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Background Information

Jon Urbana is an established entrepreneur who co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He is a former professional athlete of lacrosse and uses his expertise in this field to train aspiring young lacrosse players. He is also the co-founder of an aesthetic-specialized medical company known as Ellipse USA where he serves as the president. Apart from being an athlete, Jon Urbana has explored other interests like video editing, music, and photography. He also has credentials in the philanthropy sector. He has contributed a lot towards charity and one of the biggest supporters of charity in the United States of America.

Jon Urbana’s About Me page consists of various interesting posts varying from healthy living to informative posts. It contains very useful information regarding many issues.

One of the blog posts covered by Jon Urbana is the post about the process of creating a website via Weebly. This post describes all the steps that one needs to follow to come up with his or her website. It talks about the careful manipulation of online tools, designing and even editing sites for SEO optimization. All these issues get solutions in a show known as the Talking Tech Roundtable, which is accessible via SoundCloud.
The second interesting post by Villanova’s almost All-American is about an anti-shaming app called Caremob that was created by a company called TalkingTech. Steve Haase, the creator of the app describes in details how the app works. He states that the app is basically for people who aspire to convert their content into empathy, protest, or celebration.

The next post by Urbana inquires what iPhone feature will sparkle the desire for one to upgrade. It involves a lengthy discussion putting into account all the desirable features that the upgraded iPhone offers. This panel features various prominent personnel like Heather McDonald and Tiffany Haddish.

The fourth Jon Urbana post at his blog talks about bad people in a program known as The Tom Barnard Show. Tom Barnard showcases his argument by saying that celebrities portray a bad reputation, and they could be the real cause of the Zika virus.

The fifth post comes from Urbana’s Tumblr and talksĀ about why there is a possibility of the Apple stock not bouncing back in the USA. In this post, Jefferson Graham gives a lengthy discussion as to why he thinks the Apple stock is a gone case in the US market. Matt Krantz also gives his stand on the same issue before both of them coming up to the ultimate conclusion.

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About Jamie Garcia Dias Renowned Brazilian Author

Crunchbase shows that Jaime Garcia Dias is a well-revered author from Rio de Janeiro. His dedication is for the advancement of literature, particularly from Brazil. The son of Arnaldo Dias, well-known journalist and author, and Dulce Garcia Dias, respected architect, Jaime Dias gained an appreciation of literature from his father. Jaime was encouraged, at a very young age, to become expressive in his writing. He has always adored the literature of Brazil. The inspiration for his first book came from Joao Guimaraes Rosa’s: The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

Dias began as a professor in 1995, a subject that was new to him, and that he speaks about on his blog. He taught at the Carioca Literature Academy, teaching teenagers with aspirations to become authors. Revered for effective teaching skills, he was advanced to Vice President of the school within just two years. While enjoying his teaching career, Dias became an accomplished writer. By the time he reached 30 years of age, he had ten books published. Recognized first in 2001, Dias won the White Crane literary award, a prestigious accomplishment. Dias novel, Caiu do Ceu, which means Fell From Heaven, became greatly popular. It was promoted by Josue Gomez, the Argentine writer. This book was sold extensively in South America.

By 2007, which was also the 100 year anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy, honors were bestowed on Dias for his many years of dedication and hard work. He was granted presidency of the academy. Today, this academy is well-known for their support of Brazilian writers. Recognition is given to these writers for their dedication to journalistic types of literature.

In 2013, Dias began to write a weekly article for Jornal do Brasil as well as producing video segments that would debut on his YouTube Channel,in addition to the popular publication. He wrote an organized a collection of many of his articles, which related to his childhood memories and his father. To date, Dias has twenty books published. This includes Caiu do Ceu, Dois Caminhos, Das Nuvens, Canal, and Miuda. He is on of the most famous, prominent authors in Brazil