WEN Cleansing Conditioner ideal for all hair types

WEN Hair is a revolutionary product in hair care. It offers its users the benefits of a conditioner, shampoo, detangler and leave-in conditioner all in one. It cleanses hair and leaves it with moisture, strength, manageability and a glowing shine. For anyone looking to simplify their hair care routine, then this is the formula to go for.

In a story by Emily McClure that appeared in Bustle.com’s Fashion and Beauty segment, though the products give desired results to its users, the users have to be ready to work an extra mile to be able to enjoy these amazing results. According to Emily, Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner users need to wash and style their hair on a daily basis. If this is not done, the hair may become oily and to some extent unmanageable.

Every product works best if its instructions are followed to the latter and the same applies to Wen users. Wen cleansing conditioner is made for all types of hair. On the products there are specific instructions on the amounts to be used for each hair length, the minimum quantity being 10-16 pumps. Much amount, especially comparing with normal conditioners, but the results are much better compared to those other conditioners

Users of Sephora’s Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner have reported 100% hair moisturized, 97% said that WEN added more shine to the hair, 97% more manageable hair, and better color. The product is also suitable for all hair types. The man behind this beautiful product is professional stylist Chaz Dean. He developed interests in making his product as he helped a highly successful company in developing a product line.

Chaz, who worked and became the manager of an upscale salon in Bel Air, later, bought the salon. Here his client list was made up of world renowned celebrities. It is while at Bel Air, in the year 1996 that he started working on Wen hair product line. He later relocated to Hollywood and renamed the salon to Chaz Dean Studio.