Beneful to the Rescue!

My dog Sparks was a picky dog since we got him as a pup. We tried many different dog foods, some dry, some wet, and even a mix of the two. Nothing would satisfy the dog. At one point we were buying bags of dog food from specialty retailers that costed more than a hundred dollars each medium sized bag. Sparks still wasn’t eating like he should. We were fed up and looking for something to try. Then we decided to try Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful. We saw a facebook ad for it, and it seemed like this dog food was different from the rest. We first tried their wet food, the Chopped Blends containers they sell at the store. Sparks loved them. We decided to give more of the Beneful varieties a try, and gave the dry food a shot. The Beneful Originals ( chicken flavor is what we got, and we received the same enthusiasm from Sparks. After that our mind was made up that our dog would be a Beneful dog. Both the wet food and dry food comes in so many different flavors like chicken, beef, carrots and peas. Each one is loved by our dog. Sparks loves the dental ridges that Beneful makes, and will sit in front of the TV and enjoy the whole thing in one sitting. We plan on getting a second dog soon to keep our first one company during the day, and we will surely be purchasing Beneful’s puppy food. We are so glad to have found a nice wholesome dog food that is made with real ingredients. It has made our life as pet owners so much easier.




Beneful: A Safe, Healthy and Tasty Food


A recent article in the Daily Herald, the suburban Chicago news source, covers how dog food is increasingly becoming a gourmet product. The trend started with smaller companies producing blends of dog food high in pure, top-quality, meat and fish and absent of grain fillers and other additives. Additionally, dog food made from organic ingredients was introduced, and, in general, these new lines of dog food were basically good enough for humans to eat and sold very well among pet owners concerned about their animals’ health and fitness.

Today, it’s generally accepted that the sea change to healthier foods for humans has transferred over to include healthier foods for pets as well. In fact, some companies even allow discerning pet owners to create customized dog food blends. Mixes specifically for young, old, large and small dogs are available in off-the-shelf brands as well.

About Beneful

Industry leader Purina has its own brand of high-quality dog food: Beneful. This food is not only made of pure meat (such as fish and chicken) and wholesome vegetables (dogs are not strictly carnivores), it is also blended and shaped into mixes and textures that appeal to dogs. Beneful comes in 28 varieties of both wet and dry food so that dog owners can find the exact match for their animal; Beneful dog treats are also available on Walmart. The brand has proven highly popular, and around 1.5 billion Beneful meals were served in 2014 alone.

Beneful dog food is made in plants in the United States, and stringent quality control methods are followed at all of them. An exhaustive battery of tests are performed on ingredients to ensure purity and quality. Furthermore, Purina has a highly sophisticated system that tracks ingredients from the time they enter the factory to the time they are in the product on store shelves. In short, Beneful is a brand that is healthy, safe and tasty for dogs of all types.