George Soros Helps Protestors to Organize and Fight for Justice

The fight for justice never ends. Especially when there are institutional forces that are willing to do anything to bring harm to another group of people. George Soros experienced this type of situation when he was a young man living in Hungary under Nazi rule. He even sees this type of thing happening in modern times. While there are no Nazi regimes running around on the Earth; there still remain organizations, institutions and governments that work to harm the lives of other people.

George Soros knows that the American police force is among the best in the world. He knows that American law enforcement works hard to ensure that people are protected from a criminal element. Law enforcement also provides safety assurance for individuals and their communities. However, the American law enforcement system have been known to target and harm black people within this country. As a matter of fact, various law enforcement departments across the U.S. have a history of racial problems with African Americans.

In August of 2014 a young African American male by the name of Michael Brown was shot dead and left in the streets by a member of the Ferguson, Missouri police department. When members of the African American community saw his body, they became outraged. This incident escalated and soon the nation knew about the events that had taken place that day. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Many black people all over the country began to grow angry and they started to merge on Ferguson. George Soros has supported many social organizations throughout the years. He has a long-standing relationship with them and can count on their support when protestors need to be organized. This is what many protest organizations do. They use other protest organizations to help them out with a cause.

When the Ferguson protests were happening; Black Lives Matter was the premiere organization that led the way for that situation. Black Lives Matter came into existence sometime around 2013. It came about from a hashtag on Twitter that was written to Black people after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Treyvon Martin shooting.

When the Michael Brown incident emerged it simply rubbed the Black Lives Matter group the wrong way. They knew that this situation required public protest. So, they went to Ferguson to let the world know that it was wrong for a black male to be killed in that way. George Soros helped to fund this organization and get them out to Ferguson. He knew that they would be needed there to make a difference. His support was invaluable.

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The Ferguson protests helped to make Black Lives Matter a household name. Many people all over the country began to hear about them and the work they do for the African American community. They are now the premiere organization within the Black Community that speaks out against oppression and injustice. Visit this site to know more at

George Soros understands that racial groups often have to stand up for their rights against traditional institutions. He provides support to these organizations so that they stand up and fight back when it is time to do so. Soros wants all people to be able to keep institutions and governments in check.

Having a Plan Of Action For Human Rights

When it comes to standing up for the rights of a human being, it requires a lot of knowledge in order to be effective. For one thing, people will make things worse if they don’t learn about the problem that they are taking on and fight it accordingly. This is definitely true for issues that deal with human rights. Human rights activists need to be very wise and have a strategy towards coming to a greater solution to the problem of human rights violations. Fortunately, there are activists that take the time to look at the issue. There is one in particular who has experience with the human rights issue. His name is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor is someone who is worth looking at because he has a passion for human rights. He has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of helping people with the various issues throughout the globe. Among the things he does is expose the different violations of different countries so that people could see what is going on. He is also active in the fight of human rights violation. He actually risks his life in the fight for the rights of people in less than fair countries.

Thor stands out from the others because of his attitude and energy that he puts towards the fight. He makes sure that he makes a difference. He is also not afraid to be beaten up for the cause. After all, many other humans who are living under oppression are getting beat up for the cause as well. According to an article from The Atlantic, Among the known countries that he is challenging is North Korea, which has been revealed to be an oppressive country for its residents. Thor is working with others in order to change the situation of North Korea as well as other countries that are not as developed in humane matters.