The History of OSI Industries

The growth of OSI Industries has been slow and steady but with a professional team and excellent leadership, OSI industries have been able to achieve a lot. Some of the achievements include being among the greatest food providers in the world, having a working force of approximately 20000 employees, and owning 65 facilities across 17 countries. The humble beginnings of the company tell a story similar to a majority of other startup companies in the country today. Despite its achievements, the company is still growing and making strides to ensure they become the largest food providers from among the other food providers.

The history of OSI Industries is embedded in the experience American Immigrants go through. The founder of OSI Industries Otto Kolschowsky was part of the German-immigrant Community that made their home in Chicago, Illinois. During the 20th century, the city was both an entry point for the immigrants seeking to establish a farmstead on its plains and a center of trade and industry for the nation. Otto Kolschowsky began a small butchery retail shop that served the community. The business grew and expanded the wholesale part of business. From there as they say its history. Within decades, the business expanded and became OSI Industries.

However, despite the fast growth of the business from a retail butchery to a wholesaler, its transition to an international corporation took even longer. Unlike other business that had an international presence, Otto and Sons had to come up with a means of ensuring the products they supply to their consumers are affordable, consistent, and consumer driven. The product could endure the long-distance drive to the various branches of the McDonald’s Restaurant. However, with the improvement of technology in 1960 achieving this goal became easy and much more affordable for the company.

It, in turn, strengthened the relationship between the McDonald’s and Otto $ Sons. The relationship between the two businesses gave Otto $ Sons a positioning that made them the leading meat suppliers for the McDonald’s nationwide and its core supplier when the restaurant chain became consolidated. It was in 1973, that Otto $ Sons built their first plant to ensure they deliver quality to the McDonald’s restaurants. The plant had state of the art technology and it marked the beginning of a journey that saw OSI Industries become a worldwide food provider. The change of leadership helped solidify the presence of OSI Industries in the world.

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