End Citizens United Seeks To End Foreign Finance Influence On U.S. Elections

Tech News Spy recently published an article by Heidi Harris called “End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules”. The article discusses the recent expose of the Russian company that has ties to Kremlin spent more than six-figures in digital ads on social media platforms to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The article on technewsspy.com reveals that despite not allowing the spending of foreign money in political campaigns, the election laws are not tight enough to prevent them from interfering in the election.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently attempting to discover if Trump’s team has cooperated with the Russians to solidify his campaign. However, because the laws created by right-wing lobbyists and politicians allow unlimited funding from corporations, the electoral system is constantly rigged in their favor.

The recent breach reveals how weak the American elections are and how unprepared the American legal system is to deal with such an issue. Large corporations or even extremely wealthy individuals have the ability to connect with and influence the politicians they feel can influence policy to benefit them.

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Through loopholes in the law, the American populace is unlikely to discover just how much the Russians spent on America’s electoral campaigns. The law not only allowed the Russians to have an influence, but other foreign entities also took advantage of the legal loophole. It has been revealed that a company owned by Chinese nationalists donated a sizeable amount of nearly $1.3 million to a super PAC. Similarly, a Mexican entrepreneur also donated a sizeable amount to a different super PAC, hiding the amount donated through a shell organization.

However, this may be just the tip of the iceberg. The Federal Electoral Committee is currently investigating more than 15 cases of foreign entities illegally spending money on American campaigns.

Despite knowing about these violation, Congress seems unwilling to end the loopholes that are causing the issue despite having a variety of acts, proposals and bills that would end it. One such act is the DISCLOSE act which would require transparency of spending from public and private entities. However, the Republicans have filibustered the act for a number of years. The People Reform Package, which contains the Get Money Out of U.S. Elections Act would also close the legal loopholes that are currently allowing foreign governments and individuals to influence the politics.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to ending Big Money influencers on political campaigns. Their mission is to prevent individuals and public entities from donating without accountability.

By helping pro-finance reform politicians, they seek to improve the corrupted political system. End Citizens United also seeks to educate the public on money issues in politics.

Having a Plan Of Action For Human Rights

When it comes to standing up for the rights of a human being, it requires a lot of knowledge in order to be effective. For one thing, people will make things worse if they don’t learn about the problem that they are taking on and fight it accordingly. This is definitely true for issues that deal with human rights. Human rights activists need to be very wise and have a strategy towards coming to a greater solution to the problem of human rights violations. Fortunately, there are activists that take the time to look at the issue. There is one in particular who has experience with the human rights issue. His name is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor is someone who is worth looking at because he has a passion for human rights. He has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of helping people with the various issues throughout the globe. Among the things he does is expose the different violations of different countries so that people could see what is going on. He is also active in the fight of human rights violation. He actually risks his life in the fight for the rights of people in less than fair countries.

Thor stands out from the others because of his attitude and energy that he puts towards the fight. He makes sure that he makes a difference. He is also not afraid to be beaten up for the cause. After all, many other humans who are living under oppression are getting beat up for the cause as well. According to an article from The Atlantic, Among the known countries that he is challenging is North Korea, which has been revealed to be an oppressive country for its residents. Thor is working with others in order to change the situation of North Korea as well as other countries that are not as developed in humane matters.



How Socialism Measures Up For Thor Halvorssen

Bernie Sanders is considered to hold many socialist values. As a Senator and running for President of the United States, many feel that this is a dangerous concept to hold. The issue is that not all socialist precepts are dangerous for the people. It is only when the individual holding these values uses them to take advantage of the people under their rule.

Policies and governments are where the division needs to take place. An interview with Thor Halvorssen reveals that there are ways that socialism can be a positive thing for the governments in which they rule. Halvorssen states that Sanders would definitely be a better choice than the present front runner in the Democratic Party.

He bases many of these opinions on the personal experiences he has had. His mother was killed by an overbearing government and his father and cousin have both been imprisoned by these governments. He then states that a dictatorship would be even worse.

The present front runner for the Democratic Party has taken many bribes and gifts from dictatorships. These all come at a price states Halvorssen, who is president of the Human Rights Foundation. Eventually when the time is right they will call up these favors and expect something in return. This does not bode well for what may happen while this front runner is in the office.

Halvorssen, while opposed to many of Sanders views, supported his campaign with monetary donations. He feels that as the lesser of two evils, Sanders could be the best way to go with the Presidency. As long as the rule of law stays in place his socialist views and opinions will not get in the way of democracy and freedom. Follow Thor Halvorssen on Twitter for more news and updates.

On the other hand of the spectrum Thor does not particularly favor the Republican Party front runner. He feels that this individual is way too radical and that could also cause a problem with adhering to the rule of law when dealing with rights and priviledges of the people.

All in all it appears that Thor Halvorssen would prefer to have different options when choosing a new President. If left to have to choose among the existing candidates, it appears he would choose Sanders.