Emily McClure And Her Experiment With Wen by Chaz


Many individuals have had amazing benefits when they use WEN by Chaz. Wen is a revolutionary type of cleaning conditioner, because it is formulated to take the place of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, leave-in conditioners, and a deep conditioners. Wen’s cleaning conditioner cleans hair without adding harsh parabens and sulfates.

Emily McClure from The Bustle did her own personal experiment with WEN products for seven days. Emily McClure had heard many positive things about this product, so she wanted to see if the hype was true. Emily McClure was surprised by the results that she received after using Wen products for seven days. McClure was able to chronicle her use of Wen products day by day. The first thing that she noticed with the Wen product was that a lot of the cleansing conditioner was required. Even though she was leery of this because of her thin hair, she follow through with the instructions. The first day she noticed that her roots were greasy, but at the same time her hair was more shiny and bouncy than normal.

The results from the Wen cleansing conditioner changed day by day during the seven day experiment period, and some days McClure would notice that her hair got flatter than other days. Some of McClure’s friends gave her a compliment on her hair which was a great boost to her confidence. After seven days, Emily McClure came to believe that Wen conditioner really is a great product for individuals that have fine hair. It is best used every morning, and if a person lets more time go, it may look great right after the shower, but hair can become greasy and unmanageable if one or two days are skipped. McClure believes that this is a product that she can definitely keep in her shower when she wants to have hair that is shiny and bouncy.