PodcastOne: Re-Inventing Advertisement from Podcast to Podcast

Norman Pattiz, the founder and current executive chairman of PodcastOne had a strong conviction on the potential of podcasting as an effective advertisement platform. His strong conviction, which informed the business model and founding of PodcastOne was validated following a brand lift survey conducted by Edison Research. The results of the survey, which were released by Norman Pattiz and the vice president of the research company, showed that various brands enjoyed significant yet varying levels of brand lift other factors notwithstanding.

The survey was conducted in two phases with the brand lift or awareness measured before and after the brand campaigns were run on PodcastOne network. The post-campaign was conducted after 4 to six weeks. The advertising campaigns carried varied information regarding the selected five national brands including brand recall.

The post-campaign data showed that some brands benefitted from the ad campaigns with seeing their rand lift soar by up to 76 percent. Most importantly for these brands and PodcastOne, more customers were showing an increased willingness to purchase the brands following the campaign.

Norman Pattiz: A National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee

The National Radio Hall of Fame is a reserve for individuals who have made exceptional contributions in the radio industry. It is an industry honor where only individuals with excellent track records, which have left an indelible mark in the industry.

Therefore, the November 2009 induction of Norman Pattiz into the prestigious class was testimony to his unrivalled contributions to the industry not only in the United States but globally. His induction and the subsequent bestowment with the Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting give credence to the reputation he has developed as a giant in the industry.

He first made a mark in the industry with the founding of Westwood One Inc. in 1974 where he served in various capacities including the chief executive officer, president, chairman of board of directors and chairman emeritus.

According to Crunchbase, before leaving the executive management of the company, Norman Pattiz had grown it into America’s leading radio network. Westwood One took pride in winning the contract to air some of the biggest sporting events including Olympics, Super Bowl and NFL Football among others.

The network also partnered with other media houses such as CNN to air their radio programs. When he became a diplomat in the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George Bush, Norman Pattiz continued with his revolutionary ideas as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Several nonmilitary American radio stations and television networks broadcasting in local languages were founded across various countries especially in the Middle East.