Why Online Reputation Management Is Becoming Just as Important as Customer Service

Any company that provides services or products to a consumer knows the importance of customer service. Studies have been done and the age old phrase “the customer is always right” has been a hallmark in retail industries across the board. In this digital age online presence is a must for any company trying to compete and with it comes different challenges than a physical store front. In the past word-of-mouth traveled locally and news reporting was mostly big events but now people are reading a company’s reviews and doing research without even visiting their website.

In this article from business.com they talk about the impact online reputation has and the importance of keeping customers happy in this new format. They talk about how reviews are much harder to control and will be easily accessible to any customer at any time. The few ways to impact the relationship of customers and their reviews is a good reputation by sustaining good customer service, even if it’s outside the bounds of the usual definition. Companies that lack in both qualities will surely suffer in popularity and sales.

With recent statistics and research it is certainly a good idea for companies to jump on the bandwagon and create a solid plan if they wish to make a digital store font. OnlineReputationReviews.com makes a great point how establishments just getting their footholds will run into trouble with being trustworthy and getting traffic. No matter how old or new a company is without a plan to manage their reputation it will be a rough and rocky start. With the recent popularity of the subject hopefully companies will learn how important their online reputation can truly be.