Beneful is a Magnificent Dog Food Brand

Over the years I have seen quite a few dogs because I work in a dog shelter. I have been able to see the results of good dog food like Beneful. I have also been able to see what happens when bad dog food is being used.
I think that a lot of people will benefit from something like PurinaStore‘s dog food. This is what so many people have been able to get for their pets and see some very positive change. I have used food like the Healthy Harvest, and my dog seems to just love this. There has also been great success with the Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends ( Dogs really seem to appreciate dog food in general, but I can tell that there is something special that happens when I give them the Beneful dog food.

This brand has some great food for dogs as well. I know that the Beneful Healthy Puppy works well because my dogs have tried it. That is what I would recommend for anyone with small dogs. This is the foundation for better growth. I know that many people just pick up some dog food without any idea of what is going to work. I have been able to say that I know exactly what is good for my dogs because I have done the research. I know when I am getting a good brand. I know when I have purchased something that is not quite right. My dogs have this way of letting me know what they would like to eat again. Beneful has always been the clear winner.

There are a whole lot of people that are impressed with what the dry and wet dog foods from Beneful have to offer. I have always known that the Beneful Originals were good for my pets. I used to buy these many years ago. I have since expanded with the Beef Stew Prepared Meals. I know that my dogs will love the wet meals so I alternate. I think that the Beneful Healthy Weight is best for obese dogs so I also buy this from Amazon.


Pet Food Companies Forced To Step It Up

Companies in the dog food market are trying to figure out how they can get in on the big bucks being made by premium brands that have unique offerings on Facebook. Many traditional brands are included in this trend, and the winner here are the animals. Sales of high-quality dog foods have been going up recently and trying to plan their marketing around a rising market that caters to giving animals the best food that they can. While the idea of grain-free and less fillers have been around for a while, newer startups are finding different ways to cut into this business. Freshpet is the newest of the bunch who has begun to offer a new twist on pup chow. They provide food that must be cooled. This idea is great, and the company is expecting big results from their work. The food that they offer contains no preservatives and has a shortened shelf-life. The short shelf-life is due to the fact that Freshpet only wants to feed dogs the freshest products available. Beneful is another on the scene who offers foods that cater to different dogs. Beneful offers a full line of dog foods that have been researched and backed by a large portion of the market. Weight conscious foods, wet meals for dogs that don’t look like cheap pate, and specialty treats for pooches. Beneful is currently number 4 in popularity and because of it they are able to sell their high-quality food for less. Some may think that just because this brand of food is available at many stores that aren’t solely for pets that the food isn’t good, but the reputation and lifelong customers who purchase Beneful’s products would beg to differ. Other companies are focusing on senior dogs and providing a new formula for older pet pals to keep sharp and active. Merrick PetCo was the first to become certified organic but has since been bought by Purina who is trying to provide the best nutrition to the largest market available. The market is only getting larger, and with 10.5 billion in sales it is no surprise that investors and others are trying to get in on this hot commodity. One thing is certain, however, and that is that this fight is one that will only benefit our best animal friends.