The Early Days of EOS

EOS lip balm is a brand that rose to fame rather quickly. Although a lot of information was not released about the product at first, it somehow increased the mystique behind the brand. Intrigued shoppers were first able to pick up the colorful orbs at Walgreens (the first company choosing to carry the products) to see what was inside of them.

Consumers liked the way the pods felt in their hands, the easy application of the mouth shaped spherical balm, and the way it clicked closed when finished applying. This ergonomic design was created based on the requests of women, who the founders were sure to ask about what they wanted in a lip balm design (see, before the go ahead with package design.

The organic and all natural formulation inside the balms was a direct response to the lack of such a product on the market. The founders felt this niche was being uncreative and decided to take advantage of it. The new flavors and colors that are continuously being released keeps interest in the brand and keeps consumers excited about what new product to try next. The company has also released body lotions and shaving creams responding to interest in the brand. Broadening the company’s selections is on the horizon as demand for EOS products continues to grow.

The way the brand chose to market their balms was slow at first and then gained traction as time moved on. Early efforts were focused more on product development rather than hype. Instead the founders invested their money in their own machines to make EOS balms. Later on, as the company gained real live popularity celebrities and music stars started endorsing the product in music videos taking advantage of high tech and real time marketing rather than in print and online. The products are now being sold by online retailers Racked and Ulta.

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