End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015. It is a committee group that is funded by the citizens of America. They are committed to solving problems and effects of Citizens United and bringing in a reformed campaign finance system. The committee is geared to show elected members, candidates, voters, and the media that the people are fighting back against the increasing number of the rich people within country who are trying to buy the elections. Their main agenda is coming up with a strategy that will work towards transforming the finance issues and try to make the lawmakers take the appropriate measures. The mission of the organization is to eliminate the use of much money in politics and to do away with the corrupt political system by electing the right people into office and passing of the necessary measures. These people will work towards reversing the Citizens United thus reducing the amount of money and corruption witnessed in the American politics.



All this will work out by electing the right candidates, making the issue of money in politics a national issue \and more so using the common people to reveal political power surrounding the issue of campaign money. The committee is in support of the Democrats because they are at the fore front in fighting the domination of a few billionaires and as a result of this they feel that with their leadership a change will happen. The committee stands for the vying candidates who are regularly attacked by groups of people who are well connected and who only pursue their own personal interests. Additionally, there are some independent voters and a few Republicans who concur with the fact that too much money is spent on American Politics. On the contrary other Republican leaders in Congress are against the advancement of the reforms.



End Citizens United is very transparent when it comes to spending. Recently they submitted their files to the Federal Elections Commission in February 20th 2017. It has also selected a group of veteran Democrats to its board of directors who are committed and dedicated to see that there is an adequate control of money in the politics of America. The committee wants to participate largely in campaigning finance reforms and its planning to provide funds to the Democrats candidates running in various seats in the country. The committee has also written a petition to seek out congress to change the Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision. They are also planning to set up some funds to help the candidates be heard through different advertising platforms. The people of America have high hopes that End Citizens United will get through this and more so that their voice in elections will be heard again.


Jose Manuel Gonzales Stand on Citizen-Government Reforms

Jose Manuel Gonzales is a man of many hats and a well- known name in the Venezuelan entrepreneurship circles Other than being an established businessman and agriculturalist, Gonzales has had a short stint at the helm of the country’s politics. At one point he was the Guárico State representative in the National Assembly. Due to his entrepreneurial talent and business dexterity, Gonzales served the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce as its chair. As an agriculturalist, he became a household name in producing successful products in the industry.


Jose Manuel Gonzales has the heart for his people and believes citizens have the opportunity to form governance policies. His involvement in the agricultural business gets him closer to the people requiring services. He gets his motivation from established states like the United States and believes lessons from these countries can also enrich his country. He holds the belief that agriculture and politics are intertwined; thus his involvement in the two disciplines. Also, Gonzales believes that reforms in the financial sector have a direct impact on the agriculture industry.


Creating Trust Between The Citizens And The Government


For the people of Venezuela to have trust in the government and improve their livelihoods, Gonzales believes a lot of changes must be put in place. There should be a national agreement supported by parliament. Likewise, in times of crisis, the house business must work efficiently to restore peace and stir up economic changes. For this to happen, Gonzales has retaliated in many forums that Venezuela must reintroduce private property rights, freedom, and justice.


At The Forefront for Change


For some time now, the populist movement has threatened to raise the wages by about 50% and Gonzales believes this has a negative bearing. According to him, such undertakings will be the end of jobs and companies in Venezuela. Being realistic and not expecting change to come from nowhere should be the mindset of change agents. Kidnappings and extortion are worrying trends in the country, and he looks forward to the day the government would rain war on such acts. Gonzales is a worried and a concerned citizen, and his desire is to impact his country and society positively.