Walmart Poses Good Place To Shop For Beneful

If you are on the hunt for Beneful dog food, Walmart, due to its excellent prices and variety, is definitely a top pick for buying the product. Walmart carries all current varieties of the product, all made with real ingredients, and ranging from as low as $1.77 to $33.98 depending on whether the product is wet or dry, its size, and flavor. The current prices for Beneful dog food are as follows: $13.98 for 15.5 Ib. bags of dry dog food and $10.58 for 6-10 oz. plastic tubs. You won’t find better prices for Beneful products elsewhere.

If you are looking for Beneful Healthy Weight with real Salmon, though, you will be surprised to find that this variety no longer exists in either dry or wet varieties. The only salmon product sold by Walmart currently available is the Beneful Originals with real salmon, which happens to be dry dog food and prices at $26.98 for a 31.1 Ib. bag. But do not be discouraged, Walmart still sells many other varieties for reasonable prices and even has a couple deals in store for its customers.

Despite the fact that Walmart has not released a rollback for Beneful products, they have, in fact, offered Beneful coupons and a special for select Beneful products. Currently, Walmart offers a coupon which saves a buyer $3.00 when buying 1 bag of Purina Beneful Grain Free Dry Dog Food (with farm raised chicken). Additionally, they have a special, available until 12/31/17, giving away a free sample for the same product.

A Medley of Nutrition and Flavor From Beneful

Beneful offers a medley of flavors and nutrition with their medley wet dog food product offerings [see list at]. From the Tuscan Style Medley all the way to the Simmered Chicken Medley you can find nutrition and your four-legged friend will find flavor that they enjoy with every meal. The Tuscan Style Medley provides the beef flavor that every dog loves combined with wholesome grains in the form of rice, and vegetables such as carrots and spinach. The Simmered Chicken Medley from Beneful is made from farm-raised chicken, vegetables such as green beans and carrots, and wholesome wild rice grains. The Roasted Turkey Medley from Beneful is made from 100% real turkey, wild rice, peas, barley, and corn. This medley offers a medley of nutrition and flavor that is irresistible. The Romana Style Medley wet dog food brand from Beneful is filled with flavor that your dog will savor and nutrition that will give you a piece of mind. This incredible medley is made from 100% real farm-raised chicken, pasta, spinach and carrots. Last but not least the Beef and Chicken Medley option from Beneful is made from 100% real beef and chicken in addition to wild rice, carrots, and green beans. Just when you thought that nutrition and flavor were the full package wait till I tell you the best feature of these medley. The Beef and Chicken Medley, as well as the Roasted Turkey Medley and Simmered Chicken Medley all, come in resealable containers. This means no more wasted wet dog food, and you save some money in the process. As you can see offers many different varieties that have a perfectly balanced medley of nutrition and flavor to keep you and your dog happy. Beneful products are available on local supermarkets like Wal-Mart and online via Amazon.