All You Should Know About Healthcare Champion; Jim Tananbaum

Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Opium Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund have secured $14million mental health through MindstrongHealth. This startup uses smart phones to diagnose and treat neuropsychiatric disorders. Mindstrong Health and CEO Paul Dagum say that mental health has been limited to subjective clinical reports compared to all modern medicine. Paul wants to improve the outcome for people with mental disorders. He plans to apply objective thinking as used in chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. This will involve the use of technology termed as Mindstrong.

This technology will use the patient’s patterns of scrolling and typing on a Smartphone to measure brain function. The platform will then deliver continuous, objective measures of behavior and cognition at a level of decision and insight. This platform through processing speed, memory, and function; it will give information about mood and cognition biomarkers which has never been possible. Jim Tananbaum who is the CEO of Foresite says, through these findings the founding team of Mindstrong Health will bring out unmatched understanding of critical challenges faced by patients suffering from cognitive health disorders.

Jim holds BS, Electrical Engineering from Yale University, and an MBA from Harvard University and MD from Harvard Medical School. He is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. Jim has 20 years’ experience in investing and building healthcare companies that have led to 21 successful healthcare companies globally. Before founding Foresite, Jim co-founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals which brought two drugs to the market .Genzyme later acquired GelTex. He also was a founder and was the CEO of Theravance, Inc. which has a combined market together with its spin-off Theravance Biopharma.

He has helped in numerous investments such as Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Jim Tanabaum is also on board and provides advisory roles for the firms he has invested in. He volunteered his experience to work with Parents Advisory Board at Yale University under Education Fraternity and advisor in Harvard MIT HST Program. Jim also partnered up and co-founded Prospects Venture Partners two and three where he helped establish their healthcare services investment practice. Follow Jim on Twitter

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Sets Philanthropic Records

Talk Fusion is one of the premier video marketing and communication companies on the internet today. Talk Fusion was founded back in 2007 by current CEO, Bob Reina. Bob Reina saw a growing market for video communication solutions and he realized that nobody was taking the reigns on the industry. Ten years later Talk Fusion is at the top of their game most recently winning the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award. Reina’s success with Talk Fusion has only been one part of his journey — his philanthropic endeavors have been just as important.


Bob Reina has instilled a culture of giving within the confines of Talk Fusion and it is dramatically altering the way that businesses do their job. Philanthropy is a huge part of how a corporation finds success, cultivating goodwill among the community, but Talk Fusion has stepped things up even more. Talk Fusion is being marketed in 140 different countries and now the company is offering a charity account in all of their market areas.


The free charity account is comparable to the premium monthly account that Talk Fusion offers. Talk Fusion’s premium monthly account, and consequently their charity account, offers all of the traditional services that Talk Fusion customers are used to. However, the big difference is that CEO Bob Reina set up the charity account to be attached with a charity of choice, decided by the sales associate.


Outside of his work with Talk Fusion we have seen Bob Reina really turn on the afterburners in his own personal philanthropic endeavors. Reina has given to charities all across the planet and he has even broken a record or two along the way. Reina donated a record breaking $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay — saving the lives of animals along the way. Reina has also given to important charities and foundations that focus on repairing damage caused by natural disasters: the Nepal earthquake and the Japanese tsunami just to name a pair. Bob Reina believes that great power requires even greater responsibility and we think he’s living up to that phrase.


Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

One of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland is Mike Baur. He is currently the founder of a unique company known as Swiss Start up Factory. With this company, Baur is able to help a number of start up businesses launch and begin providing valuable products and services to consumers. Prior to starting up his company, Mike was involved in other start up businesses. He routinely invested a considerable amount of his funds in new companies in order to capitalize on this lucrative endeavor. By investing in start up companies, Mike was able to get a first hand evaluation on just how lucrative start up businesses can be. During the early stages of his career, Mike worked in the banking industry. While he was involved in the banking industry, he would often work with businesses that were looking to get the financial resources necessary to start up or expand their businesses.


Baur’s company known as Swiss Start up Factory is one of the more unique businesses around. The company specializes in helping a number of entrepreneurs come up with the funding and guidance necessary to make their companies a success. Swiss Start up Factory holds an event where a number of entrepreneurs pitch their idea to Mike. He then evaluates each business idea and then chooses the ones that he believes have the most potential. Once he chooses a business, Baur will then look to provide the entrepreneurs with the assistance they need in order to start up their business. With both funding and mentoring, a number of entrepreneurs have been able to reach their full potential.


Before Mike started up his own company Swiss Start up Factory, he spent a number of years investing in a number of start up companies. During this time, Mike would invest his own funds in order to get good returns from these new emerging companies. This whole endeavor was a success for Mike as he would make considerable profits over the course of his participation in this venture. Along with making high profits and good returns by investing in start up companies, Mike would also use this experience to help come up with his idea for his own business in the near future.


By investing in start up businesses and starting up his own company, Mike Baur has been able to experience a considerable amount of business success over the years. His new company has been able to provide a number of entrepreneurs the opportunities they need in order to make a positive impact on the Swiss economy. As well as making a positive impact on the economy with his business, Mike Baur has also been able to establish himself as one of the most prominent business figures in Switzerland as well.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessperson based in Switzerland who has had a successful career spanning over two decades. He began his career in the banking industry in which he would help finance startup companies through loans programs. After working in the banking industry for over twenty years, Baur would then begin investing in startup businesses in order to capitalize on this highly lucrative venture. His experiences in banking and investing prompted him to come up with a unique business model for his own company. As a result, Mike would move on to entrepreneurship where he founded the company known as Swiss Start up Factory. With this company, Mike is able to provide coaching and financing to entrepreneurs who are looking to start new businesses.


When Mike Baur first started his career, he worked for financial institutions and served as a business banking specialist. During his experience in banking, Baur would routinely meet with entrepreneurs and business leaders to discuss their financing needs. Mike would provide advice as well as assessments on the financial condition of a particular business. He would also evaluate the profit potential and a new company’s ability to meet a current demand. Upon approval, Mike would provide new businesses with loans so that they can finance their new businesses in the near future.


Baur had a long and successful career in banking but looked to move on to more lucrative pursuits. He would begin investing in startup companies in 2004 and look to make very high returns. This venture was highly successful for Mike as he was able to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities of investing in startups. With his high profits and success, Mike looked to continue investing in these new companies on a regular basis. However, this venture also gave Mike the inspiration to start up his own company and move on to entrepreneurship. He would develop a new business that combined characteristics of both business banking and investing.


After investing in startup companies for a number of years, Mike Baur started up his own company called Swiss Start Up Factory. The company is among the more unique and innovative businesses in Switzerland. It specializes in providing consulting and mentoring services to new businesses. When looking to take on new customers, Baur holds an event that allows a number of entrepreneurs to present their business idea to him. Upon approval, Mike will provide funding as well as coaching to help these businesses succeed and reach their potential.



The Plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley Repelled

Trouble has brewed in recent years in the Squaw Valley area which is part of the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The community has has unfavourable weather conditions and the threat of incorporation has been knocking at the front door. This has been very bad for local business’s as the Squaw Valley Resorts and the many other business’s rely on the fall of adequate snow in order to provide for perfect skiing conditions.

Andy Wirth the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been fighting off the second threat which the community has faced and that is the threat of incorporation. This incorporation possibility would lead to higher taxes on resident and business’s as well as a reduction in various services such as clearing of snow and road maintenance. The overview of this story can be found on the Reno Gazette Journal which provides greater detail on the matter.
Andy Wirth has spent a lot of money fighting the threat of incorporation as he believes it will disrupt both civil and business’s atmospheres within the community. Those backing the incorporation effort said that Any Wirth has personal motives to stop the incorporation but this was repelled by Andy Wirth himself who pointed out that both sides had spent significant sums of money.

The California Local Agency Formation Commission had the final say in the matter and deemed the town not financially viable. Learn more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight
Now that the threat of incorporation has been put behind them the community can get back to working together on various transportation and other issues according to Andy Wirth. The community should look to the future and beyond Olympic Valley if it is to succeed according to Andy Wirth.

He is under the impression that the community can come to an agreement on what they love and what is required. The trouble is now behind them and they should look towards healing.

Andy Wirth himself knows all too well what is required for healing to occur as he has suffered a severe physical injury in the past which almost killed him.

This injury was sustained during a sky diving jump that went wrong when his parachute opened late and he found himself crashing into a field filled with wires. These wires severed his arm which he almost lost if it was not for the skilled medical professionals which managed to save it.

A long road to recovery allowed Andy Wirth to connect with a group of Navy Seals who were stationed at the Olympic Valley. This group of individuals gave him the strength and hope he required to return to complete well being thanks to their great nature.

Why Does A Slyce And Shoe Carnival Partnership Make Sense?

A Slyce and Shoe Carnival partnership makes sense for everyone involved because it partners two great companies that make shopping fun. Shoe Carnival has thousands of shoes to choose from, and Slyce has access to all those results when people search with pictures for clothing and shoes. The visual search at Slyce is important because it speeds things up for people, and the results that people get from Shoe Carnival just make everything happen a lot faster.

There is nothing simpler than getting this done with Slyce because any picture can be put into the search engine. The app will give results immediately, and there will be Shoe Carnival will be at the top of the results. That also means that people will be able to end their shopping adventure in just a couple seconds. The visual search will return something from Shoe Carnival that works, and that item can be bought immediately. That also means that people are going to be able to save money because Shoe Carnival is a discount brand. They have already passed their savings on to customers, and now they are going to have more customers because of Slyce.

Shoe Carnival is rebranding itself as a brand that is hip for young people to shop with, and they are trying to find as many ways to reach young people. Using the Slyce visual search app to find young people really helps, and it brings people to the places where they would have never have shopped before. These people are finding out that they can shop at Shoe Carnival, and they are going to keep shopping there because they know that they are going to save money when they do that. This is one of the most basic things that people can do to make sure that they save money, and it gets even easier because are going to always see the Shoe Carnival results first.

Slyce has to have as many partners as they can get, and they need to put these partners at the top of their search results. They are going to help market these brands, and they are going to continue with Show Carnival offering the best shoe results. Everyone who puts their pictures into Slyce is going to get something that is going to help them with shopping, and they will not have to waste time any more on shopping for clothes and shoes.