IAP Worldwide Services Inc. was founded in 1990 as International American Products Inc. The name was later changed to IAP Worldwide Services Inc. in 2005. The company headquarters is based in Florida and it also operates in over 100 locations and over 20 countries globally. IAP Worldwide not only delivers logistics and manage services but also the firm offers advanced expert and technical facilities for the United States government and the commercial customers for more than sixty years.

The company provides aviation support services and emergency response as well as supply chain and also network and communications services for the government. IAP Worldwide Services delivers expeditionary infrastructure services such as custom-engineered infrastructure and health as well as emergency services and power field and utilities. The company provides facilities engineering and operations and also maintenance and energy services. IAP Worldwide Services Inc. also gives services to the private healthcare organizations in Europe and the United States and the Middle East.

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It is an international leader in offering qualified programs. IAP Worldwide Services incorporates its skills to deliver safe and an innovative and dependable solutions to meet various clients’ difficult challenges. IAP Worldwide Services has acquired Aviation and Logistics business situated in Oklahoma City (A&L) and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) which is based at Aberdeen Proving Ground as part of its long-term plan to help its clients.The company goal is to incorporate the distinctive talent and ability of the developed A&L and TCNS companies to solve most customers challenging difficulties using inventiveness and proven technology. It also raises the capabilities that IAP offers to its clients internationally resulting in increasing the size of its market. A&L provides aircraft repair management and logistics. It also delivers mission support services. TCNS gives engineering and information technology as well as offering communications support solutions to the Department of Defense in the United States and other organizations.

Every employee at IAP is committed to the customers and the company partner’s needs. The firm values individual’s unique skill and also they highly encourages creativity as it is devoted to maintaining readiness at all stages. The company’s mission is to provide team support to their clients. The team urgently helps solve critical problems for their customers. The company has a record in meeting the emergency requirements of their customers.The employees have shown incredible competence in handling any challenge anywhere.