Norka Luque: A Woman Who Knows What She Wants

Norka Luque, known as just “Norka” in the music world, was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. Her music career is guided by world renowned, Emilio Estefan. In 2011, her first hit premiered and earned her a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year“.


As a child she had training in voice, piano, and dance alongside her academics. This young woman was always filled with inspiration and motivation. She simply does not believe in the word “impossible”. She is a dreamer who knew her passion at a very young age and has always wanted to bring a positive message through her music.


She studied in France and received degrees in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Finance. While in France, she became a part of a band. The band kept her connected to her life-long dream. Years later, Emilio Estefan showed interest in her singing and helped open the door to that dream. Norka welcomed the opportunity to show her talents to the world.


In 2007, Norka went through a personal crisis that made her gain excessive weight. Along with the changes in her career, she also made major physical changes to better her life.


Under Estefan, she works with a great team of producers who have played a part in the creation of the song, “Milagro”, a major hit in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Norka claims Estefan is a dream to work with. She claims he listens to her wishes and takes serious consideration of her desired direction.


Norka attributes her success to coming from a blessed family, having a life full of experiences and the experience of other cultures. All of those things led her to understand that her destiny was music. Her vast experiences can be heard in the fusion of rhythms in her music; blues, ballads, rock, tropical and pop.



She continues her music career to this day, her most recent single released in 2016. With Estefan, who still encourages the singer, Norka isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


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