Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Sets Philanthropic Records

Talk Fusion is one of the premier video marketing and communication companies on the internet today. Talk Fusion was founded back in 2007 by current CEO, Bob Reina. Bob Reina saw a growing market for video communication solutions and he realized that nobody was taking the reigns on the industry. Ten years later Talk Fusion is at the top of their game most recently winning the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award. Reina’s success with Talk Fusion has only been one part of his journey — his philanthropic endeavors have been just as important.


Bob Reina has instilled a culture of giving within the confines of Talk Fusion and it is dramatically altering the way that businesses do their job. Philanthropy is a huge part of how a corporation finds success, cultivating goodwill among the community, but Talk Fusion has stepped things up even more. Talk Fusion is being marketed in 140 different countries and now the company is offering a charity account in all of their market areas.


The free charity account is comparable to the premium monthly account that Talk Fusion offers. Talk Fusion’s premium monthly account, and consequently their charity account, offers all of the traditional services that Talk Fusion customers are used to. However, the big difference is that CEO Bob Reina set up the charity account to be attached with a charity of choice, decided by the sales associate.


Outside of his work with Talk Fusion we have seen Bob Reina really turn on the afterburners in his own personal philanthropic endeavors. Reina has given to charities all across the planet and he has even broken a record or two along the way. Reina donated a record breaking $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay — saving the lives of animals along the way. Reina has also given to important charities and foundations that focus on repairing damage caused by natural disasters: the Nepal earthquake and the Japanese tsunami just to name a pair. Bob Reina believes that great power requires even greater responsibility and we think he’s living up to that phrase.


The Allure Of Copa Star

Copa star hospital was inaugurated in October after three years of waiting and anticipation. Touted as the most modern medical facility in Brazil. Copa Star is located in Copacabana, Figueiredo Magalhães Street, on the southern side of Rio.

Five-star appearance

In its construction, the hospital resembles a five-star hotel, coupled with luxury and comfort. State-of-the-art technology has been incorporated into the hospital’s services that operate seamlessly. The designs are reminiscent of the architectural structure- Rede D ‘Or Sao Luiz, known for such concepts.

Smart hospitality

Copa star hospital has seven floors, occupying 21 thousand square meters of space. On the technological aspect of the facility, it can only be considered a smart hospital as patients have a certain level of autonomy. Patients admitted to the Copa Star Hospital are issued with ipads to make communication with medical staff easier. On top of that, the technology allows inpatients to automate their beds, alter the lighting of the room, close and open curtains, and a feature that is not available in other hospitals.

View the design at RafArquitetura.Com


For such a facility to be successful, an investment of $115 million was used. In summary, the hospital is set to revolutionize the way medicine is practiced not only in Brazil but around the world.

Institute for Research and Education

D’Or Institute for Research as well as Education (IDOR) is a facility that is aimed at promoting technological and scientific advancements in health and training. The institution is a non-profit organization that trains students to be professionals in the area of health. Opened in 2010, the institution’s headquarters is domiciled in Rio de Janeiro.

Services offered

Among the services being offered by the institution are state-of-the-art facilities for researchers who require the resources and technical services of the Institute. Main areas of focus that IDOR deals with include Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Intensive Medicine, and Neurosciences. D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) deals with teaching and coordinating research of the entire network in places such as Recife, Sao Paulo and Brasilia in addition to the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Technical team

The institution has a qualified team of 17 researchers who work in conjunction with over 50 students in research projects that have yielded positive results since inception. All these functions are under the Scientific and Innovations Committees. In the areas of teaching, D’OR Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) partners with Rede D’Or Sao Luiz to give courses in Post-Graduate levels and are the brains behind Copa Star Hospital. In conclusion, the institution is geared towards offering the best training in medical research.

The Lung Institute Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Disease

The Lung Institute, with clinics located in different locations across the United States, was established to enhance and improve the overall quality of life of people suffering from different types of lung disease. The Lung Institute uses a stem cell treatment process to aid people diagnosed with lung conditions that include interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, and pulmonary fibrosis. When a person suffers from one or another of these conditions, they face significant physical and even psychological and emotional impacts.

These pulmonary conditions impact a person’s ability to undertake the basic tasks associated with daily living, in many cases. For example, a person with one of these diseases may be unable to bath, cook, groom, shop, or even walk.

The stem cell treatment process utilized at the Lung Institute differs from traditional medical treatment methods for different lung diseases. First of all, the stem cell treatment process used at the Lung Institute is minimally invasive.

In addition, the Lung Institute stem cell treatment regimen differs from more traditional approaches because it has minimal negative side effects. The same cannot be said of more traditional pulmonary disease treatment protocols. This particularly is the case when it comes to the use of medications and steroids to address the symptoms of a pulmonary condition.

The treatment program offered by the Lung Institute also garners high marks because it does more than just address symptoms. Traditional treatment programs generally address symptoms of lung disease, and not much else.

According to, the stem cell treatment offered by the Lung Institute has been demonstrated effective in some cases at slowing the progress of these various lung diseases. The treatment accomplishes this by using stem cells to harness and utilized a person’s own natural healing abilities.

A person interested in obtaining treatment from the Lung Institute can access any one of the clinics located across the country. People tend to have greater success when in a treatment program when he or she is able to obtain medical care closer to his or her home. To read more, go to

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Positive Senior Living at Manse on Marsh

Getting older can be a challenge for all people. It can be difficult when you simply realize that you can’t perform the tasks you could when you were younger. It is great that Manse on Marsh offers a unique system for senior living in San Luis Obispo, California. The program is innovative because it can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a resident. A resident can take advantage of full assisted living programs or simply use the ones they need or that their budget allows. This is a location for senior living like no other in California today.

The Manse on Marsh is a community that offers many activities to the residents. It is located directly in the middle of San Luis Obispo which allows residents the freedom to easily access all of the local businesses and become a part of the community. There is easy access to coffee houses, bookstores, local shopping, art dealers and churches. Whatever interests a resident has can be explored in the friendly streets of this wonderful California town.

Living at the Manse on Marsh is a unique and powerful experience because they offer a lot of services to the residents. Fine dining is offered right at the complex along with a more casual bistro that caters to the tastes of older senior. Detailed housekeeping services are available that even include bath and bed linen services. There is a laundry service available for residents who choose not to or are unable to do their own. Getting a ride can be difficult for seniors who are no longer able to drive themselves. Fortunately they provide a chauffeur service which can get residents to their doctor’s appointments on time. Or just to the local coffee shop on a rainy day. Manse on Marsh is a location that provides a well maintained and modern fitness and wellness center to help keep people as physically active and mentally sharp. They even provide a Lifeline® alert system in case of an emergency.

It should be no wonder that the Manse on Marsh has won the SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Award as the #1 assisted living and independent living community on the California central coast. That is in large part due to the caring and compassionate team of individuals that work at the facility. They are dedicated to create a positive, active and dignified life for the residents of the Manse on Marsh complex. They go above and beyond to provide first rate treatment to all the residents. They are all treated like family and it shows in the quality of life that each resident experiences.

Clearly the Manse on Marsh is committed to creating the best quality of life for their residents. There is a sense of value, community and caring that permeates the complex. This is a one of a kind senior living community that invites people in and provides its residents with the confidence and peace of mind that they will be taken care of, along with the ability to make choices about their lives and their care that allow for some independence.  Their blog really makes those values evident, and you can follow them at