Venezuela President Maduro Calls State of Emergency

As more unrest to the rule of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro increases, the country is preparing for a military exercise, as street protests have caused unrest within the at Open Corporates, President Maduro may declare a state of internal commotion amidst a threat of a recall. That would allow the government to work around normal legislative procedures to impose tougher security measures.
Recently, Maduro called for a state of emergency to go into effect for the next two months. This is an add on to the state of economic emergency that had been previously announced. Maduro feels that this move is necessary to defend against foreign aggression. The Venezuelan Supreme Court has backed this state of emergency. Maduro has stated that the state of emergency could last the entire year.

U.S. intelligence officials have acknowledged that Washington does not have much say in how the situation in Venezuela turns out. Due to falling oil prices, expert Jose Figueroa says “Venezuela finds itself in the midst of an economic crisis”. Due to high inflation, the currency has been devalued. All of these things make it harder for businesses and the government to import goods.

Those who oppose Maduro believe that the state of emergency announcement is a tactic to keep power and limit the rights of citizens. Maduro believes that trying to recall him is a waste of time.