George Soros Gives Us a Look Into the Future

When George Soros speaks, people lean in, get quiet, and listen. They do that because this man, one of the world’s wealthiest, is a survivor. Being able to survive has created an enviable place for him in history as one of the world’s most successful investors and as such he is a man who has something to say, and a man whose views are valued and widely followed.

At the start of a new year, pundits of every kind make predictions about what the new year will bring. George Soros is no different. He, in fact, has been called a “prophet of gloom and doom” since his views are so dismal. Soros believes that “the world is running into something it doesn’t know how to handle.” He feels that we are making the same mistakes that were made in 2008, and therefore, we are creating the same crisis. In 2008 the crisis was the subprime housing crisis in America. This time the problem is in China and the problems there are being passed to the rest of the world.

In a recent interview Your text to link… Soros listed six issues that if left unaddressed will lead to major changes and upheavals for civilization as we know it.

ISIS and the migration are at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we ponder the challenges that this new year will bring. Soros feels that ISIS and terrorist attacks are a serious danger because they undermine the “values and principles” of life as we know it in the west. He believes the migrant crisis has the potential to destroy the European Union. The break down of the Schengen system of open borders could ultimately undermine and destroy the common market.

Russia’s entrance into the Syrian conflict is another cause for concern. While speaking of peace Russia is expanding its presence in war-torn Syria. It was thought that Russia’s presence would improve the nation’s standing in the world, but that has not happened.

Problems in the Ukraine are also on Soros list. By putting Ukraine on a short financial leash, the world community is making a mistake similar to what was done in Greece. There is a new Ukraine trying to emerge from old customs and alliances. A new Ukraine should be supported according to Soros so that radical reforms which would have the country not only survive but thrive possible turning it into an “attractive investment destination.”

Greece is still a concern and is included on Soros infamous list. The Greek crisis; its collapsing economy is an ongoing struggle that could lead to a collapse of the EU.

It is the nation of China, however, that has the attention and concern of the world market watchers. Soros feels that “China is “responsible for a larger share of the world’s economy than ever before.” Fear in the marketplace because of the uncertainty in China has investors looking for ways to protect themselves. Soros feels that “no market solution will occur without political change.