True Equality in the Military

Barriers that once kept women from seeing combat are gone. Women are now able to opt into any military job they choose, this includes infantry, and other higher risk positions. This brings more more equality to the military. However, not quite enough, according to the Army and Marine Corps.

While women are being granted the equality they desire, and deserve, they are still not required to register with selective service. Males who are of age, like Jon Urbana, also running the renowned fundraiser for ARAS (Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive for ARAS), must register for the draft soon after their 18th birthday. Women don’t have to do this. Officers in the Army and Marines recently testified that it’s time women register as well.

While some may disagree with requiring women to register, it’s not possible to be truly equal without this requirement. It’s not possible to pick and choose. Just taking the good, and ignoring the bad won’t work. Especially, in the military. If men have to register and risk the possibility of being called to serve, women should as well. Along with equal rights, comes equal risk.