperson. He has practiced in banking and startup companies. Mike Baur is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory company. The firm deals in helping startups who engage in innovation and show signs of developing a successful business. Mike involves in providing mentorship and training to ambitious startups. He is a talented expert in this sector. Mike Baur is also a financial advisor and helps upcoming investor access connections for funds.


Mike Baur started his career in the banking industry of Swiss but later got interested in coming up with Swiss Startup Factory. Mike served in the banking industry for two decades. He worked with organizations such as Clariden Leu and UBS. He is currently the managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory company. The other two co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory are Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Mr. Baur was one of the Jury members who participated in the startup pitching competition at the START summiteer that was hosted by the University of St. Gallen. When CTI partnered with Swiss Startup Factory in January 2016, Baur received an appointment of becoming the deputy managing director of CTI Invest.


Baur used his experience and expertise in leadership to help Swiss Startup Factory through its partnership exercise with Fintech Fusion in the year 2016. He also led the company the accelerator plan that it acquired with Goldback Group in the same year.


In an interview, Mike said that he got the idea to create Swiss Startup Factory from his experience when he was working as a startup investor. The idea was brought up by his urge to create a platform that would benefit all startup teams to boost their productivity.


Mike Baur believes in testing an idea first before investing fully in it. He argued that examining a plan early in the market helps him get to know whether the idea is acceptable or not. He continued that it is senseless to create products that potential customers do not want. He, therefore, suggested that investors should take a keen study on market feedback.


Mike narrated how he used to sell ice cream at the late at the age of 14. He said that his salary depended on the sales he could make. Therefore, he had to learn on how to approach customers positively and make them feel happy when purchasing from him.


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