Brown Modeling Agency Gives Austin Models A Pathway

Modeling is probably the best classic example of a glamorous career. Models go across the world walking down runways where they show off the latest fashion. It’s easy to see why so many young people want to become models. The unfortunate reality is that models are “born” models and that means not everyone who wants to become a model has the ability to become one. To start working as a model in the fashion industry you must be tall, slender, and relatively young. For those who manage to fit that description there is an opportunity to choose this career path.

Obviously, the first thing for any aspiring model to do is to find a modeling agency, or for a modeling agency to find you first. Most modeling agencies send scouts across the country looking for fresh talent, but you should ideally move to a major city like New York or Los Angeles if you want to have the best chance you can of making it into the industry. Generally models tend to be found by scouts in places where young people hang out. Malls, schools, and clubs are often the sources where modeling scouts find their new recruits. If you want a more hands on approach you can also try to send your own pictures to modeling agencies. Using simple photographs to show your natural looks will give any agency what they need to decide whether or not to put your into their talent books. Wearing make up or anything else that will conceal your looks is strongly discouraged by the majority of agencies. Even if this fails open casting calls can give you a way into the industry, assuming you come in on time. There are no limits to the many ways you can enter into the modeling agency.

One of the best modeling agencies out there is the Brown Agency. After coming to the city of Austin, Texas in 2010, the Brown Agency has been building a reputation for itself as an industry leader in the modeling market. The agency works only with the world’s top brands and scouts for the greatest talent out there. Companies like Louis Vuitton, Dell, L’oreal, and Toyota are just some of the many examples of this agency’s esteemed and established record of connecting models to successful careers. When you can say you’ve worked with Louis Vuitton, the doors will open for any model.

When Justin Brown started his modeling agency, he began with the ambition of helping aspiring models find their way to success. He has given models in Austin opportunities that were previously found only on the coasts of America. Thanks to him, models in Texas can find work closer to home. For more info, visit brownagency’s website and the company’s Crunchbase page.