Eat Like Your Owner: Premium Pet Food Sales Soar

Man’s best friend is getting a serious upgrade in how they enjoy their daily meals. Premium pet food is taking the market by storm with farm fresh ingredients that would have any loving pet owner salivating just as much as their furry best buddy. With labels boasting on twitter whole fresh foods like wild caught salmon, grass fed beef, free range chicken and other tempting components, it’s easy to see why top shelf pet foods are quickly becoming a go-to purchase for health conscious eaters and their four-legged friends. As humans, we care about what our pets eat as much as they care how delicious it tastes. That’s why more animal lovers are turning to premium brands like Beneful to make sure that their pets are getting the most out of their diet. With whole grains, nutritious vegetables and real meats and proteins, Beneful provides the kind of balanced nutrition that a health conscious pet owner would look for in their own diet. With a wide variety of ingredients tailored for each pet’s unique health needs, premium brands like Purina Beneful make it easy to customize your furry friend’s nutritional intake without additional supplements. As animals, all our pets care about is how good it tastes! Just like humans, animals can get bored of the same meal day after day. That’s why Beneful switches up their menu with healthful and tasty ingredients in a large selection of pet foods and treats. With a rainbow of meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and veggies, premium brands like Beneful give your pet a more engaging eating experience as well as providing them with more complete nutrition. With more people every day taking a stand for their own health and nutrition, it’s no surprise that caring pet owners want to pass these benefits to their fuzzy charges. The premium pet food industry is growing rapidly as many humans make the switch from processed pet food to natural, healthful ingredients for their animals. These delicious products are on the rise; even if our faithful companions can’t thank us in words, the pets have spoken.