Eva Moskowitz wants every child to have the same education as Success Academy provides

Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of charter network Success Academy, is not just concerned about the education of children in New York state where her organization is based. She is also concerned about children around America getting the high quality education they deserve.


That is why Eva Moskowitz, along with Success Academy, has just set up a new program called the Education Institute. The program includes an online database that will give any educator in America free access to the Academy’s curriculum, teaching methods and research for as long as they need it.


After all, if you have a winning strategy for education, and Success Academy definitely does, then why would you not want every child to benefit?


Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy in 2006 after seeing how appalling the education of most New York public school children had become.


In the 11 years since it was founded, the Academy has opened 41 charter schools around the city, and now teaches more than 14,000 students every year. Students from low-income backgrounds and predominantly children of color.


In its 11 year history, the Success Academy has already been able to get many of its students into the top 10 percent of the state when it comes to test scores in subjects like math and science.


In addition, many of its elementary and middle school students also test in the top 75 percent of the state. Not bad for children that were thought by many to be ‘unteachable’.


Eva Moskowitz, however, knew that any child could be taught to learn and to learn well, if they were just given a high quality education. That education was provided by Success Academy and the results are proof.


Meanwhile, Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy are also receiving awards for their work. Just this month, the charter network was awarded the Broad Prize and the $250,000 award that goes with it.


Moskowitz says the money will be used to start a college-preparation program for its high school students.