Yeonmi Park as an International Inspiration

Yeonmi Park and her story as an escaped refugee from North Korea was featured on Park wrote In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom; an Amazon best-selling book. According to Park, she first fled North Korea on March 31, 2007. When she firt escaped from North Korea she ran to China with her mother at the age of only 13 years old.
Her journey to freedom was far from an easy one. For the first part, it took several years before Park ever eventually reached freedom in South Korea. Unfortunately, although her father attempted to make the journey, he ended up dying from cancer before he was able to experience actual freedom in South Korea. Ad Park details in her book and is explained in the article, she and her mother endured an incredible amount of struggles and hardship in order to ultimately escape the horrors of life in North Korea. During her treacherous journey to eventual freedom, Park fought for her life everyday and subjected herself to danger and abuse at every turn along the way.

What makes Park’s story of escape and survival so compelling is that it serves as an inspiration and example to other people struggling to escape desperate situations all over the world. Because she and her family had to overcome so many challenges just to make it to South Korea, she is considered a modern day hero and a beacon of freedom in an area of the world struggling in so many ways.