Robert Ivy’s Amazing Career Accomplishments

Robert Ivy is a renowned personality in the architectural world. In 1996, he became a Chief Editor at the famous Architectural Record. Robert worked hard to ensure that Architectural Record grew in all aspects to become one of the top architectural journals globally. Afterwards, Robert got the opportunity to work at McGraw-Hill Construction Company as the director. Ivy was also promoted to become the company’s Vice president. In his youthful years, Mr. Ivy was also fortunate enough to serve at Frank Gehry as a panel member. From 1981 through 1996, Robert served at Dean and Ivy is the company’s principle.

Ivy is an individual with an admirable personality that significantly contributes to his excellent leadership skills. His impeccable performance at Architectural Record enabled him to receive the American Society award among other prestigious awards in the architectural industry. Ivy was recognized for his excellence in leadership and the achievements of the company. Jesse H. Neal Awards, Digital, and the Folio Design Award are among the notable awards he has received in the past. In 2009, he earned the Crain Award which is among the most celebrated awards he has ever won in his career. It is worth noting that Robert is a senior individual at the Design Future Council.

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In 2010, Mr. Ivy was recognized at the National architecture fraternity as a master architect. He earned the title due to his awe-inspiring communication strategies. Cass Gilbert, John Root, and Richard Fuller are some of the leading architects who have worked with Robert Ivy in different projects. Robert Ivy is a hardworking individual who values quality services and the welfare of other people.

Robert serves as the Chief Executive of the world famous American Institute of Architects. The organization is composed of 87, 890 American architects. As a registered architect, Robert ensures that the institute runs smoothly to serve the needs of all its members. Previously, Robert was a magazine editor, a position that enabled him to get valuable experiences and knowledge in architecture. Ronald currently does the best he can to reposition AIA so as increase its value and to benefit all members.

Between 1973 through 1976, Robert attended the Tulane University where he studied architecture. Robert Ivy is also an alumnus of the University of the South where he pursued English. Upon graduating from the university, Ivy was fortunate to secure a job at McGraw-Hill Companies where he served for 14 years as its chief editor.

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