Oncotargets Publishing Schedule Doubles

Oncotarget is one of the most important websites for researchers, scientists, and students in the Oncology area, or even enthusiasts who want to know more about the latest news on that front of medicine.Oncotarget provides peer-to-peer reviews and articles, and it has become one of the most reliable sources of information in the online world for news of oncology, aging, new drugs, researches being conducted and other subjects about medicine.Lately, the staff has improved the efficiency of the website and has increased the publication frequency: Now, double the news every week!Because of how the website has arisen in popularity and how many researchers around the entire world are using the Oncotarget website to be aware of everything that is going on in Oncology, they have taken the next step and decided to improve their publication schedule and increase it to two issues per week on Tuesday and Friday, instead of only once per week.

This dedication to improving the publication rate of Oncotarget has been a matter of discussion among many of the weekly visitors and readers who rely on the website to read their reviews. The reception has been very positive.In fact, Oncotarget’s popularity has been increasing exponentially fast, and they have already been ranked as the number 1 journal about Oncology on the ranking system of Total Documents, in the years of 2015 and 2016. Even further, they are already escalating their way to the top again in 2017, which means that the creators of Oncotarget might be ranked as the founders of the most viewed and respected oncology journal again, for three consecutive years.

Because of the philosophy of granting free access to all of the published papers, Oncotarget is simple to use and can be appreciated by anyone, be it a scientist with a lot of technical backgrounds or an enthusiast who wants to see the latest news on medicine.Even though the overall emphasis is on oncology, the journal covers many other subjects like cardiology, endocrinology, neuroscience and many other themes.If you are interested in being acquainted with the latest discoveries and see peer-to-peer reviews from some of the best researchers, make sure to visit Oncotarget now that they are posting with doubled efficiency.