Eric Lefkofsky: Bravery In Tech And Medicine

As of late, brilliant American entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is back in the news since his Chicago based and highly revered analytics firm, Tempus’, officially partnered with another startup based out of New York that is known as Precision Health AI. The ultimate drive behind the exciting partnership is the formation of a global library dedicated to data related solely to any and all existing information regarding cancer treatment around the world. This could potentially be achieved due to Precision Health AI’s access to the database known as CancerLinQ. Said database exists as an archive of information surrounding the treatment of six-hundred thousand patients. The database was formed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus see an opportunity to use tech, primarily ‘Big Data’, to combat cancer. The new duo is looking to be in a ten year partnership. The hope is that doctors will have greater insight into a diversity of treatment options for all kinds of people, in part based on individuals’ RNA and DNA so that help can be truly personalized. Tempus will strengthen cancer research in ways that were previously thought to be unimaginable. This is exciting news and indicative of the potential of Tech and Big Data to help people in the health sphere.

Eric Lefkofsky worked hard to get where he is. He started out selling carpets in Michigan and even started an apparel company in Wisconsin. In 1999 he immersed himself in the potential of the internet. From there, he continued as an innovator and figurehead. He was the major force behind billionaire dollar company Groupon, formerly known as the ‘The Point’. Now he is spearheading Tempus, a revolutionary approach to personalized cancer care. Lefkofsky is a notable philanthropist and is beloved for work in the Chicago community.

He is optimistic and focused on the bigger picture, a man looking to help in anyway he can and use his platform as a way of helping the world work together to achieve answers to life’s most troubling concerns. Tempus serves as a means of simply spreading information to parties in need.

Details Eric:

The Best Investments of José Auriemo Neto as president of JHSF

The real estate industry really offers potential for companies in the field to become multinational enterprises if they have quality development and buildings for commercial use.

One such company that began their career in Brazil, in 1972, and is now acting in the most famous cities in the United States when regarding the real estate development market, is the JHSF. This enterprise was founded with the intention of creating and commercializing properties in Brazil, more importantly, shopping centers, hotels, resorts, airports, and tall buildings to serve for housing or for commercial use.

For example, the JHSF is responsible for the “Cidade Jardim Shopping,” which is incredibly luxurious, well-designed and won many awards regarding its architecture, interior and exterior designs in its inauguration. The shopping center, Jdeveloped and inaugurated in 2008, is located in front of many modern gardens in Brazil. The name of the shopping mall means “Garden City” in a rough translation.

They are not only JHSF commercial developing in a modern and futuristic style like the Cidade Jardim Shopping. Their Fasano Hotel, located in the Brazilian metropolitan center of São Paulo, packs a modern design with classical furniture and architecture to contemplate the beauty of the city as well as a tribute to the fantastic design of the classic European architecture. The Hotel is packed with a big clock in the main tower of the building. Sounds familiar? But the design of the construction has made the property unique in its atmosphere, unlike anything else in the vicinity.

JHSF is also responsible for creating restaurants of notable names, the Fasano restaurants, a chain of food commerce that already has fifteen establishments since 2014.

In the U.S., the company is currently developing properties in Miami and New York.

The most well-regarded buildings of JHSF, however, are the “Fazenda Boa Vista,” located close to São Paulo. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and an development real estate amazing landscape. It serves as a leisure and tranquility center for families to visit and stay on their weekends and enjoy the amazing weather and atmosphere of Brazil.

The best building ever created by the corporation, designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, is the Vitra Building, which received their spot among the top three well-designed buildings in the world, according to influential designers from the United States.

The President of JHSF is José Auriemo Neto, Brazilian entrepreneur that achieved a lot of success in the real estate industry. Typically called as “Zeco” by his friends, he is responsible for the enormous success of the company still while his father was running the business. The businessman was the one responsible for convincing his father to invest in an area that is currently the biggest realty conglomerate of Brazil.

Nowadays, José Auriemo Neto is leading the two billionaire brands of Hotel Fasano and Daslu boutique and real estate developing properties for the two partners of JHSF.

Town Residential Works Well in New York City

New York City is one of the toughest places for people to be able to do business. It is even more difficult for people who are trying to get into real estate in the city because of the way that it works. Town Residential has managed to crack the code when it comes to real estate in New York City.


The biggest thing that real estate agents do is they help people. They want to make sure that all of the people who come to them, they are able to help. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing everything right and that they have the best chance for all of their clients. By having people who are able to help them, Town Residential has made sure that they are doing the most for their business. It has allowed them the chance to do more for their clients.


Many people who are looking for real estate in New York City want to have luxury options. It is hard enough for them to find homes in the city, let alone luxury in the city. Town Residential has made it their personal goal to make sure that they provide luxury to all of their clients. They have been able to show their clients what they can do with the different things that they offer. This has also allowed them the chance to improve things for themselves because luxury buildings are more expensive and they profit more off of the commissions.


There were many people who Town Residential was unable to serve. These people were mainly in the different areas that were on the Hudson and by the meatpacking district. Town Residential wanted to make things more accessible for these people and they wanted to be able to help them out with different things that they had in their company. Because of this, they opened an office there. This was their tenth office and it was a great option for all of the people who they were able to service. It offered them a chance to make things better for their business and the people who they worked with.


Town Residential has seen so much success. These successes include things that some businesses are unable to do in even a decade of business and are something that most New York Real estate companies will ever achieve. They have been able to make sure that they do a lot for their business. They have only been in business for three years, though. That is a short time in any market and is even shorter for the New York City real estate market. Most businesses do not see success like Town has in that time.


The New Operation To Venture In The Rapidly Growing New York City Real Estate

Dave is the new real estate development expert looking to venture more in the real estate development in New York. Apparently he has been investing in suburban areas like New Jersey, which through his expertise and team were able to grow rapidly. His company RE/MAX has identified the great power the field of real estate in new york city has and is looking forward to venturing into greatly with the help of his new team who are specialists in market and branding. Already RE/MAX has acquired 16 regional franchise offices; Dave sees himself as a high school student who moves to a new school and pretends to know it all by joining the popular group. However, the company has experience because it was established back in the 1970s and it is with Dave’s hope that they will be able to venture perfectly in the New York real estate development.

Dave has to brave himself while venturing in the Metro market of the New York where there are other top-notch brokers and agents like TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential dominates in the metro market of New York City luxury real estate because for the period of 5 years already it has managed to venture in other major historical areas like Brooklyn with the natural, historical design. TOWN Residential majors more on luxurious apartment sales, leases, commercialized development and new development. The real estate brokers already have the connection to the best areas of New York with a variety of apartments from single apartments and multiple apartments. They know all about the best neighborhoods to live while working in New York or even when interested in real estate development. TOWN Residential works with a great team of professional agents who provide top class customer care and are distributed in all regions around New York City.

One of the greatest neighborhoods Brooklyn comes with great amenities features of the apartments; for example shared outdoor garden, shared play rooms for children, doorman among other recreational facilities. The management team at TOWN Residential has made all these happen and can even connect those interested in new developments in the best services of architectures and contractors. Every TOWN representative has top talents in estate development and not very hard to come across with in New York region. TOWN Residential makes it happen for all investors in all neighborhoods.