The Plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley Repelled

Trouble has brewed in recent years in the Squaw Valley area which is part of the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The community has has unfavourable weather conditions and the threat of incorporation has been knocking at the front door. This has been very bad for local business’s as the Squaw Valley Resorts and the many other business’s rely on the fall of adequate snow in order to provide for perfect skiing conditions.

Andy Wirth the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has been fighting off the second threat which the community has faced and that is the threat of incorporation. This incorporation possibility would lead to higher taxes on resident and business’s as well as a reduction in various services such as clearing of snow and road maintenance. The overview of this story can be found on the Reno Gazette Journal which provides greater detail on the matter.
Andy Wirth has spent a lot of money fighting the threat of incorporation as he believes it will disrupt both civil and business’s atmospheres within the community. Those backing the incorporation effort said that Any Wirth has personal motives to stop the incorporation but this was repelled by Andy Wirth himself who pointed out that both sides had spent significant sums of money.

The California Local Agency Formation Commission had the final say in the matter and deemed the town not financially viable. Learn more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight
Now that the threat of incorporation has been put behind them the community can get back to working together on various transportation and other issues according to Andy Wirth. The community should look to the future and beyond Olympic Valley if it is to succeed according to Andy Wirth.

He is under the impression that the community can come to an agreement on what they love and what is required. The trouble is now behind them and they should look towards healing.

Andy Wirth himself knows all too well what is required for healing to occur as he has suffered a severe physical injury in the past which almost killed him.

This injury was sustained during a sky diving jump that went wrong when his parachute opened late and he found himself crashing into a field filled with wires. These wires severed his arm which he almost lost if it was not for the skilled medical professionals which managed to save it.

A long road to recovery allowed Andy Wirth to connect with a group of Navy Seals who were stationed at the Olympic Valley. This group of individuals gave him the strength and hope he required to return to complete well being thanks to their great nature.