Kate Hudson Shares her Love for Athletic Clothing with Fabletics

Kate Hudson is seen on the movie screens less and less these days, but her face is still present in the fashion industry. The actress turned athletic mogul is doing more with her clothing line, Fabletics, and women are embracing the clothes Kate is presenting to the workout crowd.

In a Marie Claire interview Kate Hudson opened up about the clothing line and how she got involved with Fabletics. For Kate, the transition just seemed natural. She is an actress in Hollywood on www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos. She likes to work out, but even if she didn’t there is a certain standard that has to be met in Hollywood. Women that star in major motion pictures are expected to be a great shape. As an aging actress and mother, Hudson knows all too well how it can be difficult to stay in shape. It can be even harder if you don’t have comfortable clothes to work out in. That is part of what has inspired Kate Hudson to go forth and help build the Fabletics empire.

Much of the buzz over the brand is linked to the athleisure that seems to get a lot of attention with people that want workout gear that is diverse. There was a time when people would have some gym clothes that didn’t fit any other occasion but the gym. This was something that Kate Hudson wanted to change. She has used Fabletics to show that there is more to life than the drab gym wear that is only made for working out. Hudson has become innovative in bringing designs to the forefront that support working out and running errands.

Hudson has stated in Marie Claire that there are also athleisure outfits that she would wear out on a date. She is even considering a corporate line of athleisure clothing. This is the new concept that is getting praise, and Fabletics is set to be at the top of the list of clothing companies on www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/category/fabletics-review that provide these garments. It is evident that this is gaining a lot of momentum because Hudson has become able to secure funding to open 100 stores in the next 5 years. That is a big jump in Fabletics brick and mortar locations because there are less than 10 stores open right now.

Kate Hudson is heavily involved in building this company. All of this shows that the Fabletics brand has expanded beyond the original online store roots. More people are interested in trying on this clothing. Women are curious about the brand because some dresses come with bras. Others have material that is form fitting without the need for Spanx. It is all very intriguing for women and more customers are lining up for Fabletics subscriptions. 

Fashion in Working Out with Fabletics


When you think of working out and fashion, you probably don’t think of them in the same sense. Now, Kate Hudson has made it a possibility to combine your fashion sense with your need to get active. The clothing line has bold and fun patterns that come in comfortable options that are perfect for working out. The Clothes Maiden talks about how the line is really a fashion line, but it one that can be worn easily and comfortably while working out. It is a fun line that is dedicated to staying active and looking great while doing so.

In the past, workout gear was reserved to only baggy clothes or too-tight clothes. Women who weren’t all about looking like they were wearing men’s clothes while they were getting fit needed to wear clothes that were uncomfortable and, sometimes, restricting. They were not made to feel like they could look good while they were working out and this was an issue for many people who didn’t want to appear frumpy or like they were trying too hard. Fabletics has now given women the chance to wear workout clothes that look good, are comfortable, and are conducive to getting a great workout according to The Clothes Maiden review.

The right clothes can make a world of difference in the way that a workout goes. With baggy clothes, women could be weighing themselves down and could have issues feeling like they fit in at the gym. This is especially true of women who are working to lose weight or who want to truly see results in their workouts at the gym. If clothes are too tight or are not designed for movement, they could cause the woman to struggle to be able to move freely while she is working out.

They are two things that are essential to a great workout in which you feel great about the way that you look, but they actually don’t come at a terribly high price. The average cost for a Fabletics outfit is around $25 and is cheaper than what you would pay for most outfits if you bought each piece separately. There are many options to choose from and the line offers workout gear that is fashionable, comfortable, and affordable.