End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015. It is a committee group that is funded by the citizens of America. They are committed to solving problems and effects of Citizens United and bringing in a reformed campaign finance system. The committee is geared to show elected members, candidates, voters, and the media that the people are fighting back against the increasing number of the rich people within country who are trying to buy the elections. Their main agenda is coming up with a strategy that will work towards transforming the finance issues and try to make the lawmakers take the appropriate measures. The mission of the organization is to eliminate the use of much money in politics and to do away with the corrupt political system by electing the right people into office and passing of the necessary measures. These people will work towards reversing the Citizens United thus reducing the amount of money and corruption witnessed in the American politics.



All this will work out by electing the right candidates, making the issue of money in politics a national issue \and more so using the common people to reveal political power surrounding the issue of campaign money. The committee is in support of the Democrats because they are at the fore front in fighting the domination of a few billionaires and as a result of this they feel that with their leadership a change will happen. The committee stands for the vying candidates who are regularly attacked by groups of people who are well connected and who only pursue their own personal interests. Additionally, there are some independent voters and a few Republicans who concur with the fact that too much money is spent on American Politics. On the contrary other Republican leaders in Congress are against the advancement of the reforms.



End Citizens United is very transparent when it comes to spending. Recently they submitted their files to the Federal Elections Commission in February 20th 2017. It has also selected a group of veteran Democrats to its board of directors who are committed and dedicated to see that there is an adequate control of money in the politics of America. The committee wants to participate largely in campaigning finance reforms and its planning to provide funds to the Democrats candidates running in various seats in the country. The committee has also written a petition to seek out congress to change the Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision. They are also planning to set up some funds to help the candidates be heard through different advertising platforms. The people of America have high hopes that End Citizens United will get through this and more so that their voice in elections will be heard again.


Betsy DeVos: Education Reformer, Political Leader.

In November of 2016, President Trump had stated that he would be nominating Elizabeth Betsy DeVos as his education secretary. Betsy has always strived to help the community through educational reforms. Since entering politics in the 1970s, Betsy has been actively involved with the Republican Party. Because of her support, the Republican party has managed to fund numerous organizations and projects for the betterment and development of society.

Betsy and her husband Dick Devos founded the DeVos family foundation. Through this organization, she has helped various members of society by helping develop the education and cultural sectors, especially within Michigan, where she hails from.The DeVos family foundation’s main aim has been to reform the American school system and provides children access to a superior quality of education. The organization regularly hands out scholarships to deserving students who come from underprivileged backgrounds so that they can have access to a higher level of education and enroll in private schools.

In addition to providing scholarships to kids, the foundation also aids students pursuing an MBA from Northwood University, which is also Betsy’s husband’s alma mater. Through her many endeavors, Betsy aims to help the education system in America and show the country that she does care about the future of numerous American children.

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Betsy was at the forefront of the ‘school voucher movement.’ The campaign was started to put pressure on the government to use public funds for the development of private schools so that kids all over America would get access to quality education. Also, Betsy stood up for the establishment of a uniform grading system of schools in America. According to this plan, she wanted schools to be evaluated and awarded a grade based on their performance. She believed that this move would give parents a better understanding of the schools they are putting their children in.

Besides education, Betsy is also a staunch supporter of the arts and does her bit to help the community develop places where kids can learn and develop their artistic sides. Her foundation regularly supports programs for art and culture. In 2004, under the presidency of George Bush, Betsy was appointed to the board of directors for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

DeVos has been a part of the Republican Party’s committees since an extremely long time and regularly funds the various programs of the party. In 1992, Betsy served as a committee member of the party and later, became the chairwoman in 1996.

DeVos has made it extremely clear that she is a devoted Christian and believes in upholding conservative Christian values. She believes that through her continuous efforts to help society and change the education system, she contributes to advance God’s kingdom and make the community around her a better place. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

George Soros and Generous Contributions

George Soros recently made some very generous contributions to the democratic party. He wanted to make sure that the party had what they needed when it came to money and this was something that was a big help for the people of the government. He also wanted to make sure that people who were going to vote knew how to do it the right way instead of voting for a political party on topics.wsj.com that would not have their best interests in mind and would cause them to lose some of the rights that democrats have worked so hard to get for people.

There are many things that George Soros has done to help the democratic party. The majority of work that he has done has been in donations that he made to the different funds of the charities that work with the democrats and he has been able to help them through the money that the has. He wants to make sure that the democrats have exactly what they need to be able to win in different elections but he also wants to make sure that the democrats are at the forefront of the presidential election in 2016.

Not only does George Soros want to see the democrats win, he wants to see the people of America win. He feels that it is important that democrats win because he knows that they are the ones who will be able to help the people of the country out. He wants to make sure that they are going to be getting the best options possible. He also knows that the democrats will fight much harder for basic human rights in the White House than the republicans would. He wants to make all humans in America have the same rights all around.

At his core, George Soros is a supporter of people. He likes people and he wants people to be able to succeed no matter what they are doing or what they have done in the past. He sees the American citizens as his number one benefactor and he makes sure that they are the ones who are able to do the most in the country. He always makes sure that the political candidate that he is helping has the best interests of the citizens in mind. He does not like candidates that only think about themselves or the government that they work for.

When it comes to the recent political information, George Soros makes sure that he is able to provide the candidates with the money that they need. He works hard to help educate people about the democratic party because he feels this is the only way to help increase support for the party. He wants to be sure that everyone knows that there are really choices when it comes to the election. He has even used his educational resources to help convert some republicans to democrats and has encouraged voting across party lines to ensure the right candidate wins the election.